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USD  30.54 19.58 /night
ZEN Rooms Jimbaran Udayana, Double Room Jalan Raya Kampus Udayana Bali, Indonesia
USD  41.31 27.36 /night
ZEN Rooms Des Res Bearing 19, Double Room Bearing Bangkok, Thailand
USD  53.99 33.12 /night
ZEN Rooms Malate Del Pilar, Double Room 2016 MH Del Pilar Manila, Philippines
USD  60.27 38.39 /night
ZEN Rooms Kerobokan Umalas Klecung, Double Room Jl. Umalas Klecung Bali, Indonesia
USD  99.83 66.11 /night
ZEN Rooms Farrer Park, Double Room 383 Jln Besar Singapore, Singapore
USD  163.21 101.37 /night
ZEN Rooms Stevens Road, Double Room 60 Stevens Road Singapore, Singapore
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Youries Prasetyo, 22 Graduate Student
Thanks for your good services. Sleep Well, Pay Less is not just a mere slogan. I am keen to come back. See you at the next opportunity.
Wienanto Tanuwidjaja, 34 Managing Director
I stayed in ZEN Rooms Singapore during my business trips. They were clean, friendly staff, affordable, and safe hotels. I will book more rooms for my business trips and recommend ZEN Rooms to my colleagues.
Luna Widy, 23 Marketing Manager
Happily surprised that ZEN Rooms offered such great rooms for such an affordable price. I'll book a room again soon and recommend these hotels to any traveller !
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What Can You Expect & How We Do It ZEN Rooms offers you standardised quality rooms at the best prices, as low as $10. To do so, ZEN Rooms focuses on the 5 real quality elements that budget travellers consistently look for. We then carefully select independent hotels and guest houses. We audit all rooms on the network and invest to ensure all rooms respect the same strict standard of quality. No more unreliable budget rooms with dirty linen or no WiFi signal, it’s all checked! Book now