About ZEN Rooms

  • What is ZEN Rooms?
    ZEN Rooms is #1 network of branded budget hotels in Asia. What does it mean? Simply that wherever you stay with ZEN Rooms you can expect the same high-quality standards at the best rates guaranteed. As reliable as your favorite chain, just cheaper!

  • Why Smart Travellers choose us?
    Simply because we offer the best value for money rooms in Asia! Why overspend on a hotel while the best things and adventures are out there? Smart Travelers know exactly what they need and what they pay for. Value your time and money! Booking at zenrooms.com is fast and risk-free. No need to spend hours searching for the perfect room anymore. With ZEN Rooms you can book any room with your eyes closed. No bad surprises guaranteed. We carefully audit every room to make sure it matches our 5 key elements of ZEN experience:

  • How we make budget hotels awesome?
    We believe that any trip is too short to stay in unreliable hotels. Forget about unsafe and uncomfortable budget hotels you used to know. We make nice hotels affordable. We select the best economy hotels in the area, audit them and help to become even better if needed by improving facilities and implementing monthly quality control.