ZEN Rooms voted #1 economy & mid-range hotel group in SEA

Improving the safety, quality of services and value for money of hotel accommodation across Southeast Asia has always been at the heart of what we do at ZEN.  

Our focus on guest satisfaction for millions of travelers across the region is paying off. ZEN Rooms’ average public rating now stands at 8.2 for the past two consecutive years. More than 150 ZEN properties have also received awards from leading Online Travel Agents such as Booking.com, Agoda and Hotels.com for providing excellent hospitality based on customer reviews. 

ZEN’s continues to significantly outperform competitors across the region. According to Booking.com verified reviews, average satisfaction rating of budget and mid-range hotels (3 stars and below) in SEA is between 6.8 and 7.2. Safety, cleanliness and staff helpfulness are found to be the top three issues raised by guests [1]. 

Numerous hospitality studies have also found that staff behaviour and price fairness are two of the leading factors determining travelers’ overall satisfaction with their stay, particularly for budget accommodation guests. 

ZEN has used this research since launching to continuously improve guest experiences. With a particular emphasis on staff training, technology and the standardisation of services offered, we’ve been able to ensure that the highest quality safety & hospitality procedures are put in place for all travelers. 

Delivering these high standards has allowed us to increase the efficiency of our operations & lower our prices compared to average independent budget hotels. We’re proud to see the work we’ve done being recognised by our returning guests and leading OTAs. 

We believe that feedback from all guests is the best tool to improve, achieve consistency of services and develop accountability. Guests we encouraged to rate their stay and leave reviews online. In doing so, we are fully transparent with what we offer and increase the reliability & trust in the travel market, something that’s particularly important in budget hospitality. 

In ZEN, after every stay we measure the NPS by asking our guests to rank from 1 to 10 their willingness to recommend our company to their friends and family. They are also given an option to comment on the rank. Over the last two years, we managed to improve our NPS score from 40 to 61 of Managed Properties and from 45 to 58 for our Overall Portfolio. These scores bring ZEN within the top 1% of the entire Hotels Industry.  


[1] Factors Predicting Travelers’ Satisfaction of Three to Five Star
Hotels in Asia, an Online Review:

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