We’ve all had our hearts broken at some point in our lives. Each case could be different from one another, but here’s the thing: they all hurt the same. It could be the result of ending a relationship, finding out the person you have feelings for cannot reciprocate them, or worse, falling out of love.

Much has been said on how to heal a broken heart and there’s one thing that’s always proven to be effective. You’ve seen it in movies, but you’ll never know how it actually feels until you do it: travel.

Traveling does wonders for the brokenhearted because it takes your mind off of unnecessary feelings. Here are five tips on how to do just that:

Scream your heart out.

What better way of releasing all your emotional baggage than screaming it out on top of a mountain? By doing so, you’re bidding the hurt good bye and you’re opening yourself up to a dose of positive energy. The mountains will give you a new sense of spirituality that sends you back to your roots and make you realize how you’re just one tiny spec in a vast greenland and that the possibilities are endless.
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The Philippines is blessed with lush mountains which have become a must-try for beginners. Head over to Tanay, Rizal and be mesmerized with Mt. Daraitan’s majestic scenery. You’ll also be hitting two birds with one stone as Tinipak River’s pristine waters will be waiting for you on your downhill trek. Being a witness to these natural wonders will make you realize that there’s so much beauty in this world, and there’s a lot more for you to discover.

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Experience a different culture.

Guaranteed, you’ll leave with a fresher perspective and a different outlook in life. Being in an unfamiliar territory will do wonders to your heart, making it less broken.

                                                                   Image courtesy of tamcocricefields.com

Living like a local is perhaps the most authentic way of experiencing the culture of the place and its peoples. Vietnam offers this experience through its hidden gem Ninh Binh, a northern province with an impressive landscape and fascinating scenery. It’s a two-hour train ride away from Hanoi where you can visit Tam Coc, a farming village where you can interact with the farmers and villagers, and be a witness to its serene and laid-back environment.

                                                                         Image courtesy of fb.com/tamcocricefieldsresort

                                                                         Image courtesy of fb.com/tamcocricefieldsresort

Party the night away

One of the best ways to relieve the stress from a heartbreak is by partying hard. Let loose and get your hands on the booze, meet new people and dance.

                                                                               Image courtesy of festivalsherpa.com

Head over to one of Southeast Asia’s beaches with the best partying scene, Haad Rin, Thailand. Every month, the Haad Rin beach is swamped by some 10 000 to 30 000 partygoers to celebrate the Full Moon Party.

                                                                                 Image courtesy of festivalsherpa.com

Expect a day-long celebration as the party begins at dusk until the evening is filled with thousands of tourists dancing to different genres of music while fireworks explode at the background. If you ever miss the Full Moon Party, worry not as Koh Phangan doesn’t run out of parties: there’s always the half-moon party, quarter-moon party, and black-moon party!

Try out a new sport – and a watersport at that.

Watersports are always a good idea especially because it’s not something you always get to do outside the comforts of your home. When you travel and spend time practicing a watersport, you come home feeling like a pro. 

                                                                                    Image courtesy of fb.com/iSUPsamui

Try learning watersports like stand-up paddleboarding in Koh Samui for a dose of balance and serenity. This will definitely give you a sense of calm and comfort, and the next thing you know, you’re starting to feel better.

                                                                              Image courtesy of fb.com/iSUPsamui

Learn how to cook authentic cuisine!

One thing you can’t miss when traveling in a foreign country is to try out their local food. Up your A-game by not just eating their food, but also learning how to cook them yourselves! 

                                                                                       Image courtesy of urbanadventures.com

Urban Adventures offers different food tours across Asia, and one of their best selling trip is the Cambodian Cook-Out. You’ll learn how to cook a 3-course gourmet meal of authentic Cambodian cuisine straight from the locals themselves, which they promise you can master within four hours and take home with you your newly acquired cooking skills.

                                                                                             Image courtesy of urbanadventures.com

This trip is rewarding for your tummy as much as it is for your social life – you get to enjoy the food you will cook with the other tourists in the same trip. Getting your mind occupied with the thought of perfecting a new recipe is much better than the thought of a love long since lost, plus you get to make new friends!

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