Head down south for a quick R&R! Check out these quaint accommodations at the heart of Batangas. 

Budget Batangas Lodgings

  1. Lornec Apartelle
  2. Mcdom Treehouse
  3. Casa Carlita Private Resort

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1. Lornec Apartelle

Lornec Apartelle batangas lodgings

Tucked away in quaint Santo Tomas, Batanags, Lornec Apartelle is perfect for travelers that want to get immersed in history and nature. Just a few kilometers are the Apolinario Mabini Shrine, Museo ni Miguel Malvar, and the Calejon Falls. Enjoy a lovely afternoon strolling through the past and feel refreshed away from the city. 

Address: 0013 San Roque Village Phase 3, Santo Tomas Batangas

2. Mcdom Treehouse

Mcdom Treehouse batangas lodgings

Make your childhood dream come true and stay in an actual treehouse. Mcdom Treehouse has villas available for eco-tourists and those looking for a quick beach getaway. Dose up on some sun and sea in your treetop house. It’s conveniently located near the San Diego Beach and Malaruhatan Country Club.

Address: Mountain Side, Brgy. San Diego Lian Batangas 4216

3. Casa Carlita Private Resort

Casa Carlita batangas lodgings

Check out popular Lipa City, Batangas and book a room at Casa Carlita. Get to know the coolest (literally, it’s cold here) city in the southern province and try the local hangout spots. Visit Lipa Cathedral, Casa Segunda, and sightsee at night. You can even enjoy a quick dip in the pool for that summer holiday vibe. 

Address: Hagimit Road, Barangay Kayumanggi, Lipa City 4217, Batangas, Philippines

Frequently Asked Questions About  Budget Lodgings in Batangas

Q: What is a budget lodging?
A: A budget lodging or budget accommodations is a hotel that provides the most basic hotel amenities for the most affordable prices. The rooms are often smaller and with less complimentary items. These places are usually located near the city centers or residential areas, making them a popular choice for budget travelers and businessmen. 

Q: What are the characteristics of a budget hotel?
A: Budget hotels often operate with limited manpower, minimal amenities, and simple rooms. Their room rates are more affordable than traditional hotels. They can offer extra services or items upon request for a small fee. 

Q: Who stays at budget hotels in Batangas?
A: Budget hotels often cater to younger, budget-conscious travelers or backpackers. They also sometimes cater to smaller families on road trips or on quick visits. Depending on their location, budget hotel guests vary but can be characterized as more practical with their spending habits. 

Q: What are good budget places to stay in Batangas?
A: You can find budget apartelles, budget hotels, and hostels near tourist destinations in Batangas. You can visit zenrooms.com to find the best room rates for every kind of accommodation.