It’s a Filipino thing to have loads of food for someone’s birthday, is it not? 

And so for your upcoming birthday this year, why don’t you take your celebration up a notch and treat yourself to a delicious buffet? Here’s the exciting part: you can enjoy it anywhere you like! Whether that’s at your home or at the office, this buffet will surely make your birthday more memorable and enjoyable. 

Celebrate your birthday with a big buffet from DADS and Sambojokin! 

Terms and conditions:

  • Pick from over 80 foods, desserts, and drink choices! Their buffet collab to go includes starters, sides, main dishes, desserts, and a drink. 
  • This meal is good for 6 pax, and is only valid within 7 days of birthday. 
  • Available for takeout and delivery

To know more information, send a message via Facebook Messenger here or here or contact 0998-9907890.