18 Funny Cat Moments to Get You Through Quarantine

18 Funny Cat Moments to Get You Through Quarantine
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Who says staying at home during the quarantine is boring? For these cats, it might just be a day like no other, except for the fact that they’re wondering why the heck we’re at home for so long. These cats have no idea what’s going on around them especially the pandemic that’s terrifying humans everywhere. But as always, they never fail to make funny moments…without actually knowing it.

We’ve collected the best ones to see how people humorously deal with this quarantine together with their feline company. Let these funny cat posts get you through quarantine even for just a moment.

1. The home-schooled cats


2. The cats that are also working from home. Or so we thought?

3. When they start to group and give you a stare. Oh what could they be talking about?

4. When the pandemic teaches us to care for everyone. We mean EVERYONE. Let this cat be a model

5. Love, Kitty

6. Kitty freaking out: Why the heck are they home for so long? Do they miss me that much?

7. Even these cats practice social distancing. Let them be your role models.

8. When you miss the outside world already but couldn’t do anything about it

9. When you miss your friends so much and you just bond with the ones who look like them

10. Oh you don’t want to mess with a cat patroller

11. They’re actually the QuaranQueens

12. What are you? The boss?

13. Quarantine Goals: Get Shredded

14. If all supervisor was like this…

15. We’re likely #4 and #5

16. Why? Why? Why are you here all day everyday, hooman?

17. Guys, meet our home trainer

18. They’re always getting in the way…in the cutest pssible way, though.

What’s your best pick? Tell us what you think about it and share some of yours if you’re owning one. Stay safe and healthy, everyone! ????❤️

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