8 Advantages of Traveling Solo That Will Surely Make You A Better Person

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Traveling solo may seem scary to some, but traveling alone allows you to experience some of life’s greatest things; it will open up your view to many different cultures, backgrounds, and ways of life. 

You can experience many types of adventures that you won’t get if you’re traveling in a group. Sometimes, the best things in life are experienced on your own.

We’ve listed 8 benefits that will convince you to finally travel solo!

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1. You’ll be more independent

The more you get comfortable doing things alone, the more you will feel proud of yourself. It’s like pushing yourself to your usual limits and seeing how you could handle things by yourself.

2. You’ll become more resourceful

When you have no one else to count on, there’s no choice but to think of a solution on your own. In the end, you’ll learn that there’s always a way. Whether it’s a quick fix or taking advantage of the things that you can use in your surroundings, that’s a form of being resourceful.

3. You’ll feel more empowered

With all the chaos that’s going on in the world right now, traveling solo can be an act of bravery. When traveling on your own, you have no one to hold your hand if things get a little crazy, like if your hotel reservation is unexpectedly canceled or you got lost in a strange place. There can be challenges when you travel and conquering them by yourself can build up your self-confidence.

Find something that challenges you and if it’s already there, you have no choice but to come up with a solution. When you do, those things you’ve been through will make you feel empowered, which is a great feeling.

4. You get to plan better

The more solo travels you have, the more you get to learn how to plan things better and quicker because everything depends on what interests you. You only pack the things that you only need and your itinerary is narrowed based on what you just like. You might be surprised that you only need a hand-carry luggage for your things. Later on, this will also be beneficial on how to plan your day-to-day schedule effectively.

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5. You will get to know yourself better

Aside from discovering the places, this is the perfect time to know more about yourself. You have more time to reflect without being bothered. You get to focus on what really makes you happy. At the end of the trip, you’ll definitely discover who you really are and what you really like.

6. You’ll meet new friends. A lot.

When you’re traveling alone, it’s easier to meet new friends. Less intimidating for the person if you’re just alone than a bunch of your group. It could also lead to a deeper conversation that may help you to be a better person. 

7. It’s cheaper

Sure traveling by group is cheap because you’re sharing an equal amount with everyone but you won’t get equally (or maximize, at least) everything that you paid for. Not every part of the planned itinerary of the group interests you the most. Same with food sharing, you may think that it will be cheaper if it’s divided but the question here is: is it really what you want or you’re just compromising? When you’re traveling alone, you get to choose what you want and get to manage the amount you’re willing to spend. If you ordered a big serving, that can be taken out and eaten for your next meal. 

8. You’ll get to love yourself more

The more you love yourself, the more you know which ones don’t work for you anymore. It saves time from just saying yes to some situations which means you have more time to be the best version of yourself by learning from different cultures or knowledge about the world. This also leads to handling conflicts with anyone from unsolicited advice.

Give yourself more than once to travel solo for you to truly see the benefits. Being scared at first is normal because it’s something new to you but it is highly suggested to do it regularly for yourself. It’s something for your self-improvement. 

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