Why Hotels Need to Shift to Digital to Sustain Their Hotel Business Starting 2020

The first half of the year is about to end, and all that has happened in the travel industry are negative: closing of international borders, limitation of both local and foreign flights, and implementation of social distancing. Hotel rooms are left unoccupied, and owners have to deal with a great financial dilemma. As hoteliers wonder what’s the next step, hospitality companies try to innovate and create solutions that can combat the negative impact of the pandemic.

Hoteliers are unable to visit their hotel premises due to lockdowns, hotel staff have no means of transportation to go to work, and social distancing measures make it difficult for hotels, a people business, to provide great customer service to existing guests. Before COVID-19, hoteliers have not really considered managing their hotel from afar since there is no need to do so. Given that the end of the pandemic is uncertain, it is clear that digital solutions are pivotal to keeping hotel operations smooth and on track. 

Advantages of having an online hotel management software

1. Allows real-time updates without being in the hotel

Social distancing measures and lockdowns hinder hoteliers from visiting their properties. Cloud-based hotel management systems allow hoteliers to manage their properties completely off-site, from managing reservations to adjusting room allotments in online travel agencies (OTAs), compared to the manual way of operating through hotel-based computers.

2. Limits manpower needed

Through an online hotel management system, less professional hires are needed, which lowers hotel costs. For example, a hotel with two front desk officers can make do with only one because changes in room inventory can be done in one click, OTA booking concerns can be located in one dashboard, and coordinating with housekeeping staff is made easy through a mobile app-optimized digital solution. 

3. More access to data 

In 2020, data is king. In order for hotels to have intelligence on guest behavior and pricing patterns, they need real-time access to data. A great hotel management system allows viewing of guest insights and generation of accurate financial reports. By having these data accessible, hoteliers can re-strategize on pricing, room allotments, staff rotations and also improve on guest satisfaction.

4. Boosts staff coordination

A reliable hotel management software enables hotel staff to streamline communication. Compared to the old strategy of having one hotel computer to view the changes on bookings, each hotel staff can now access real-time updates on reservations through their own mobile phones. For example, a cloud-based software enables a front desk officer to simply ping the nearest housekeeping staff on the room that needs cleaning, checking or assistance. This also limits the need for them to have face-to-face interactions.

5. Improves guest experience

Some hotel management systems allow hotels to communicate with their guests about reservation changes, cancellation policies, and booking updates without setting foot on property or calling the guests personally. It requires a one-time set-up of automated messages that will be sent to guests, which will lessen guests’ waiting time and can lead to a better guest experience. Given the pandemic, guests have trust issues and automated and personalized reminders help in constantly communicating how your hotel is safe and clean.

The current pandemic is forcing the hospitality industry to go digital. All that needs to be done by hoteliers is to adapt a digital solution that is tailor-fit to their needs. 

ZEN eManager: The Digital All-In-One Solution To Boost Sales and Operations

The pandemic accelerated the long term trend towards digital transformation in the hospitality sector, urging hoteliers to adapt technology in hotel management as soon as possible. Now, hoteliers can sustain their hotel businesses and become future-ready through the adaptation of a reliable online hotel management solution. 

ZEN eManager is an-all-in-one digital solution made by hoteliers, for hoteliers. This includes two advanced cloud-based hotel softwares, eZee Absolute, a Property Management System (PMS) and eZee Centrix, a Channel Manager (CMS) to simplify the way hoteliers monitor their hotel operations and online bookings off-site. Additionally, there is also a dedicated revenue manager for the property to apply the ZEN Pricing Model, an advanced pricing strategy to increase revenue up to 30% within 90 days. 

Features of ZEN eManager

eZee Absolute – Property Management System

eZee Absolute (PMS) enables hoteliers to have real-time updates on hotel bookings and staff assignments in one dashboard, on any gadget. The PMS also generates different financial reports when needed, allowing hoteliers to pinpoint specific areas of improvement for quick re-strategizing. For example, reports on daily revenue, expense vouchers, and even monthly taxes can be seen in a few clicks. The PMS has a full-fledged mobile app, which enables the available hotel staff to be flexible in assisting wherever they are needed, minimizing manpower costs. To improve guest experience, it also comes with an automated email and SMS messaging tool that engages guests before they arrive, during their stay and after check-out.

eZee Centrix – Channel Manager

Regardless of the number of online travel agencies (OTAs) the hotel is connected with, eZee Centrix effortlessly manages all the room allotments across all OTAs in one place. The channel manager has an inventory distribution system that helps hotels prevent revenue loss due to uncertain errors when re-bookings, cancellations, no-shows, and overbookings take place. Additionally, the single point dashboard for distribution management helps in avoiding rate disparity and enhances hotel’s online reputation by maintaining favourable relationships with various OTAs.

Dedicated Revenue Manager and the ZEN Pricing Model

A dedicated revenue manager straight from ZEN Headquarters adjusts your room rates through the ZEN Pricing Model. This advanced pricing algorithm is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, is based on historical data, and coupled with the dynamic pricing strategy to guarantee an increase in revenue by up to 30%.

ZEN eManager’s cloud-based softwares eZee Absolute (PMS) and eZee Centrix (CMS) coupled with the expert assistance of ZEN’s professional revenue managers and the ZEN Pricing Model, hotels can recover faster and be prepared for any pivotal events in the industry.

Steal Deal: To help hoteliers bounce back quicker, ZEN offers exclusive package rates and waived onboarding fee for ZEN eManager until May 31, 2020. Book your free demo at www.zen-hs.com/book-a-meeting.


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