10 Incredible Tanay Rizal Tourist Spots Worth Putting on Your Bucket List

10 Incredible Tanay Rizal Tourist Spots Worth Putting on Your Bucket List
tinipak river in tanay
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There’s more to Rizal than its reputable eye for art and shopping haven for fashionistas. In Tanay, you’d be amazed at nature’s works of art. From the stunning waterfalls to mountain ranges, Tanay has diverse hidden treasures and natural wonders that are waiting to be explored. No wonder it’s quite a challenge to pick which Tanay Rizal Tourist spot to visit first.

What’s great about this is that Tanay is just two hours away from Manila that is why it is becoming the go-to destination for weekend adventurers.

10 Best Places to Visit in Tanay Rizal

The one to two-hour ride from Manila to this place is well worth it as you unwind from the crowded metro. Get your notebook and pen and list down all these amazing places you shouldn’t miss!

  1. Daranak Falls
  2. Mt. Daraitan
  3. Tinipak River
  4. Batlag Falls
  5. Treasure Mountain
  6. Calinawan Cave
  7. Lutong Pugon Tiongco’s Garden
  8. Regina Rica
  9. Kinabuan Falls
  10. Ricardo’s Vista del Cielo

If you’re ready to take off, make sure to read this list as we tell you what to expect from these tourist attractions in Tanay.

1. Daranak Falls

tourists swimming at daranak falls

When you google Tanay Rizal Tourist spot, first that comes up is the Daranak Falls. This 46 ft. high waterfall is a perfect destination for a quick and refreshing dip. The falls are complemented by forest trees, flowering wild plants, as well as cascading rivers and ponds that will make you come back for more. We suggest you visit this place on weekdays as the place gets too crowded on weekends.

2. Mt. Daraitan

stunning view of sierra madre in rizal

Rizal is the place for people who need a dose of nature respite as it has a lot of mountains and forests to brag about. This province, especially the town of Tanay, is famous for hikers because of the variety of mountains it has. Mt. Daraitan is a popular tourist spot in Tanay Rizal because it caters to all types of hikers, from newbies to pros. It is a relatively easy day hike that lets you see a sea of clouds.

3. Tinipak River

majestic tinipak river

Tinipak River used to be a hidden gem but has now become one of the most popular places to visit in Tanay Rizal thanks to its picturesque beauty. It boasts turquoise waters surrounded by white marble rocks that makes every corner Instagrammable. You can also explore a cavern with an underwater river through a small canoe.

4. Batlag Falls

stunning batlag falls

If you can’t get enough of the taste of Rizal’s paradise, Batlag Falls is just a few climbs from Daranak Falls. Unlike Daranak, Batlag remains an offbeat Tanay Rizal Tourist spot so it’s less crowded, letting you enjoy the solitude you’re looking for. 

5. Treasure Mountain

friends enjoying the view at treasure mountain tanay rizal

Treasure Mountain has become popular for its effortless sea of clouds and the majestic view of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges. This place offers a day tour for families who just want to see the clouds. The best time to visit the mountain is at dawn to catch the sunrise and enjoy the breathtaking views. The best time to see the sea of clouds is usually between 5am to 8am, although it will depend on the weather conditions for that day.

6. Calinawan Cave

calinawan cave in tanay
Photo credits to Calinawan Cave

Just a 20-minute drive from Daranak Falls, Calinawan Cave is said to have been a hideout place of revolutionaries against the colonizers. This tourist destination in Tanay Rizal is a complex cave system that consists of several layers that travelers can explore for hours. 

7. Lutong Pugon Tiongco’s Garden

pizza at lutong pugon
Photo credits to Lutong Pugon

If you want to taste the best pizza in Rizal, you must visit Lutong Pugon! It is a secret garden restaurant that serves wood-fired gourmet pizza and pasta. Aside from the delicious food they serve, they also have a small art gallery and you can get your portrait sketched from local artists here. Because of its uniqueness, Lutong Pugon has become a top tourist spot in Tanay Rizal.

8. Regina Rica

regina rica in tanay

Regina Rica (Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia) is a 14-hectare sanctuary for Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii. It is a popular Tanay Rizal tourist attraction and pilgrimage site where you can see the 71 ft. high statue of the Queen of the Holy Rosary. The sanctuary also has a church situated in the middle of the hills, three waterfalls, a creek and over 10,000 trees. 

9. Kinabuan Falls

stunning view of kinabuan falls
Photo credits to Tanay at iba pa

Located in Brgy. Sta. Ines, Kinabuan Falls is an ideal destination for mountaineers and bikers looking for an offbeat path adventure. To get to Kinabuan Falls, you will have to cross several shallow rivers and streams.

10. Ricardo’s Vista del Cielo

Tanay Blog ricardo's vista del cielo
Photo credits to Ricardo’s Vista del Cielo

Lunch with a view? Ricardo’s Vista del Cielo is the best place to experience that! It is a homey restaurant with a great roof deck view and cozy garden huts where you can enjoy their Spanish-inspired dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tanay Rizal Tourist Spot

Q: What are the top attractions to visit in Tanay?

A: The top attractions in Tanay are: 

  • Daranak Falls
  • Mt. Daraitan
  • Tinipak River
  • Batlag Falls
  • Treasure Mountain
  • Calinawan Cave
  • Lutong Pugon Tiongco’s Garden
  • Regina Rica
  • Kinabuan Falls
  • Ricardo’s Vista del Cielo

Q: What are the best outdoor activities in Tanay?

A: Tanay is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities. You can go biking in the mountains, hiking, camping, and swimming in the cool and stunning waterfalls.

Q: What are the most popular things to do in Tanay with kids?

A: The most popular things to do in Tanay with kids are food tripping and swimming in Daranak or Batlag Falls. There are also many resorts in Tanay where you can enjoy recreational activities with your family.

Q: How many hours travel from Manila to Tanay Rizal?

A: From Manila, it will take about two hours to reach Tanay, Rizal depending on the traffic. You can ride a van, jeep, or bus from Ortigas going to Tanay. Upon arrival, there are many tricycles that you can ask to take you to your point of destination.

Q: How far is Tanay Rizal from Manila?

A: The distance between Manila and Tanay is 35 km. The road distance is 47.4 km.

Tanay is more than just waterfalls. Unknown to many, this town is full of hidden gems and wonders of nature that never fail to amaze its visitors.

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