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10 Scenic Waterfalls in the Philippines That Will Take Your Breath Away

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With over 7,000 fascinating islands, breathtaking waterfalls in the Philippines, diverse geography, palatable cuisine, and hospitable people—the country is a paradise that travelers make sure to include in their bucket list. 

And for people who want extra adventures, they aim to see nature’s best no matter how hard the journey will be. Most travelers like to see the amazing falls in the Philippines even though it includes hours of trekking. From the iconic Kawasan falls in Cebu to the stunning Laguna waterfalls, there are tons of refreshing cascades to see.

We’ve listed 10 of the most stunning waterfalls in the Philippines that will blow your mind!

10. Hulugan Falls

a rainbow is seen under the hulugan falls

While Laguna is best known for hot and cold springs, it is also home to numerous waterfalls that became a favorite weekend destination of city dwellers. One of the most famous is the Hulugan Falls Laguna in Luisiana. It’s recommended to go here early in the morning so you can see the rainbow that’s always there around 9am. Going here from the main town just takes about 30 minutes but it’s climbing back up that’s quite the challenge. Nevertheless, this Luisiana Laguna Falls is indeed nothing short of amazing.

9. Hidden Falls

current of the water falling in hidden falls

Another falls near Manila is the Hidden Falls. This waterfall is near the Hulugan Falls and is tucked in by giant boulders, hence the name. Hidden Falls Laguna is smaller than the Hulugan and is more difficult to reach. If you’re planning to go here, be careful as the trail is steep and risky. 

8. Pagsanjan Falls Laguna

a bamboo raft seen in pagsanjan falls

Approximately 300 feet tall, Pagsanjan Falls Laguna is one of the province’s major attractions and among the best falls near Manila to visit. To get to this three-tiered falls, you’ll either have to take the thrilling indigenous dugout canoe ride or enjoy a hike. 

7. Limunsudan Falls

Limunsudan falls, located in Iligan City, is one of the largest falls in the country. Standing at 900 feet, this waterfall comprises two distinct tiers. Not many tourists brave this waterfall because of its remote and difficult-to-access location. It takes at least a 3 to 4 hour one-way drive from Cagayan de Oro which is the most “convenient” jump-off-point to the waterfall. And to our surprise, not many locals know about Limunsudan Falls, too! Take advantage of it and be among the first ones to see this majestic falls.

6. Pahangog Twin Falls 

the beautiful blue green water of pahangog falls

Done touring the breathtaking Chocolate Hills or having that buwis-buhay picture taking in Man-made Forest? It’s now time to have yourself relaxed at the famous Pahangog Twin Falls Bohol located in Dimiao town. The twin falls is about 98 feet in height and surrounded by lush vegetation, including beautiful orchids. There are also cottages for rent, with fees ranging from P50 to P100 per day.

5. Kawasan Falls

turquoise water of the stunning kawasan falls

There’s no doubt that Kawasan falls is considered as one of the most stunning waterfalls in the Philippines. Its turquoise waters charm its visitors making it an Instagram favorite destination. This falls in Cebu South is never a disappointment to anyone who has been here. Kawasan Falls Philippines should never be missed!

4. Inambakan Falls

aerial view of inambakan falls

Aside from the Kawasan falls in Cebu, Inambakan is also a great destination for waterfall-hopping. Located at the town of Ginatilan that is most commonly known for its marine activities like diving, swimming, and whale watching, not many tourists are aware of this gem. Standing at 100 feet, the aquamarine waters of Inambakan Falls Cebu plunge down into a pool, deep enough for a good swim.

3. Tinago Falls

tourists riding a bamboo raft near the waterfall

Hidden deep within a jungle in Iligan City is an incredible waterfall that plunges into a dazzling blue-green pool. Tucked within a ravine, this majestic waterfall’s name fittingly means “hidden.” Standing at 240 feet, Tinago Falls Mindanao is surrounded by colossal rock structures dotted by thick masses of trees and natural foliage. This waterfall’s charm leaves visitors in awe. 

2. Cambugahay Falls

the majestic view of cambugahay falls

Some people don’t consider Siquijor province as their travel destination because of the old beliefs like it’s full of mystic traditions such as witchcraft, healing, spiritual rituals. While we don’t have any proof that those aren’t true or not, it’s actually a good place to explore especially with the beautiful Siquijor waterfalls. Located at the town of Lazi, Cambugahay Falls is considered as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines. This Siquijor waterfalls is a sure-hit for tourists because of its turquoise clean and warm water originating from natural springs. 

1. Kaparkan Falls

To top this list, we’ll give the crown to none other than, Kaparkan Falls! Kaparkan Falls, also known as Mulawin Falls, is found in Sitio Kaparkan, Barangay Caganayan, Tineg in Abra Province. It is literally a high-terraced waterfall, filled with a number of small basins. The best time to go to Kaparkan Falls are the months of August and September during the rainy season. There can never be a waterfall in the country that may look as grand as this.

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