What type of traveler are you?

Do you like to climb mountains or jump from them? Do you want to experience the world by looking or eating? Do you like to learn about culture from a book, or a plate of insects being put in front of you? There is a tone of different types of travelers out there, where do you fit?

The Scene Seeker
You’re unlikely to see the Scene Seeker without a camera in one hand (or at least swung around their neck). If you’re looking for panoramic views and breathtaking sights count yourself a Scene Seeker. Make sure you take some great pictures to inspire the rest of us to get moving!


The Mellow Master
The Mellow Master is looking to chill and relax. Do you like to hang around with a relaxing drink in your hand and walk at a leisurely pace? Chances are you’re a Mellow Master.


The Food Lover
The Food Lover experiences new cultures through food. They love food and they know what they want when it comes to dining. They’re more likely to know where the best restaurant in town is and less likely to know what sights there are. If you’re a Food Lover, you probably like uploading candid shots of you and your food to Instagram so your friends back home can gaze upon your latest delicacy.

A photo by Toronto Eaters. unsplash.com/photos/i_xVfNtQjwI

The Smart Traveler
The Smart traveler makes the most out of their travels but taking their money and spending It on rich experiences and not fancy hotels or restaurants. You’re more likely to see them riding the big waves, exploring the ocean with a dive or hiking up a mountain to watch the sun rise, but these things are just as important as making sure they experience local cuisine in a way the other locals would. The Smart Traveler seeks out genuine experiences rich in memories which they can take with them for the rest of their life.


The Adventurer
Can’t go over it, can’t go under it, you’ll have to go through it! The adventurer is looking to see as many places as they can in as many different ways as they can. The adventurer travels feeling like they are an explorer discovering a new land ahead of others back home. If you’re an Adventurer, you’re more like to be off the beaten path and not where other tourists are.


The Cultural Wanderer
The differences, the similarities… Everything is fascinating to the Cultural Wanderer. If you’re one, going to a new village and seeing how they make food, clothes or celebrate days off is probably at the top of your list and much higher than typical tourist activities.


The Free Spirit
The Free Spirit isn’t quite sure what they want to do, they’re more likely to make it up as they go along. Life isn’t about following a plan, it’s about making sure to do what feels right in the moment. “That looks nice, let’s go there!” is probably something you say a lot if you’re one of these unpredictable travelers.

photo-1475869568365-7b6051b1e030The Know-it-all
The Know-it-all has read the book, checked the website and questioned the tourism office. They know what they are looking at, its history and a heap of cool facts about the place their visiting. Much like the Cultural Wanderer, if you’re one of these, you’re likely to understand the significance of places, but have probably learned about it before you visit.

what-kind-of-traveler_budgetbackpacker-960x640So which type of traveler are you, or do you think you’re a mix of them? Don’t worry, whichever type of traveler you are you’ve got a whole world of adventure ahead of you. Get yourself back on the road and travel smart!

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