Gone are the days when you take a vacation and do nothing but swim, eat, and stay in your hotel room all day. With the pandemic holding us back for two years, it’s time to go on an all out adventure! Ready your pen and paper as we give you a list of things to do and tourist spots to go to in Bataan that will bring out the best in you. 

Check our 5-day travel guide below! 

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Bataan Tourist Spots Itinerary: Day 1 – Relearning the Philippine War History 

The series of destinations on Day 1 will consist of locations near Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, one of the main attractions of Bataan (other than the beach resorts, of course!) 

Pawikan Conservation Center

Pawikan Conservation Center tourist spot in Bataan

The coastline where the Pawikan Conservation sits is the original nesting site of endangered marine turtles called Olive Ridley. Their mission is to secure the eggs laid during nesting season – between September and January. If you want to be part of their advocacy, visit this place! 

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar 

building facade of Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, a tourist spot in Bataan

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a unique tourist spot in Bataan. It is a beach resort, convention center, and heritage destination rolled into one. People visit this place for weddings, photoshoots, staycations – you name it. 

There are many things to do in the Bataan beach resort alone, but if you just want to take photos to capture the beauty of this Bataan tourist spot, you’re more than welcome to do so.

Philippine-Japanese Friendship Tower 

Philippine-Japanese Friendship Tower tourist spot in Bataan
Photo from beholdbataan.ph

This national monument in Bataan is a few minutes away from Las Casas. This is a significant part of Philippine history as this serves as a reminder of the friendship between Japan and the Philippines after the war ended.

Zero Kilometer Marker

Zero Kilometer Marker tourist spot in Bataan
Photo from filipino-americanmemorials.org

Two hundred meters from the Philippine-Japanese Friendship Tower is the Zero Kilometer Death March Marker. While the previous monument serves good memories, this tourist spot in Bataan is a testament to one of the most gruesome parts of the Philippine war history. 

Mt Samat National Shrine (Shrine of Valor)

Shrine of Valor tourist spot in Bataan
Photo from flickr-joelcgarcia

The Shrine of Valor is another historical tourist spot in Bataan. It was built to commemorate the bravery and chivalry of Filipino and American soldiers and their sacrifices when the Japanese attacked the Philippines during WWII. 

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Bataan Tourist Spots Itinerary: Day 2 – A Day in Balanga City 

Welcome to Day 2! Let’s explore more Bataan tourist spots in the city of Balanga, Bataan.

Bataan World War II Museum 

Bataan World War II Museum tourist spot in Bataan
Photo from lakadpilipinas.com

Head to Bataan World War II Museum to continue with your history lessons. The museum was built as a tribute to the fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in 1942. It showcases tidbits, short video snippets, and dioramas about the war.

Plaza Mayor de Balanga 

Plaza Mayor de Balanga tourist spot in Bataan
Photo from outoftownblog.com

Less than ten minutes away from the museum is Plaza Mayor de Balanga, which has become a tourist spot of some sort in Bataan. You’ll see Balanga City Hall, The Plaza Hotel, and a mall in the area. Every Christmas season, the local government lights up the whole area by putting ostentatious Christmas lights and decorations for locals and tourists to feast their eyes on. 

Saint Joseph Cathedral 

Saint Joseph Cathedral, one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, is a tourist spot in Bataan
Photo from wikimedia commons

Facing the plaza is the Balanga Cathedral, formerly known as Diocesan Shrine and Cathedral Parish of St. Joseph. During World II, it was used by the Japanese Army as an artillery emplacement to bombard Mt. Samat, where the Filipino-American troops were making their last stand. 

Balanga Wetland and Nature Park 

Balanga Wetland and Nature Park tourist spot in Bataan
Photo from destimap.com

To cap off your day, head to this tourist spot in Bataan, which hosts thousands of migratory birds. View decks and picnic huts have been built for visitors to have a safe and meaningful encounter with the birds. 

Bataan Tourist Spots Itinerary: Day 3 – Day Hike

For this activity, you can either hike to Tarak Ridge or Mt Natib. 

Tarak Ridge

Tarak Ridge tourist spot in Bataan
Photo from wikimedia commons

Tarak Ridge can be found at Mariveles, Bataan. At the top of the ridge, you can see the fantastic view of Bataan and neighboring islands, including Corregidor, Manila Bay, and even Cavite! Some hikers choose to stop here as the view is already astonishing enough. However, some hikers continue to the peak where abundant greenery and magnificent mountain views can be seen. 

The hike can take up to 5-6 hours, depending on your climbing ability. In between the hike, you can stop at Papaya River – which, funnily enough, does not have any papaya trees – and take a break. 

Mt Natib

Mt Natib tourist spot in Bataan
Photo from pala-lagaw.com

Another favorite climb in Bataan is Mt Natib, located in Orani.

When you reach the peak, you’ll see scenic views of the West Philippine Sea and most of Bataan Province, including Mt Mariveles and Mt Samat. You can even see as far as Subic Bay and Mt Arayat! It takes about 3.5-5 hours to reach the summit of Mt Natib. 

Additionally, you can make a side trip to Pasukuan Falls, about two hours away. And if that doesn’t satisfy you, you can trek all the way to Morong, Bataan.

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Bataan Tourist Spots: Day 4 – Corregidor Island Tour

Corregidor Island Tour

corregidor island tourist spot in Bataan
Photo from corregidorisland.com.ph

Corregidor Island is a famous tourist spot in Bataan. You’ve probably been to this island as part of your excursion trip back in elementary school. But if not, you’ve at least heard stories about it. 

On this small island, you’ll find the Pacific War Memorial, numerous gunneries, and the Malinta Tunnel, which served as a supply depot, hospital, and Gen Douglas Macarthur’s headquarters. 

Bataan Tourist Spots Itinerary: Day 5 – Island Hopping

Laki Beach and Five Fingers Island Hopping

laki beach and five fingers cove beach resorts in Bataan

What better way to end your Bataan tour extravaganza than with island hopping? 

For this activity, you need to find a tour company or rent a boat that takes you specifically to Laki Beach and Five Fingers Bataan. You can choose to do a day tour or avail a 2D1N package. 

Five Fingers Cove is a series of coves located on the southernmost tip of the Bataan Peninsula. It is called Five Fingers because the coves look like five fingers when you look at the island from above. Laki Beach, on the other hand, is another popular tourist spot in Bataan due to its proximity to Manila. You can take a quick dip here or face your fear of heights and go cliff diving! 

On this tour, you can expect to see: 

  • White sand beach
  • Crystal-clear waters 
  • Beautiful rock formations 
  • Cliff diving spots 
  • Natural infinity pools
  • Instagrammable backdrops and more! 

Looking for Bataan Beach resorts? Take a look at our top picks!

  1. Bataan White Corals Beach Resort
  2. Bagac Bay Beach Resort, Bataan 
  3. CoralView Beach Resort, Bataan
  4. Brisa Marina Beach Resort, Bataan
  5. Pamarta Bali Beach Resort, Bataan
  6. Montemar Beach Club Resort, Bataan
  7. Westwind Beach Resort, Bataan
  8. Morongstar Hotel and Resort, Bataan 
  9. La Jolla Luxury Beach Resort, Bataan 
  10. Anvaya Cove 
  11. Playa La Caleta 
  12. Camaya Coast 
  13. The Waterfront Beach Resort, Bataan 
  14. Verde Azul Leisure Resort
  15. Acqua Morong Beach Resort, Bataan 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bataan

Q: Is Bataan open for tourism in 2022? 

A: Yes, Bataan is open to tourists! 

Q: What are the travel requirements needed in Bataan?

A: For fully vaccinated tourists, you only need to present your vaccination certificate. For unvaccinated tourists, a negative RT-PCR test result with 48-hour validity is required. 

All tourists must present a confirmed booking at any DOT-Accredited Tourism establishment. 

Note: Each establishment has its own rules and regulations. Ensure to check with your chosen destination prior to booking. 

Q: How far is Bataan from Manila? 

A: Bataan is about a 2.5-hour drive from Manila. 

Q: How to go to Bataan? 

A: There are a few ways to get to Bataan. 

Via private car: 

  • From Manila, take North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and take either the San Fernando toll exit or the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX).
  • Upon exiting San Fernando, proceed to Jose Abad Santos Ave all the way to Lubao, Pampanga and Dinalupihan Bataan. 
  • At the Layac junction, take the road leading to Roman Super Highway on the left (right turn leads to Olongapo City) all the way to the City Center of Balanga, Bataan. 
  • If going via SCTEX, take the Dinalipuhan exit and turn right at Roman Super Highway. 

Via bus: 

  • From Manila, you can take any bus from Genesis, Bataan Transit, Sinulog, or Victory Liner. 
  • Genesis has terminals in Pasay and Avenida, while Bataan Transit has terminals in Avenida and Cubao. 
  • Travel time can take about 3 hours, with a fare of P200 per person. 

Q: What are some tourist spots in Bataan? 

A: Places you can visit in Bataan are Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Shrine of Valor, Pawikan Conservation Center, Bataan World War II Museum, Corregidor Island, and more. 

Q: What are some Philippine tourist spots near Bataan?  

A: Some tourist spots near Bataan are Subic, Zambales, and Pampanga. 

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The Philippines has many beautiful places that have become world-famous but there are also offbeat places that are as beautiful as the famous ones which are Instagram-worthy by the way!

And if you are the kind of traveler who likes to go off-the-beaten-path and the traveler who is always on the lookout for new or unfrequented places where there are less to no tourists but worthy to be shared, then we’ve got you covered!

We’ve rounded up the offbeat but mind-blowingly stunning places in the Philippines!

1. Escolta

Escolta is another place to see and feel a blast from the past. It is one of the oldest streets in Manila that was created in 1594. After World War II, Escolta has been greatly damaged, hence losing its beauty. But in the past few years, youth organizations are trying to bring back the glory of what was once dubbed as the Queen of Manila Streets. Now, it is revived as it became a hub for people who want to experience food, arts, crafts, music festivals, and other events and activities.

Places to check out:

First United Building – it has artsy shops and establishments for local crafts, interesting artworks, limited edition merchandise, innovative food items, upcycled clothes and accessories, independent clothing labels, DIY wares, vintage goods and refurbished antiques that you may not see at malls.

Calvo Museum at Calvo Building, El Hogar – this place has been a famous shoot location for TV Commercials and Films. There’s also a ferry nearby that you can take for free until January 31, 2020!

2. Bataan 

Bataan is an overlooked destination in the Philippines but it’s a place where you can do many interesting activities. It is located in the Central Luzon region with historical and cultural sites, mountains, beaches, springs and waterfalls combined! It’s easy to get there by land (car or bus for about 3-4 hours) or 1 hour by ferry. Once you get there, you may burn some calories from biking as it has various mountain trails you can go to while you enjoy breathtaking views of Mariveles Valley, Corregidor Island, Manila Bay, and Mt. Mariveles (Tarak Ridge) or for the advanced trail passing the old WWII Guerilla roads and tracks which circles around Mt. Samat.

Places to check out:

Las Casas De Filipinas Acuzar, Balanga World War II Museum, Surrender Site Marker, Mt. Samat War Museum, Death March Marker, Philippine-Japanese Friendship Tower for historical landmarks, Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, Morong Beach, Sisiman Bay to swim and watch the sunset, Kairukan Falls, Limutan Falls, Ambon-Ambon Falls and Dunsulan Falls, Tarak Ridge, Mt. Natib, and Mt. Malasimbo in Dinalupihan.

3. Batanes

Batanes is actually not an overlooked destination in the Philippines but it’s not frequented by Filipinos because the airfare is very expensive! It is in the northernmost province of the country and just 190 kilometers south of Taiwan. Batanes is a typhoon destination in the Philippines, so it’s best to visit it during the dry season from March to May. June is also a good travel date so you can experience the fun in Batanes Day! You will also find the famous Honesty Coffee Shop there. No one mans the store so the people who will buy goods there will have to pay and get their change on their own in the cashier.

For most Filipinos, Batanes is a dream destination. Its vast greenery, rolling hills, and clean environment catch everyone’s hearts. That’s why it’s called Breathtaking Batanes. And the Ivatans— Batanes’ locals— are, without a doubt, the kindest people you’ll ever meet!

Places to check out: Racuh A Payaman (Marlboro Hills), Sabtang Island (where most of the traditional Ivatan stone houses are located), Morong Beach, Mt. Iraya, Vayang Rolling Hills, Homoron Blue Lagoon, and Diura Village.

4. Siquijor

It is a small island province located in the Central Visayas region oozing with pristine beaches, beautiful diving spots, waterfalls, and a cave. It’s used to be known as an Island of Fire enveloped by mystic traditions such as witchcraft, healing, spiritual rituals. For centuries, people have been brewing concoct special potions to cure physical ailments, treat emotional scars, and to dispel evil spirits. There are love potions available, too! 

Places to check out:

400-year old enchanted Balete tree, Paliton beach, Kanheron Ranch, Kagusuan Beach, Cantabon Cave, Cambuhagay Falls, Lugnason Falls, Marelle’s Underwater World Museum.

5. Pink beaches

If you’re like Aerosmith that believes “pink is love at first sight and can get you high as a kite,” well these 5 pink beaches are perfect for you! Most of these pink beaches are located in the southern parts of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

1. Great Sta. Cruz Island (Zamboanga City, Zamboanga del Sur)

2. Sila Island (San Vicente, Northern Samar)

3. Subic Beach (Matnog, Sorsogon)

4. Cape San Agustin (Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental)

5. Parola Island (Panganiban, Camarines Norte)

The pink sand beach is, in fact, a coloration effect from a crushed red organ-pipe coral that is fused with the white sand.

It’s always fun to visit the most famous tourist spots in a country but sometimes, the off-the-beaten spots offer more exciting experiences and stories that travelers will surely treasure.

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Disclaimer: ZEN Rooms claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. We try to link back to original sources whenever possible. If you own the rights to any of the images, and do not wish them to appear on ZEN Rooms, please contact us and they will be promptly removed. We believe in providing proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer.