The Philippines is brimming with over 7,000 stunning islands that never fails to amaze its visitors. Many of these can be seen in the island of Luzon. From Batanes to Palawan, you’ll have plentiful Luzon tourist spots options to choose from. But trust us, it’s going to be a challenge to figure out where to start.

20 Beautiful Tourist Spots in Luzon Every Traveler Must Visit

Planning to explore the Philippines? Here’s a list of all the best places in Luzon that will make a mark the moment you see it in person.

  • Minesview Park – Tourist spot sa Baguio that offers the best view of nature
  • Ayala Triangle Gardens – Perfect to appreciate nature in the city
  • Bangui Windmills – A famous tourist spot in Luzon that has a greater purpose
  • Escolta – Perfect for old souls who want to see old Manila
  • Binondo – Home to the world’s oldest Chinatown
  • Sagada – Famous for breathtaking views of the mountain and sea of clouds
  • Anawangin Cove – A great camping site in Zambales
  • Nacpan Beach – Creamy sand beach in El Nido
  • Mayon Volcano – A perfect cone-shaped volcano in Bicol
  • Taal Volcano – Small but deadly volcano
  • Tinipak River – For hikers and water-lovers
  • Mt. Pinatubo – A beautiful volcano in Pampanga and Zambales
  • Puerto Princesa Underground River – A UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Vigan – One of the world’s best-preserved Spanish colonial towns
  • Intramuros – A historical landmark in the Philippines
  • Hidden Beach – Among the world’s best islands
  • Racuh A Payaman – Breathtakingly beautiful
  • Big Lagoon at Small Lagoon – Popular spots in Palawan
  • Banaue Rice Terraces – Man-made wonder
  • Kayangan Lake – One of the cleanest lakes in Asia

What’s inside this blog?

Read this travel guide featuring tourist spots in Luzon with description to discover the best tourist spot in the Philippines Luzon and make a trip worth remembering. 

Best Luzon Tourist Spots

20. Mines View Park

minesview park baguio tourist spots

No doubt, the most famous tourist spot sa Baguio is Mines View Park because of the great view it offers. In the early 20th century, Baguio was a mining town. Mines View Park sits on a ridge of the northeast side of Baguio where you can see a stunning view of the Cordillera Mountains and Benguet’s old copper and gold mines. While you’re there, you can also try on the Ifugaos’ traditional clothes and take a photo. 

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How to get there: From Manila or Cubao, ride a bus going to Baguio.upon arrival, you can take a cab or jeep bound for several tourist spot sa Baguio including Mines View Park.

19. Ayala Triangle Gardens

ayala triangle gardens makati luzon tourist spots

Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati is a must-visit if you want to take a quick break from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a huge garden park perfect for chilling, walking, jogging, and even food tripping. If you want to see it at its best where everything goes alive, visit it during Christmas season where Ayala Triangle Gardens MAkati is filled with lights and sounds. Because of its popularity, it becomes one of the most-visited tourist spots in Luzon.

How to get there: From Manila, ride a cap or jeepney going to MRT-3. Take MRT-3 and alight at Ayala Station. Upon arrival, you can take a taxi or just walk to Ayala Triangle Gardens.

18. Bangui Windmills

Bangui Windmills pagudpud beach ilocos

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

The Bangui Windmills are not just a popular tourist destination in Ilocos but they serve a greater purpose providing sustainable energy. You’ll see around 15-20 windmills in the area along the beach. 

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How to get there: From Cubao or Manila to Pagudpud, there are direct buses already. Travel time is approximately more than 10 hours. You can ride a GV Florida bus from Manila directly to Pagudpud. Alternatively, you can book a flight or ride a bus bound for Laoag. From Laoag, ride a van or bus to Pagudpud. From Pagudpud, it’s just a short drive to Bangui where the Windmills are located. 

17. Escolta

escolta manila luzon tourist spots (1)

Escolta is one of the most underrated tourist spots in Luzon. Although it looks greatly damaged and forgotten after World War II, it’s actually those factors that make Escolta so interesting. That’s why it’s easy to see why millennials and photographers love to visit it. Now, Escolta is not just a famous photography subject but also a great place to experience good food, arts, crafts, and music festivals.

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How to get there: Ride the LRT-1 and alight at Carriedo station. Walk along the old BPI building and look for Sta. Cruz Church. Escolta St. is on the right facing Sta. Cruz Church main entrance. 

16. Binondo

binondo manila historical places in philippines

When in Manila, you can never consider yourself a real foodie until you have been to Binondo. Home to the oldest Chinatown in the world, Binondo offers a great food adventure. From fried siopao, dim sum and roast duck to adventurous eats like frog legs, Binondo has just about everything your tummy could ever crave. Don’t miss the Beef Lamien in Lan Zhou La Mien and Hakaw in Wai Ying Fastfood. They’re not famous to foodies for nothing! So if you want to make the most of your trip, don’t miss this tourist destination in Luzon.

How to get there: You can either ride LRT-1 and alight at Carriedo Station or the LRT-2 and drop off at Recto Station, both stations are near Binondo. You can also take the Pasig River Ferry and alight at Escolta Station. 

15. Sagada

marlboro hills sagada

Sagada, home to spectacular views and breathtaking natural wonders, is a popular tourist spot in North Luzon especially for the backpackers and “soul searchers.”

The place offers sunny but cool weather, lush natural landscapes, and a sea of clouds that will let you think whether you’re still on Earth, making it a perfect setting for a romantic film.

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How to get there: If you want to skip all that multiple stopovers and transport woes, Coda Lines offers direct daily trips from Quezon City to the Cordilleras. From Quezon City, the travel time will take about 15 hours going to Sagada, including the stopovers. This bus is also a great option when you’re traveling from Sagada to Manila.

14. Anawangin Cove

anawangin cove magagandang tanawin sa luzon

Another tourist attraction in Luzon that will delight campers and beach-lovers alike is Anawangin Cove in Zambales. Its crescent shape, fine white sand beach, and secluded island vibe capture its visitors’ hearts. There are no hotels here. You can only sleep in the cove on a tent or by renting a cottage. There’s also no electricity and low signal, that makes your trip to Anawangin Cove perfect—no distractions.

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How to get there: From Cubao or Manila, ride a bus bound for Iba or Santa Cruz, Zambales, and alight at San Antonio Public Market. Upon arrival, take a tricycle to Pundaquit then rent a boat to Anawangin. Travel time to this tourist destination in Luzon is around 4-5 hours.

13. Nacpan Beach

nacpan beach el nido palawan camping sites in the philippines

Nacpan Beach in El Nido, Palawan is one of the most beautiful beautiful places in Luzon and among the pristine beaches in the Philippines. While it does not have the white sand that Boracay takes pride in, Nacpan Beach offers an equally notable island experience. 

Aside from the 4-kilometer stretch of cream-colored sand, you’ll also enjoy the hundreds of swaying coconut trees, a fishing village, clear aqua water with small surfable waves of Nacpan Beach—it’s the kind of paradise you’ve imagined. Nacpan Beach certainly does not disappoint. What travelers love about Nacpan Beach is that it doesn’t get too crowded. And if you’re lucky, you can have the beach all to yourself. 

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How to get there: Nacpan Beach is a 45-minute drive away from the main town of El Nido. You can reach Nacpan Beach from El Nido town proper by shuttle service, tricycle, or motorbike. The cheapest is renting a motorbike.

12. Mayon Volcano

mayon volcano luzon tourist spots

With the country’s many wonders of nature, it’s not surprising to see another jaw-dropping tourist spot in the Philippines Luzon. Mayon Volcano is one of the most beautiful wonders of nature in the country. It is both a stunner and a killer—renowned for its beauty as it is feared for its destructiveness. Its symmetry and perfect cone shape draws attention across the world but what lies beyond its beauty is its deadly nature: an enormous chamber, churning with molten rock and toxic gas that could blow anytime.

It has erupted over 51 times in the past four centuries, the most destructive of which is in 1814. Nevertheless, it has developed a culture of resiliency among the inhabitants of its vicinity, who always rebuilt their towns and cultivated their fields after each destructive eruption.

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How to get there: From Cubao, Manila or Pasay, ride a bus bound for Legazpi, Albay.

11. Taal Volcano

taal volcano luzon tourist spots

Mention Tagaytay and Taal Volcano will automatically come to mind. Even at its most devastated state, Taal Volcano remains as one of the most eye-catching places in Luzon. It has become a must-visit destination for every traveler across the world because of its picturesque features like no other. 

You can see the volcano from one of the Philippines’ most visited destinations, Tagaytay. The city has a postcard-perfect view of the volcano that everyone loves. There are many hotels and restaurants that offer the best view of it while indulging in sumptuous meals.

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How to get there: From PAsay or Manila, ride a bus bound for Alfonso or Tagaytay. You can alight at Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway where a lot of establishments with Taal Volcano views line up. If you want to get closer to the volcano, you can book a tour package instead to hike it.

10. Tinipak River

tinipak river magagandang tanawin sa luzon

Craving for quick getaway near Manila? Among the most famous places in Luzon perfect for weekend travelers is the Tinipak River. It used to be a hidden gem but has now become one of the most popular places to visit in Tanay, Rizal thanks to its picturesque beauty. It boasts turquoise waters surrounded by white marble rocks that makes every corner Instagrammable. You can also explore a cavern with an underwater river through a small canoe.

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How to get there: From EDSA Starmall or Megamall in Mandaluyong, ride a van or jeep bound for Tanay. It will pass through different towns of Rizal like Antipolo, Teresa, Morong, Baras and Tanay. This is the easiest and cheapest way on how to go to Tanay Rizal. Upon arrival in Tanay, you can ride a jeep or tricycle. Just tell them where you’re headed to.

9. Mt. Pinatubo

mt. pinatubo magagandang tanawin sa luzon

Often called the “beautiful disaster”, you’ll stand in awe once you see Mt. Pinatubo. To witness its magnificent crystal clear waters of Crater Lake, you will have to ride the 4×4 or an ATV. The ride will be a rocky one but once you see the view, all the bumps you’ve gone through are worth it! What makes this trip even better is that you can interact with one of the oldest indigenous tribes in the Philippines, the Aetas, and experience their culture. Because of its breathtaking beauty, it became one of the most popular places in Luzon.

And since you’re here already, you can also check out other tourist spot sa Nueva Ecija if you want to extend your vacation.

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How to get there: Ride a bus from Manila, Cubao or Pasay to Capas, Tarlac (McDonalds Capas Junction). Then, ride a trike to Sta. Juliana Tourism. Upon arrival, register at Sta. Juliana Tourism. They will arrange the 4×4 ride for you to reach Mt. Pinatubo. The ride will take about an hour and at least two hours of trekking.

8. Puerto Princesa Underground River 

puerto princesa underground river

One charming treasure of Palawan that truly stands out is the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. It is one of the longest underground rivers in the world that outflows directly to the sea, traveling five miles through a subterranean cave system. Inside the Puerto Princesa Underground River, you will see karsts—natural rock formations created by dissolving limestone—loom in every direction. Don’t miss Puerto Princesa Underground River as it’s one of the most beautiful places in Luzon.

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How to get there: From Manila, book a flight to Puerto Princesa City Palawan. You will then have to book a tour going to the Underground River.

7. Vigan

calle crisologo in vigan luzon tourist spots

If you fancy exploring historical places in Luzon, Vigan should be on your list. Visiting Vigan City is like traveling back in time because of its preserved Spanish Colonial town that even the world considers it as one of the best. Aside from the magnificent Vigan tourist spots, what makes this North Luzon tourist spot well-loved is its historical and cultural significance that feed not just wanderlust but also a traveler’s mind and soul. 

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How to get there: There are two ways to reach this tourist spot in Luzon with description: by bus and by plane. From Manila, you can ride a bus bound for Vigan. The travel time will take about 8 to 10 hours depending on the traffic. If by plane, you can book a flight to Laoag City. Upon arrival, there is a lot of public transportation available in the Laoag City Airport that can take you to Vigan. Travel time is about an hour. It’s faster but it’s thrice the price of the bus fare ticket. 

6. Intramuros

intramuros luzon tourist spots

Known as the “Walled City,” Intramuros is a place rich in history and culture. With its cobbled streets and preserved architecture dated hundreds of years ago, it will have you thinking whether you are still in the Philippines or not. Hundreds of years ago, many remarkable events happened here that’s why it’s one of the most historical places in Luzon and in the Philippines.

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How to get there: You can either take the LRT-1 or the jeepney going in.

If you’re traveling by LRT-1, alight at the Central Terminal Station, then walk five minutes to Manila City Hall. From there, walk to the pedestrian underpass that takes you across Padre de Burgos Street. Immediately upon exiting the underpass, you’ll see Victoria Street, which curves right through the Intramuros walls.

The easiest way on how to go to Intramuros is by taxi or Grab; however, it’s pricier than commuting. When inside Intramuros, it will be easy to explore it as most of the sights are within a 10- to 15-minute walk away. You can do an Intramuros tour by riding a horse carriage, pedicab, walking, or bamboo bike Intramuros.

5. Hidden Beach

hidden beach in el nido luzon tourist spots

Contrary to its name, Hidden Beach in El Nido, Palawan is not-so-hidden anymore especially since Condé Nast Traveler named it as one of the world’s 30 best beaches. The Hidden Beach hides behind tall natural stone walls, with only a tiny break from which to enter and exit. It’s perfect for swimming, chillaxing, and picture-taking! If these are not enough to convince you it’s amazing, we don’t know what else will. If you’re looking for a beach, this is the best tourist spot in Luzon to see.

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How to get there: As of writing, only one airline (Air Swift) flies to El Nido directly but it’s a bit expensive. If you’re on a budget, you can book a flight to Puerto Princesa then ride a van to El Nido. Travel time from Pueto Princesa is around 5-7 hours. Upon arrival in El Nido, book tour C to enjoy Hidden Beach.

4. Racuh A Payaman

racuh a payaman batanes

If we’re to describe Racuh A Payaman in Batanes in one word, it’d be magical. There are rolling hills and knolls everywhere, surrounded by a carpet of the greenest grass you’ll ever see, that you’ll notice even the tiniest grass is swaying as Batanes wind blows. You could almost imagine being in the 1965 film Sound of Music and hear Julie Andrews sing “the hills are alive…”

From there, you can also see Mt. Iraya, Diura Beach, Tayid Lighthouse, and the Pacific Ocean. All in one place. Racuh A Payaman is one of the top tourist spots in Luzon.

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How to get there: From Manila, book a flight to Batanes. You can rent a van, tricycle, or motorbike to reach Racuh A Payaman.

3. Big Lagoon at Small Lagoon

big lagoon el nido magagandang tanawin sa luzon

Undoubtedly, El Nido always makes it to the top list of beautiful places in Luzon. Don’t miss the Big and Small Lagoons as these are the best tourist spots in El Nido. You can go kayaking, paddle boarding, or swimming in these lagoons while digesting its majestic views. Aside from these lagoons, make sure to also visit Nacpan Beach as it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines.

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How to get there: As of writing, only one airline (Air Swift) flies to El Nido directly but it’s a bit expensive. If you’re on a budget, you can book a flight to Puerto Princesa then ride a van to El Nido. Travel time from Pueto Princesa is around 5-7 hours. Upon arrival in El Nido, book tour A.

2. Banaue Rice Terraces 

banaue rice terraces tourist spot in the philippines

One of the places to visit in Luzon that will take your breath away is Banaue Rice Terraces. Locally known as the Hagdan-Hagdang Palayan, this beautiful spot in Luzon is undoubtedly a source of pride not just for the Ifugaos but also for Filipinos across the world. Because of its magnificence, it has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1995. 

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How to get there: From Cubao or Sampaloc in Manila, you can ride a bus bound for Banaue. There are two buses that go straight to Banaue: Coda Lines and Ohayami Trans. The travel time will take about 9 hours at the minimum. Upon arrival in Banaue bus terminal, you can ride a tricycle going to your hotel or just tour the area directly.

1. Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake coron palawan

While Palawan boasts its pristine beaches and lagoons, making it the best island in the world, it also has picture-perfect lakes that will make your jaw drop. One of the most famous is Kayangan Lake in Coron.

Surrounded by towering limestone cliffs dotted with greenery, Kayangan is the cleanest lake in the Philippines and one of the cleanest in Asia. The water is so clear that you can see through to the rock formations beneath the surface. It is one of two lakes in Coron (out of 8 lakes) that are open to the public. The lake is 70% freshwater and 30% saltwater, making it ideal for swimming. 

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How to get there: Book a flight bound for Coron. Upon arrival get the Tour A which is the most popular way to visit Kayangan Lake.

Where to stay in Luzon

Whether you explore various tourist spot sa Baguio, tourist spot sa Nueva Ecija, or any other Luzon best tourist spots, make sure to end the day with a trusted hotel that will give you comfort that’s affordable. Here are the best budget hotels in Luzon to book:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Luzon Tourist Spots

Q: What are the best Luzon tourist spots?

A: Planning to explore the Philippines? Here’s a list of all the best places in Luzon that will make a mark the moment you see it in person.

  1. Kayangan Lake
  2. Banaue Rice Terraces 
  3. Big Lagoon at Small Lagoon
  4. Racuh A Payaman
  5. Hidden Beach
  6. Intramuros
  7. Vigan
  8. Puerto Princesa Underground River 
  9. Mt. Pinatubo
  10. Tinipak River
  11. Taal Volcano 
  12. Mayon Volcano
  13. Nacpan Beach
  14. Anawangin Cove
  15. Sagada
  16. Binondo
  17. Escolta
  18. Bangui Windmills
  19. Ayala Triangle Gardens
  20. Minesview Park

Q: What are the major activities that can be done by the tourists within Luzon?

A: Luzon is a big island to explore so you’ll never get bored exploring it. Here are some of the most fun things to do in Luzon: 

  1. Island-hopping
  2. Boating
  3. Surfing
  4. Hiking
  5. Swimming
  6. Food tripping
  7. Partying

Q: Where can I go on a road trip in Luzon?

A: Here are the best places in Luzon for road trips. These are just a few hours away from Manila.

  1. Antipolo
  2. Tagaytay
  3. Tanay
  4. Zambales
  5. Pampanga
  6. La Union
  7. Batangas
  8. Cavite
  9. Laguna
  10. Bataan

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Q: Where should couples go in Luzon?

A: For a romantic getaway with your significant other, here are the best places in Luzon for couples:

  1. Batanes
  2. Palawan
  3. Boracay
  4. Siargao
  5. Cebu
  6. Iloilo
  7. Bohol
  8. Vigan
  9. Tagaytay
  10. Batangas

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