If you’re searching for the best beaches in the Philippines, we are certain that Boracay is always on top of the list. It is famous for its pristine white sand that doesn’t heat up, fyi; cerulean blue waters; amazing water activities; and great nightlife. So if you’re looking for the best Boracay tips, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve rounded up a list of everything you need to know first before traveling to Boracay. From the best places to go and activities to try to must-try foods and best place to stay, here are the most helpful Boracay travel tips to guide you.

What to expect from Boracay?

clean beach of boracay island

Dubbed as one of the world’s best islands by international travel magazines, Boracay is a beautiful tropical island just off the coast of the island of Panay.

Boracay’s beaches are world-class. Its white sand and clear blue waves combine to form one of the best destinations, both for travelers who want to relax and those who want something a little more exciting. If you’re one of the former, grab a deck chair from one of the beachfront hotels and work on your tan, or get a massage on a beach. If you’re one of the latter, scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing and jet skiing are just a few of the high octane activities you can engage in.

If the place is comparable to anywhere else in the world, it’s the Caribbean where a vibrant island vibe is everywhere! When night comes, the island lights up! You can watch fire dancers throwing out their batons with fire in almost every station in Boracay.

The best time to travel to Boracay

The answer may be quite obvious but we’re telling it anyway. The best time to travel to Boracay is during summer from March to May. But do keep in mind that since this is summer in the Philippines, it’s peak season. Meaning, you’ll be traveling with hundreds of thousands of people. Expect Boracay to be crowded during these times.

If you want to enjoy Boracay with less to no crowd, you can travel around November to January. We don’t recommend going there between June to October because it’s already the rainy season in the country. Knowing the right time to visit the island is one of the most helpful Boracay travel tips!

Best places in Boracay

White Beach

people flocking in boracay

White beach should definitely be on top of your list. For many visitors, this is the sole reason for coming to Boracay. White beach is composed of three stations: Station 1 where the high-end resorts and restaurants are, Station 2 where the nightlife and malls are, and Station 3 where there are less crowds and more quiet.

For others, Puka beach is unmissable. You can always go to both and see which you prefer!

Ariel’s Point

a man diving on a cliff

Make sure you head to Ariel’s point to try cliff diving. This place is a small rocky island 30 minutes away from Boracay with 5 diving boards, ranging from 3 to 15 meters. It might seem scary but it’s an experience you’ll never forget. If you want to go higher instead, head to Mount Luho, the highest point in the area, for some breathtaking views and dizzying landscapes.


You should never miss D’Mall in Boracay as this is one of the must-visit places in the island. This is where you’ll find the best bargains for your pasalubongs or souvenirs. There are also many restaurants and spas in D’Mall.

Fun Activities in Boracay

Being famous for its beaches, water-lovers can expect a lot of water sports and water-based activities: scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing and jet skiing (to name a few). Of course, for more land-orientated people, there are also drier activities as well. You can experience massages on the beach, hikes up Mount Luho and mountain biking through the wilderness.


tourists enjying the parasiling

One of the most popular outdoor Boracay activities is parasailing because of the adrenaline rush and the views it offers from above. If you’re planning to do more than just unwinding, adrenaline junkies would be thrilled to try out the many elating activities the island has to offer.

Paddle boarding

a girl on a stand up paddle board

One of the most exciting activities in Boracay is paddle boarding. You can either do it by kneeling, sitting down, or standing up for a more thrilling experience. Once you’re there, you’ll feel how it’s like to glide on the water surface. It also provides a good exercise for your legs and arms, maintaining your balance and strengthening your core.

UFO or Hurricane Activity

a group of friends having fun on the UFO ride
Photo courtesy: Viaje Royale

If banana boat is too boring for you, then you must try the UFO or Hurricane inflatable ride! Choose between the two inflatables, depending on how you want to be swept, twirled, or pulled by the speedboat! UFO or Hurricane ride is an activity that you must do in Boracay. And trust us, this is one of the most fun things to do in Boracay! But always be careful when trying extreme activities like this. Some helpful Boracay travel tips to keep in mind: if in doubt, ask the tour guide and don’t forget to have fun!

Helmet diving

tourists enjoying the helmet diving with the fishes

Helmet diving is one of the most fun and thrilling things to do in Boracay. In this activity, you will just have to wear a special helmet and let your body sink underwater. No need to worry if you’re not a swimmer because unlike diving or snorkeling, helmet diving does not require any swimming prowess or complicated gear.

What are the locals like?

Locals are very friendly and relaxed. They are very hospitable and approachable. Locals are more than willing to help tourists.

Getting around Boracay

You’ll see a number of tricycles around. For most people, these are more than adequate. Be careful about prices though. A small trip should only cost you around P10 per passenger. If you’re going to take a longer trip, expect something closer to P40. Boracay tips to save: Just walk.

You can also rent a mountain bike for yourself. If you want to stop by White Beach (definitely recommended), mountain bikes are a great option as the area doesn’t allow motor vehicles.

Must-try food in Boracay

Because Boracay is quite popular with tourists, there’s a huge range of food available. However, they don’t actually have a specialty. Some of the popular foods are the coconut ice cream and the Calamnsi cupcake from Real Cooffee Cafe. We also recommend that you try the local food, especially pinakbet (a shrimp sauce poured over steamed vegetables) and crispy pork kare-kare. Compared to other places in the Philippines, street food isn’t as popular. Don’t let that stop you though, make sure to try some of the barbecued meats on offer or a few of the Philippine’s fried delicacies.

Where to stay in Boracay

One of the best Boracay tips we’ll give is to book the best budget hotels! If you’re traveling on a shoestring, ZEN Rooms got you covered with its high quality hotels in Boracay for as low as P1,300/night!

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ZEN Rooms Station 1 Beachside

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