Having an idyllic getaway doesn’t always mean you have to hop on a plane to reach the beach destination of your dreams. You see, not all of us have the luxury of time (and budget) to go on a lavish trip. So, if you don’t want to go too far, you can just head to places near Manila like Batangas where you could go on a spontaneous getaway, say a Calatagan Beach trip? 

With its proximity to Manila, Calatagan resorts are becoming more and more popular. But before you get all excited to pack your travel essentials, make sure to read this travel guide for a blissful getaway.

*Cover photo credits (Left photo from Sunrise Cove | Right photo from Crusoe Cabins

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About Calatagan

The municipality of Calatagan in Batangas comprises the Calatagan Peninsula between the South China Sea and Balayan Bay. This town has become a go-to destination of weekend travelers who are looking for a getaway near Metro Manila. Calatagan offers beige and near white sand beaches that are always on a traveler’s radar.

Batangas Tourism Guidelines and Requirements 2022 | COVID-19 Updates

As of writing, Batangas is open to all tourists. Travelers need to present a valid ID and a vaccination card. Advance booking is recommended, especially if you are looking to stay in hotels and resorts. The use of face masks is strictly implemented. For more updates about Batangas tourism, check out their Facebook page.

Top Calatagan Beach Resorts

Whether you’re looking for a Calatagan Batangas beach resort or a Calatagan beach house for a more private vacation, we got you covered. From Stilts Batangas to Lago de Oro Calatagan, we’ve listed all you need to know.

  1. Stilts Calatagan
  2. Manuel Uy Beach Resort
  3. Lago De Oro Batangas
  4. White Castle Resort & Hotel
  5. Sunrise Cove Calatagan Beach Resort
  6. Playa Calatagan
  7. Crusoe Cabins Batangas
  8. The Boathouse
  9. Villa Beata
  10. White House Calatagan Beach House

1. Stilts Calatagan

room at stilts calatagan beaches in batangas

Address: Calatagan, Batangas
Price from PHP 5,000/night


Entrance Fee (per person)
Peak season: P500
Off-peak season: P450

Want to experience Maldives on a budget? Try the floating cottages in Batangas by Stilts Calatagan. This Calatagan beach resort is a huge area popular for its floating cottages. If you want to do more than beach lounging, Stilts Batangas also offers adventure packages that fit every type of traveler.

2. Manuel Uy Beach Resort

manual uy beach resort in calatagan

Photo credits to Manuel Uy Beach Resort in Calatagan Batangas

Address: Brgy. Sta. Ana, Calatagan, Batangas

Another popular Calatagan beach resort is Manuel Uy Resort. It is said to be named after its former owner who was a wealthy Filipino businessman in the US. This Calatagan Batangas beach resort is one of the most beautiful even if it’s not white sand. It features a long, wide strip of cream-colored sand meeting Calatagan’s signature shallow waters. Manuel Uy Beach is also surrounded by Calatagan sandbars and snorkeling sites that are easily accessible from the beach.

3. Lago De Oro Batangas

lago de oro batangas calatagan beach

Address: Lago de Oro, Barrio Balibago, Calatagan, Batangas
Price from PHP 2,625/night

Just two hours from the metro, Lago De Oro Batangas is your home away from home giving you a scenic view of the ocean and lush landscape. Known as the pioneer wake park in the Philippines, this Calatagan beach resort boasts a huge lake where you can unleash the wakeboarder in you.

4. White Castle Resort & Hotel

white castle resort & hotel batangas calatagan beach

Address: Balibago, Calatagan, Batangas
Price from PHP 2,700/night

Feel like royalty while staying at a Calatagan beach house where all that surrounds you are white castle-like structures and the sea. White Castle Resort & Hotel is an affordable Calatagan Batangas beach resort that will let you experience fun without breaking the bank.

5. Sunrise Cove Calatagan Beach Resort

sunrise cove calatagan beach resort

Address: Brgy. Bagong Silang 4215 Calatagan Batangas
Price from PHP 2,500/head

Sunrise Cove Calatagan Beach Resort is a private beach resort located in Bgy. Bagong Silang in Calatagan. What makes this resort in Calatagan Batangas stand out from the rest is its offers of serenity and tranquility. Here, the best amenities are provided by nature.


6. Playa Calatagan

playa calatagan calatagan beach resort

Experience seaside living at its finest at Playa Calatagan Village! Their top attraction inside the village is The Aquaria Waterpark. However, its amenities are only allowed to property owners and their guests. So if you know someone inside, you can contact them or just look for a beach house for rent in Calatagan Batangas.

7. Crusoe Cabins Batangas

crusoe cabins calatagan beach

Address: Brgy. Sta. Ana, Calatagan Batangas
Price from PHP 6,900/night

Crusoe Cabins is a seafront Calatagan beach resort that’s perfect for those who want to embark on the most entertaining vacation. This resort beach in Calatagan Batangas features 22 rooms giving you a cabin in the woods vibe.

8. The Boathouse

the boathouse at calatagan batangas

Address: Calatagan, Batangas
Price from PHP 16,900/night (16 pax)

If you’re looking for a Calatagan beach house for rent, check out The Boathouse. It features an air-conditioned room and a backyard where you can pitch a tent. Whichever spot you choose, you and your 15 other travel buddies can make the most of this Calatagan beach house for rent. 

9. Villa Beata

villa beata calatagan batangas

Address: Calatagan, Batangas

Price from PHP 28,000/night

Tucked in a private area at Calatagan, Batangas, this house is perfect for when you want some alone time with friends and family. Get ready to wake up at the 180-degree beach view, or take a dip on their rooftop pool with the lush greenery surrounding you. One thing to take note of about this place is that it’s located in a remote area, and the nearest market is 10 kilometres away. Hence, ensure to bring food to cook. If you crave seafood, you can coordinate with the fisherman from the nearby fishing village for some fresh catch!

10. White House Calatagan Beach House

white house calatagan

Address: Coral Shores Subd, Brgy. Bagong Silang 4215 Calatagan

Price available upon request

Another beach house in Calatagan that you and your family will surely love is this private rest house called White House Calatagan Beach House. Although it’s not located right by the beach, you’d only have to walk about 5-8 minutes to get there. Their rooms are huge enough for a group of 14 people.

How to get to Calatagan, Batangas

Traveling from Manila to Calatagan won’t be too complicated whether you’re commuting or driving your own car. 

Manila to Calatagan by Private Car

If you’re driving your own car from Manila to Calatagan Batangas, the best route to take is via South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). Travel time is around 3 to 4 hours, depending on which part of Manila you’re coming from and the traffic.

  1. Drive through SLEX and take Santa Rosa Exit. to avoid traffic jams, you can also take Eton City or Greenfield City Exits in Sta. Rosa.
  2. Stay on Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road until you reach the Silang Junction.
  3. At the Silang junction, turn right to Tagaytay-Nasugbu Road and drive across Tagaytay and Alfonso.
  4. When you reach the Batangas-Cavite boundary, turn right to Nasugbu. Keep driving until you reach Palico junction.
  5. Turn left when you see another junction with Shakey’s (right in front of you) or Shell Gas Station (to your left).
  6. Once you’re on Calatagan-Lian Highway, drive through Lian town proper until you reach Calatagan town proper.
  7. From the town proper, you can easily access most Calatagan resorts.

Manila to Calatagan by Public Transportation

Traveling by public transport won’t be a problem, too. From Pasay/MRT Taft Station, ride a bus or van bound for Calatagan. Alight near Calatagan Public Market or anywhere in the town proper. Once you’re there, ride a tricycle going to the Calatagan Batangas beach resort or Calatagan beach house you booked.

Calatagan Tourist Spots

While Calatagan has a lot of pristine beaches, there are other Batangas tourist spots you can explore.

Cape Santiago Lighthouse

cape santiago lighthouse tourist spot in calatagan

One of the 24 lighthouses that were built during the Spanish era along with the Malabrigo Lighthouse, Cape Santiago Lighthouse held an important role in the maritime history of the Philippines, making it among the most historical places in Batangas. Built in 1887, this Calatagan lighthouse is the oldest working lighthouse in Batangas and one of the oldest working lighthouses in the country.

Burot Beach

burot beach calatagan tourist spot

One of the most popular coves in Calatagan is the Burot Beach. This beach in Calatagan Batangas is among the many coves on the western coast of Punta de Santiago. However, as of writing, Burot Beach is currently closed.

Starfish Island Calatagan

starfish island calatagan tourist spot

Starfish Island Calatagan is a famous tourist spot in town. It only appears during low tide. The most affordable jumpoff point going here is at Manuel Uy Beach Resort.

Little Boracay in Batangas

little boracay in batangas calatagan tourist spot

Yes, there is a Little Boracay Calatagan Batangas. It’s called such because its sand is white almost looking like the one in Boracay. Though this beach in Calatagan Batangas is smaller than other beaches, you’d still have fun here especially when you try the floating cottages in Batangas here. This Calatagan White Beach is definitely a must-visit.

Aquaria Water Park

aquaria water park calatagan tourist spot

Aquaria Water Park Calatagan is perfect for the kids and kids-at-heart who want to experience a different kind of water fun. Here you can go on a jet ski or banana boat.

Sample Calatagan Batangas Itineraries

To help you plan your trip to Calatagan, here’s a sample itinerary for both day tour and overnight stay. 

Day tour

06:00 am – Depart for Calatagan
09:30 am – Arrival at Calatagan Public Market
10:00 am – Tricycle to Manuel Uy Beach
10:35 am – Arrival at Manuel Uy Beach
11:00 am – Island hopping
12:30 pm – Lunch
01:30 pm – Swim
03:00 pm – Pack up
04:00 pm – Depart for Manila

Overnight stay


06:00 am – Depart for Calatagan
09:30 am – Arrival at Calatagan Public Market
10:00 am – Tricycle to Manuel Uy Beach
10:35 am – Arrival at Manuel Uy Beach
10:50 am – Pitch tent, Camp Fee
11:00 am – Lunch
01:30 pm – Island hopping
03:30 pm – Rest at your booked Calatagan affordable beach resort
05:30 pm – Watch the sunset
07:00 pm – Dinner


06:30 am – Morning swim
09:00 am – Check out from your booked Calatagan affordable beach resort
10:00 am – Tricycle to Lighthouse
10:30 am – Tricycle to town proper
11:00 am – Depart for Manila

Travel Tips for Your Calatagan Beach Trip

  • Wear sunscreen, especially when going out. If possible, use coral reef-friendly sunscreen.
  • Bring insect-repellent lotion.
  • Leave nothing but footprints.
  • Support local tourism. 
  • Haggle only when needed. Now that everyone’s affected by the pandemic, more people have lost their source of income, especially those in the travel industry so if you can, don’t haggle too much. But if you think they are pricing you way too much, negotiate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Calatagan Beach

Q: Where to stay in Calatagan Batangas?
A: From Stilts Calatagan to Lago de Oro Calatagan, we’ll help find the best Calatagan beach resort perfect for your preference and budget. Check out the list of Calatagan resorts we made below.

  1. Stilts Calatagan
  2. Manuel Uy Beach Resort
  3. Lago De Oro Batangas
  4. White Castle Resort & Hotel
  5. Sunrise Cove Calatagan Beach Resort
  6. Playa Calatagan
  7. Crusoe Cabins Batangas
  8. The Boathouse
  9. Villa Beata
  10. White House Calatagan Beach House

Q: How far is Calatagan Batangas from Manila?
A: Manila to Calatagan is 135.7 km and takes around 3-4 hours of travel time.

Q: How much are Calatagan beach resort rates?
A: Calatagan beach resort rates depend on your type of travel. Some rates of luxury Calatagan Batangas beach resorts start at P5,000 per night while the budget Calatagan beach resorts start at P500 per night.

Q: Is Stilts Calatagan open?
A: As of writing, yes, Stilts Calatagan is open to tourists. You can check Stilts Calatagan beach resort’s Facebook page for updates.

Q: Where can I swim in Batangas?
A: Go out of your Calatagan Batangas beach resort and explore the outdoors! There are many beach Batangas tourist spots perfect for swimming and these include:

  1. Laiya, San Juan
  2. Verde Island, Batangas City
  3. Manuel Uy Beach
  4. Sombrero Island
  5. Sepoc Beach
  6. Fortune Island
  7. Malabrigo Point
  8. Matabungkay Beach
  9. Burot Beach
  10. Calayo Beach
  11. Pulo Island
  12. Little Boracay Calatagan Batangas

Q: Can we go to Batangas now?
A: As of writing, yes, all tourists are allowed to travel to Batangas now.

Q: How much budget should I prepare for the Calatagan Beach trip?
A: Your budget depends on how long you’ll stay in Calatagan. If you’re only going on a day tour, prepare at least P2,000 while if you’re staying overnight at a Calatagan beach resort, P3,000 is good. It would be more affordable if you’re traveling with a group.

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