The travel industry in Southeast Asia is booming and in fact, according to Global Data, there will be around 155.4 million international travelers in 2022. With that, expect your hotel to have more bookings. Of course, these bookings also come with cancellations, re-bookings, and overbooking. But don’t worry, you can now manage them easily through eZee!

How can eZee make your hotel operations smoother?

eZee is a hotel software that’s not just easy to use, but also the cheapest one in the market! It’s a cloud-based and mobile-accessible system which has the following features:

1. The property management system allows you to manage and monitor current bookings and cancellations, staff assignments, and even generate accurate financial reports real-time.

2. The channel manager allows you to organize your room allotments in different Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) like and Agoda in one place. With that, you can never have mismatched room allotments or overbooking.

3. If you want to enable online booking and make reservation processes easier, eZee also has a booking engine that has the simplest interface and integration process compared to other ones in the market.

How can ZEN Rooms connect you to eZee?

Most hoteliers are worried about making the switch from offline to online hotel management. However, Senior Account Managers in ZEN Rooms train hotel owners and staff to use eZee and help them integrate this smoothly in their hotel processes. Prices start at PHP 4,500 monthly!

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Not sure if you really need eZee? Scroll down to read the main reasons why a hotel software is necessary to any hotel business in order to stay competitive.

Why you need a hotel software in your hotel right now

1. You’re reducing the time you spend on managerial tasks.

If you’re adjusting room allocations manually, you’re more prone to mistakes and confusion. With this, you spend more time on administrative tasks, than other important aspects of your hotel. If you have a property management system and a channel manager, room allocations are adjusted automatically so you don’t have to worry about missing something, or spending extra time on that!

2. You can easily adjust your prices (and get more revenue!)

The numbers are at the tip of your fingers! Since you can generate financial reports easily and view the amount of your revenue real-time, you can adjust prices easily. You can determine your peak days, the low season, and the most booked room type by guests. You don’t have to wait for your finance officer to do it for you!

3. You can increase the number of your bookings.

Imagine this scenario: You have one vacant room because a guest cancelled his booking. However, your reservations officer got confused on which OTA this room was booked in, so she’s manually checking room allotments on the ledger. At the same time, a guest is looking for a hotel in Makati. But he saw that your hotel was full so he booked the hotel across the street. You just lost one customer because your room allotments weren’t adjusted real-time. You just lost revenue. 

If you have a reliable hotel software that adjusts room allotments real-time, you could have had that guest!  After all, one of the main functions of a hotel software is to help you monitor cancellations, no-shows, and re-bookings easily. 



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