Chocolate Hills in Bohol is a famed tourist attraction in the Philippines which continues to draw attention for its unique and majestic characteristics. 

There are more than 1,000 symmetrical mounds, conical and dome-shaped that most people liken them to Hershey’s Kisses. It is called the Chocolate Hills not because it’s made of chocolate but because of its color.

In the rainy season, the grass blanketing the hills gives them a soft and lush appearance. While in the summer, the vegetation dies off and turns to a chocolatey brown hue, giving them their name.

Chocolate Hills Location

There’s no single Chocolate Hills location as you can see these in various parts of Bohol. The Chocolate Hills are spread over the towns of Sagbayan, Batuan, Carmen, Bilar, Sierra Bullones, and Valencia. Most of the Chocolate Hills though are found in Sagbayan, Batuan, and Carmen.

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Chocolate Hills Bohol Legend

According to legends, the Chocolate Hills existed because of a weeping giant who had been disappointed in love, and the hills grew where his tears fell. In another legend, two giants went to war and lobbed boulders at each other for days. The giants eventually resolved their differences, but the mounds remained where the rocks landed.

a girl enjoying the chocolate hills' view

The Science About Chocolate Hills Bohol

Now, this is what science says about the formation of Chocolate Hills. Geologists believe that the hills were formed through weathering carving marine limestone on top of a clay layer. Its color is the main reason it’s called Bohol Chocolate Hills.

In the rainy season, the grass blanketing the hills in the Philippines gives them a soft and lush appearance. While in the summer, the vegetation dies off and turns to a chocolatey brown hue, giving them their name. So if you’re asking about the Chocolate Hills description, this is the explanation.

Where to see the Chocolate Hills

You can see the Chocolate Hills from two areas: Chocolate Hills Complex and Sagbayan Peak.

Chocolate Hills Complex is the original viewing station of the Chocolate Hills which  is government-owned and operated located in Carmen, Bohol.

The other way to view the Chocolate Hills is at Sagbayan Peak, a mountain resort in Sagbayan town. Viewing is made from the deck of an elevated ridge that provides an unobstructed 360-degree view of the Chocolate Hills as well as the sea off Cebu City.

Carmen Bohol Tourist Spots

Other than the Chocolate Hills, there are many sites that you can visit in this town, too. One of the most famous Carmen Bohol tourist spots is the Church of St. Anthony Abad built in the 1800s. You can also check out the Cabasi Spring. The cool spring water of Cabasi is situated inside a cave which is a favorite nook of the locals who come to cool off and enjoy swimming in its depths. Dipping here is a perfect way to relax after a long hour of traveling!

There’s also the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP Bohol) where you can go zip-lining, treetop rope courses, horseback riding, and camping in a rugged park with an outdoor cafe. If you’re staying long at Carmen, you can book Carmen Bohol hotels so that you can save your precious time while traveling.

How to get to Chocolate Hills Bohol

Bohol is accessible as there are direct flights to Tagbilaran. Usually, tourists book a flight to Cebu and explore the city first then ride a ferry to Bohol which is one and a half hour of travel time.

By boat, access points are in Tagbilaran, Tubigon, Jagna, Ubay, Talibon, and Jetafe, connected to Cebu, Manila, Leyte, Mindanao, Siquijor, and Negros.

From Tagbilaran to Chocolate Hills
You can get to the famous spots by joining a Bohol Chocolate Hills tour. If you want it DIY, you can take a bus to Carmen so your journey from Tagbilaran to Chocolate Hills will be easy. Ask the bus driver to drop you off at Chocolate Hills. If you get lost you can always ask for help from the locals. They are very hospitable and friendly.

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Bohol Tourism Guidelines 2021 | COVID-19 Updates

According to Philippine News Agency, Bohol is finally welcoming tourists again, including those from areas under general community quarantine (GCQ). But before you visit the popular Chocolate Hills or other Bohol attractions, make sure you have the following documents:

Travel requirements

  1. Negative RT-PCR Test
  2. Flight booking
  3. Confirmed Hotel Booking from DOT-accredited or Ultimate Bohol Experience (UBE) certified establishments
  4. Travel itinerary including confirmed tour bookings through DOT-accredited tour operators (if going on tour)
  5. Individual QR Code (issued by
  6. Letter of Acceptance (issued by the Municipality of Panglao)
  7. Pre-booked Transfers

For more updates, visit Bohol Government’s website or Facebook page.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chocolate Hills Bohol

Q: Is Chocolate Hills Bohol open for tourists?
A: Yes. But not all tourists are allowed to travel to Bohol. Before you book your Chocolate Hills Philippines tour, make sure to check the local government’s pages for updates.

Q: Can foreigners travel to Chocolate Hills Bohol?
A: No. Foreigners, including those coming from the US, are currently prohibited from traveling to the Philippines especially for leisure purposes. To know if you’re eligible to travel, see this list.

Q: Are there Chocolate Mountains in the Philippines?
A: There are no “Chocolate Mountains” in the Philippines but there are Chocolate Hills in Bohol. The Chocolate Hills are not literally made from chocolates. They’re called as such because of their color, take note of this Chocolate Hills fact.

Q: Where are the Chocolate Hills in Bohol?
A: The Chocolate Hills of Bohol can be seen in the towns of Sagbayan, Batuan, Carmen, Bilar, Sierra Bullones, and Valencia. In case you need a Chocolate Hills drawing, you now know where to find them.

Q: Saan matatagpuan ang Chocolate Hills?
A: Kung hindi mo alam kung saan matatagpuan ang Chocolate Hills, ito ay sa Bohol. Ang maganda rito, makikita ang Chocolate Hills sa iba’t ibang panig ng Bohol tulad ng Sagbayan, Batuan, Carmen, Bilar, Sierra Bullones at Valencia. 

Q: How many Chocolate Hills are there?
A: There are more than 1,000 symmetrical mounds known as the Chocolate Hills of Bohol.

Q: Why is it called Bohol Chocolate Hills?
A: Chocolate Hills is called such not because it’s made of chocolate but because of its color. In the rainy season, the grass blanketing the hills in the Philippines gives them a soft and lush appearance. While in the summer, the vegetation dies off and turns to a chocolatey brown hue, giving them the name Bohol Chocolate Hills.

Q: When should I go to Chocolate Hills?
A: The Chocolate Hills showcase its iconic chocolate brown look during the dry season, between January to May. In the rainy season, the grass turns into a vibrant green, giving them that mint chocolate color. Most travelers visit during the dry season when the hills appear exactly as it’s called.

Q: What are the things to do in and out of Bohol Chocolate Hills?
A: Whether you’re just in it for a tan, exploring Chocolate Hills of Bohol, or preparing to get the adrenaline rush, there are many things to do in Bohol waiting for you!

  • Visit the Chocolate Hills Philippines
  • Lounge at the beaches of Panglao
  • Face Your Fears at Bohol’s Adventure Parks 
  • Have an amazing dining experience at Loboc River Cruise
  • Watch the dolphins up close
  • Cross the hanging bridge
  • See one of the world’s smallest primate
  • Witness the amazing man-made forest
  • Be amazed at the Hinagdanan Cave
  • Visit the Bohol Churches

For more details about the things to do in Bohol, read this blog: 10 Most Fun Things to Do in Bohol You Must Experience

Q: What are the beautiful spots in Bohol?
A: While Bohol is world-renowned for its Chocolate Hills, it’s more than that. Here are the 15 beautiful places in Bohol that every first-time visitor must check out.

  1. Panglao Island
  2. Chocolate Hills
  3. Hinagdanan Cave
  4. Loboc River
  5. Bamboo Hanging Bridge
  6. Man-Made Forest
  7. Anda Beach
  8. Blood Compact Shrine 
  9. Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary
  10. Danao Adventure Park 
  11. Balicasag Island 
  12. Baclayon Church
  13. Dimiao Twin Waterfalls
  14. Alona Beach
  15. The Mirror of the World

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