According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is a common illness worldwide with more than 264 million people affected. Before, people avoided discussing it but now, many are overcoming the stigma of mental illness thanks to the media, personalities, and influencers who have voiced out their stories.

To treat depression, there are many ways such as undergoing psychotherapy and medications. But did you know that traveling can help fight depression? Here’s how… 

a carefree girl riding a car enjoying the trip

1. It’s a good distraction from your usual surroundings

A different place can divert your attention from your daily struggles. You could be exhausted seeing the same thing and doing the same routines everyday. If the place is new, your mind can be curious checking it out and learning what it offers.

2. You learn more about the world that widens your perspective

Learning is infinite and travel can teach you a lot of things from history, culture, people’s way of life that give you different perspectives, adding answers to your why-questions. It can be an additional ingredient to your journey of happiness.

3. Nature can relax you

Seeing the beauty of nature like mountains, smelling the fresh air coming from the trees, hearing the calming sound of beach waves can put you at ease and remind you how these simple things can make you feel grateful for what the world offers.

4. It lets you meet new people

Every person we meet in life teaches us or makes us realize things that we overlook. Sometimes, when we open up to strangers, they usually give unbiased advice. They may share the things that matter to them that you may help you in some way.

5. Your creativity can be enhanced

Expressing your creative side is another therapy whether it’s through photography, writing, drawing, music and so on. It’s liberating to freely express yourself because art has no right or wrong. If you want to delve deeply into art, travel can boost your creativity. Dr. Kristen Fuller of Psychology Today says “Immersing yourself in a new place with unfamiliar sights and sounds can boost creativity. Creativity is directly related to neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life), which means our brains are sensitive to change, influenced by new environments and experiences. By changing our environment we can literally form new neural pathways enhancing our creativity.”

Outlining your thoughts, seeking professional help and a dash of travel can fight against depression. Taking time for planning your trip will also help you focus your mind. Be reminded that making your own itinerary is an exercise of your own personal freedom based on your preferred location and interest in the activities. 

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