Hotel employees are the most powerful and important asset especially in the hotel industry. The reputation of a hotel can be made or broken by a simple review done on an OTA. In fact, 95% of guests say they would tell at least one other person about their bad customer service experience. Hence, the importance of having great staff that are trained and knowledgeable that will leave a lasting impression to your guests. 

Additionally, happy and engaged employees help in making the hotel profitable. According to eHotelier, happy employees have led to a 12% increase in a hotel’s profitability, and hotels with a positive engagement culture experience 24% less turnover.

Some of the hotel’s staff may already be self-motivated and are naturally enthusiastic about their work, but often, it’s up to the hotel management to motivate them even further. Here are actionable tips to engage hotel employees.


7 Ways to Keep Hotel Staff Engaged

1.Communicate Well and Often. 

Have regular meetings with the hotel staff to align with the manager’s vision and it will serve as an avenue for them to voice out their concerns. If they become confused during meetings, redesign the way the information reaches them. Information can also be disseminated through memos to keep them updated.

2. Provide Criticism and Feedback

Some assume that criticism demoralizes employees, but it all depends on how it’s delivered. Constructive criticism from the manager can be motivating for them as it empowers the staff to improve their potential even further.

3. Commend and Reward Them For Good Work

Financial reward is not the only token of appreciation managers can give. Look into incentive programs because they have been known to be highly beneficial in motivating employees. In a study by the International Society of Performance Improvement, performances of employees improved by 15% when rewards were offered. If they were rewarded again for their continuing performance, the improvement reached 27%. 

4. Respect and Trust Them

Respecting employees can be shown by trusting them to do their work well without having to micromanage. This will allow them to relate to the hotel manager better, and appreciate the trust given to them. When employees are not given independence by their superiors, they tend to be unmotivated and hide important information from their managers. 

5. Set the right example

Managers should be the best role model for their hotel staff. Setting the right example will motivate them to perform better, and at the same time, gain the respect and their trust. Having this leadership style will be more effective in disciplining the hotel employees. 

6. Provide continuous training and support

To enhance the potential for the hotel’s employees, it’s necessary to provide them with the right training and workshops. Not only will you improve their overall performance, they will give you their loyalty as well. Hotel staff who are put through training by their managers feel like they are well taken care of and being invested in. Ultimately, leading them to higher positions within the hotel which will give you long term commitment staff. 

7. Equip the staff with the tools they need

Hotel staff should be equipped with the right equipment and tools to perform better and efficiently. Investing in digital solutions will enable them to increase productivity instead of doing repetitive tasks manually. Managers should check in with them personally from time to time to find out more about their needs. 


ZEN eManager: The Digital All-in-one Solution That Increases Hotel Staff Productivity

Assisting the staff in their daily tasks by providing them with digital tools will keep them engaged and increase their productivity. ZEN eManager has advanced hotel software to help hotel staff accomplish their tasks quickly and in an organized manner. Additionally, it includes a dedicated revenue manager to assist the hotel owner in determining the most profitable room rates for the hotel. 

ZEN eManager’s unique features:

Two cloud-based hotel softwares: It has eZee Absolute PMS to give a 360° view of hotel operations, in which hotel staff can monitor current bookings, coordinate with other staff, and arrange reservations seamlessly.  It also has eZee Centrix Channel Manager to allow the staff to monitor cancellations, re-bookings, and no-shows real-time, in which they can easily adjust room availability in any OTA anytime and anywhere, in one dashboard.

A dedicated revenue manager: A revenue manager straight from ZEN headquarters is assigned to the property to assist with competitive pricing. This partnership includes bi-weekly calls between the revenue manager and the hotelier to ensure that both parties are informed with the adjustments on the hotel’s room rates. 

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