Travelling for the first time alone can be a bit of a challenge since you’ve never done it before. It has its risks, as does anything in life, but it’s a great way to experience a different culture. Solo travelling also lets you see how people live their daily lives, and be part of them. However, it’s not all good times and you have to remember that when you’re already out there, most of the time, you will have no one to help you but yourself. That’s why it’s important to research the best solo travel advice to keep you safe.

To help make the experience the best it possibly can be, here’s a few tips for female solo travelers to take on the road.

Carefree Solo Female Traveler in Asia

1. Choose your destination well

This will be your first solo trip so it has to be the best destination. Choose a place where your heart really desires. Research about it, learn about it, and understand your destination. This way, your trip will be easier, more meaningful and fulfilling.

2. Pack light

Our solo trip guide wouldn’t be complete without this solo travel advice. When travelling alone, it’s important that you pack light because most of the time, you’ll be moving in and out of a place especially if you’re visiting different places. Pack only the things you need. If possible, just in one backpack so it’ll be easier to carry around. This is one of the most helpful tips for long road trips alone.

3. Protect your documents

One of the most important safety tips for female travelers is to protect your documents. Keep your passport and other important documents secure. Have backup copies (both printed and digital) on you and at home with your trusted contact.

4. Keep an open mind

It might be easy to go to the tourist areas where everyone speaks English and can accommodate you, but take the extra challenge to step out of your comfort zone.

5. Dress appropriately

There are many tips for traveling alone as a woman to be considered but this one should always be in your list. Dressing appropriately can save you a lot of trouble. Areas that are hot and humid are normally more comfortable in shorts and sleeveless tops, but it may not be suitable for certain traditions, cultures, and locations. If you really can’t stand the heat and want to wear shorties, then bring a jacket or a scarf enough to cover your skin if needed. Also, one of the solo travel tips female travellers should remember is to not wear flashy accessories that might make you a target of snatchers or holdupers.

girl on the edge of the boat in el nido

6. Don’t be afraid to eat alone

Eating when you’re a solo traveller can be one of the worst parts of being out on the trail alone. That seeping paranoia that everyone’s watching you, laughing at you, or wondering why no one wants to hang out with you. If you’re worried about eating on your own, find a place which welcomes solo travellers like you. There’s a bunch of them in Asia. If the place has a bar or counter with seats, make sure to sit here. Normally people in a similar situation to you will sit at these. If you’re headed somewhere off peak, have a chat with the staff, they might just let you in a secret or two, or give you a free dish.

7. Update your family or friends on your whereabouts

One of the most important safety tips for female travelers is this. Make sure to let your family or friends know where you are or where you’re going. So if anything happens (hope there won’t be), they know where to find you. This solo travel advice will come in handy. Trust us!

8. Your time is in your hands but use it wisely

Solo travel means that you decide what you want to do. There’s no compromising, no meeting halfway. The good things about travelling alone is that, no one rushes you. You have your own time. You can go on a trip at your own pace. But that doesn’t mean you have to forget about your safety on the road. One of the most important solo travel tips female travellers should remember is to go home before dark. Some places can be dangerous. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

9. Stay at a trusted budget hotel

Since it’s your first time traveling solo, it’s not advisable to stay at sketchy place just because it’s cheap. Among the essential tips for backpacking alone is booking a trusted hotel. There are many budget hotels like ZEN Rooms that offer quality accommodation and with great amenities at a very low price!

We hope these tips on travelling alone for the first time will help you on your journey! We can’t wait to hear your exciting stories about your solo trip!

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