There’s something about Boracay that sparks the curiosity of travelers from different parts of the world—the velvety fine white sands brushing your feet, the calming murmurs of its cerulean waters, the stunning sunset view that is so romantic you’d even say yes to anything, and the thrill that Boracay activities give.

Boracay is just too beautiful that a 3 days, 2 night trip won’t be enough. If you’re like us who’s thinking of staying probably a month on this little island, don’t worry about how you’ll spend your 30 days. We got you covered!

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Boracay Activities travel planner

Boracay Activities to Experience for Your Month-Long Trip

While some say there are so few things to do in Boracay, we’ll prove them wrong! We’ve crafted a Boracay travel guide that will help you plan your month-long stay.

  1. Water Activities in Boracay
  2. Extreme Water Sports in Boracay
  3. Land Outdoor Activities in Boracay
  4. Non-Stop Food Trip
  5. Shopping

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Water Activities in Boracay

parasailing boracay activities

The island is popular for its amazing water activities. Get wet and splash those waters by availing of some of the best Boracay activities package 2021. Some offers are half the price due to the pandemic so take advantage of it. Not only you’ll get the fun you need but you’ll also be able to help the locals make a living. From helmet diving to snorkeling in Boracay, you will never run out of things to do!

Must-try water activities in Boracay:

  • Paddle boarding
  • Helmet diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Island hopping Boracay

Extreme Water Sports in Boracay

flying fish boracay activities

If you want to take your Boracay trip to the next level, go out of the ordinary and try some of the most extreme things to do in Boracay. Spin your world around at the UFO or Flying Fish Boracay or speed up in the waters with a jetski, Boracay has everything you need.

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Must-try extreme water sports in Boracay:

  • Parasailing Boracay
  • Kite surfing
  • Banana boat Boracay
  • Flying fish
  • Cliff diving Boracay
  • Jet ski 

Land Outdoor Activities in Boracay

atv boracay activities

Need a change of scenery? Check out the other side of the island and explore the other natural tourist attractions in Boracay. You see, Boracay is not just about parasailing or island hopping Boracay. Even if it’s one of the world’s most popular beaches, Boracay has so many fun land activities waiting for you to try.

Must-try land Boracay activities 2021:

  • ATV Boracay
  • Hiking
  • Ziplining
  • Indiana Jones Eco Tour
  • Reverse Bungy

Non-Stop Food Trip

boracay activities sunset

There’s no denying that Boracay is really known for its fine white sand beach. However, this island also offers some of the best food spots that you must try. From cafe and buffet to budget and fine dining, there are plenty of Boracay restaurants to choose from. If you’re a foodie, Boracay is like a mini paradise that will give you an extraordinary gastronomic adventure! 

Where to eat in Boracay:

  • Sands
  • Crust
  • Los Indios Bravos 
  • Dos Mestizos 
  • Subo
  • Nonie’s
  • Mamas Fish House Boracay
  • Lemon Cafe
  • Jonah’s Fruit Shake & Snack Bar

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After your muscles have been so worked up from the Boracay activities you did, it’s time to test your bargaining skills! D’Mall is the most popular shopping spot in the island but you’ll see lots of bazaars by the beach selling affordable souvenirs perfect for pasalubong!

Where to shop in Boracay:

  • D’Mall
  • City Mall
  • E Mall

Once you’re done shopping, book yourself a sunset cruise or a spa treatment to release all the stress you’ve been meaning to escape from. 

Where to stay in Boracay

Looking for DOT accredited hotels in Boracay or awesome places for Boracay 1 month rentals? We got you covered! Travel longer for less with ZEN Rooms’ cheap hotels in Boracay that offer quality rooms for affordable prices. These Boracay hotels will make your month-long stay on the island cozy and budget-friendly.

zen rooms long term stays hotels

Frequently Asked Questions About Boracay Activities

Q: What outdoor activities are famous in Boracay?
A: Here’s a list of the must-try Boracay activities 2021:

  1. Paddle boarding
  2. Boracay helmet diving
  3. Snorkelling in Boracay
  4. Island hopping Boracay
  5. Parasailing Boracay
  6. Kite surfing
  7. Banana boat Boracay
  8. Flying fish Boracay
  9. Cliff diving Boracay
  10. Jetski Boracay
  11. Hiking
  12. Ziplining
  13. ATV Boracay
  14. Indiana Jones Eco Tour
  15. Reverse Bungy
  16. Sunset sailing Boracay

Q: How much are activities in Boracay?
A: The rates depend on your chosen activities in Boracay. But the range is around PHP 500 to PHP 20,000 per person. But now, there are Boracay activities package 2021 that are on sale due to the pandemic. You can check out the respective Facebook pages of the tourist agencies offering activities.

Q: What can be done in Boracay?
A: While some say there are so few things to do in Boracay, we’ll prove them wrong! We’ve crafted a Boracay travel guide that will help you plan your month-long stay.

  • Water Activities
  • Extreme Water Sports
  • Land Outdoor Activities
  • Non-Stop Food Trip
  • Shopping

Q: How much is water activities in Boracay?
A: Water activities in Boracay start at PHP 500 and can go as much as PHP 20,000 depending on the activity you will avail of. 

Q: Is Boracay expensive?
A: Boracay is a world-famous destination and surprisingly, it is very affordable to travel to Boracay. In fact, you can spend five days in Boracay for under PHP 10,000.

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