Just when society grasped the behavior of millennials, Generation Z is already shaping the industry differently. Generation Z is comprised of people who were born from 1995 to 2015. Currently, 30% of the world’s population is comprised of Gen Z. 

Characteristics of Generation Z

1. They are all about technology.

It is easier for them to do all activities online since they are heavy smartphone users. Nearly 90% of them own a smartphone and spend more than 11 hours on it in a day. With that, if your hotel has a strong online presence, they’ll most likely pick your hotel as a place to stay.

2. They prefer visual information.

Gen Z can absorb lots of information per day, but it has to be visual. They like content that tells a story and can be seen in the form of a poster or a video. This way, even simple photos of your hotel can actually convince them to book; all you have to do is choose the photos that perfectly show the services of your hotel.

3. The older part of this generation are financially independent.

They already manage their own money so they are very careful on where they spend it. If your hotel offers expensive packages but you are able to justify it through attractive photos of your hotel or unique services, they will not hesitate to book your hotel.

When it comes to purchasing decisions, it was discovered that they actually prioritize popularity rather than the uniqueness of a brand. How can your hotel be popular? You need to maximize your online visibility.

ZEN Rooms’ Marketing Team carried out campaigns that made us the #1 hospitality franchise in the Philippines. To help potential partners in their online marketing efforts, our very own Marketing Manager shares two tips that you can consider doing:

1. Create and maintain your social media pages.

Create a Facebook page since Generation Z guests are online dependent. If they can find information about your hotel on Facebook easily, they will be more inclined to book your hotel. Ideally, you have to post at least twice a week to maintain your potential guests’ attention.

2. Work with influencers.

Influencers, from the term itself, are people who have great influence in their field. For example, if your accommodation is a hostel tailored for solo male travelers, you have to work with a famous male backpacker. This way, you capture the right market and have an increased number of bookings.

What does ZEN Rooms do to boost your hotel’s online popularity?

Become an exclusive ZEN Rooms partner to be part of our marketing efforts. With almost 2 million monthly visits on our website, www.zenrooms.com, your hotel will surely be visible to your Gen Z guests. Moreover, our social media channels have more than 5 million views monthly, which features recommendations from famous travel influencers in the country. As an exclusive ZEN Rooms partner, we’ll share these marketing channels with you so your hotel can be popular online.

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