The 2021 holidays Philippines calendar is finally here! We’ll enjoy a whopping total of 19 holidays: 10 regular holidays, seven special non-working days, and two additional special non-working days. Of these, we’ll possibly be having a total of 11 long weekends. 

Although travel plans are on hold right now, we’re positive that we will be able to travel again soon for a fun holiday 2021. If not abroad, at least in the Philippines! 

To make it easier for you, we’ve made a special 2021 Philippine holidays calendar from holy week 2021, March holidays 2021, and other holidays 2021 in the Philippines. Share this cheat sheet about the Phil holidays 2021 with your family and friends in case tourism opens soon! 

2021 philippine holiday calendar
Philippine calendar 2021 with holidays

What’s inside this blog?

Regular 2021 Holidays Philippines

Whether you want to know if there are June 2021 holidays, or find out the dates of holy week 2021 Philippines or just the holiday 2021 Philippines in general, we’ve listed all the regular holidays to help you plot your long weekend 2021.

  • January 1 (Friday) – New Year’s Day
  • April 1 – Maundy Thursday
  • April 2 – Good Friday
  • April 9 (Friday) – Araw ng Kagitingan
  • May 1 (Saturday) – Labor Day
  • June 12 (Saturday) – Independence Day
  • August 30 (Monday) – National Heroes’ Day
  • November 30 (Tuesday) – Bonifacio Day
  • December 25 (Saturday) – Christmas Day
  • December 30 (Thursday) – Rizal Day

Special Non-Working Philippine Holidays 2021

Here are the other legal holidays 2021 Philippines to check out. This list will help you plan out the long weekend 2021 better.

  • February 12 (Friday) – Chinese New Year
  • February 25 (Thursday) – EDSA Revolution Anniversary
  • April 3 – Black Saturday
  • August 21 (Saturday) – Ninoy Aquino Day
  • November 1 (Monday) – All Saints’ Day
  • December 8 (Wednesday) – Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary

Special Working Philippine Holidays 2021

Holiday 2021 is not going to be the same as before. Now, this may be a piece of sad news for most of us since these dates used to be special non-working days. President Rodrigo Duterte has amended the list of holiday 2021 Philippines, declaring fewer non-working days as part of efforts to spur economic recovery.

Under Proclamation No. 1107, signed on Friday, three previously declared special holidays are now special working days. These are Nov. 2 (All Souls’ Day), Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve), and Dec. 31 (New Year’s Eve).

  • November 2 (Tuesday) – All Souls’ Day
  • December 24 (Friday) – Christmas Eve
  • December 31 (Friday) – Last day of the year
philippine holidays 2021
philippine holidays 2021

The document with the information about the 2021 Philippine holiday came from the Official Gazette.

Best destinations to visit for each month for holiday 2021

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Some destinations listed here may not be open for leisure travelers amid the pandemic. For more information as to which destinations you can visit for the Philippine holidays 2021, check out Department of Tourism and Department of Foreign Affairs.

We’re done rolling out the 2021 holidays Philippines calendar so now, we’ve rounded up a monthly travel guide for you to make the most out of your long weekend and enjoy the holidays in 2021.


street dancers during sinulog festival

January 1 (Friday) – New Year’s Day

Number of long weekend: 1

One of the most alive months of the year in the Philippines is January because there’s a lot of Philippine festivities happening during the month namely the Sinulog Festival in Cebu, Ati-Atihan Festival in Aklan, Vigan City Fiesta and Longganisa Festival in Vigan, and Feast of the Black Nazarene in Manila. There surely are a lot of January 2021 holidays to plot in your calendar.

Of all these events, the Sinulog is the most awaited, not just in the Philippines but across the world! If you want to have a blast on 2021 holidays Philippines, add Cebu to your travel bucket list.

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FEBRUARY: Baguio City

stunning view of baguio


  • February 12 (Friday) – Chinese New Year 
  • February 25 (Thursday) – Edsa People Power Anniversary

Number of long weekends: 2

When it comes to spending the special holidays 2021, Baguio is a favorite choice. Aside from being the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City is also known for its Panagbenga Festival. This is usually celebrated month-long in February and many celebrities join and perform during the Panagbenga Festival. 

You’ll be amazed at how beautiful the gigantic flower floats are in Baguio! And you’ll feel like dancing when you hear the beats of the indigenous music performed during the street dance. 

EDSA Day 2021, celebrated every February 25, is the most popular holidays in the month. But other than this, Baguio can also be a perfect destination for holy week 2022.

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MARCH: Tagaytay

Stunning view of taal volcano and lake

Dry season in the Philippines usually starts in March so a lot of Filipinos are already aiming for cool weather. Since there are no 2021 Philippine holidays this month, a solution to this is a quick weekend getaway near Metro Manila. The best place to be? Tagaytay! 

Just two hours away from the metro, you’ll already feel the cool breeze of air, just like in Baguio, while indulging yourself with the best bulalo! Tagaytay is always a great choice of destination for holidays 2021 Philippines. Even though there are no legal holidays 2021 in March, you can still have blast this month!

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APRIL: Batanes

stunning view of batanes


  • April 1 – Maundy Thursday
  • April 2 – Good Friday 2021 Philippines
  • April 3 – Black Saturday
  • April 9 2021 holiday (Friday) – Araw ng Kagitingan

Number of long weekends: 2

April 2021 holidays Philippines are the most awaited month because this is the time when most holidays are celebrated. April is the time when most Filipinos travel because students are on vacation already and this is also the start of Lenten season (Holy Week 2021) where most employees are on holidays.

During this month, the best place to visit is Batanes if you want to reflect on things and just have a retreat on holy week 2021. Its scenic views and peaceful surroundings make up a tranquil retreat. Places you shouldn’t miss in Batanes are Racuh A Payaman, Tayid Lighthouse, and the Tukon Chapel in Basco. Make sure to consider Batanes for your holy week 2022.

MAY: Boracay

May 1, 2020 (Saturday) – Labor Day

The May 2021 holiday Philippines this year is a Saturday so gone are the long weekend regular holiday 2021 plans but it’s still a great time to go for holidays 2021. It’s still summer in the Philippines during this time and where else is better to fly to than in Boracay? Enjoy the long stretch of fine white sand beach, col cerulean waters, fun water activities, and of course, the vibrant nightlife during the PH holidays 2021.

It’s not listed as one of the best beaches in the world for nothing.

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JUNE: Intramuros

a kalesa in intramuros

June 2021 holidays
June 12 (Saturday) – Independence Day 2021

There is only one June 2021 holiday Philippines and it’s Independence Day. Since June is when Filipinos celebrate Independence Day, why not learn more about Philippine History through traveling to the Walled City? Walk, ride a kalesa, or bike your way through the streets of Intramuros to appreciate the stories of each corner and you will travel back in time in a flash.

Must-visit landmarks for a fun holiday 2021 include the San Agustin Church, Manila Cathedral, the Baluarte de San Diego, and Fort Santiago. Be sure to check out our Philippine holidays 2021 calendar above to guide you for the long weekends.

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JULY: Siargao

cloud 9 siargao

If you’re planning on canceling your beach escape this month because of the typhoon, think again. With the rainy season in full effect, huge waves are coming to Siargao’s shoreline, making the Philippines a dream destination for surfers, especially during the Philippines holiday 2021.

Brave the waves at the world-renowned Cloud 9 beach. While for non-surfers, Siargao offers other great spots to enjoy like the Sugba Lagoon, Magpupungko Rock Pool, and the 3-island trip (Naked, Guyam, and Daku Islands). There may be no July holiday 2021 but a 3-day vacation in Siargao won’t hurt, right? Even if there are no July 2021 holidays Philippines, this month is a great time to book your vacation.

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AUGUST: Vigan City

a kalesa at calle crisologo in vigan


  • August 21 (Saturday) – Ninoy Aquino Day
  • August 30 (Monday) – National Heroes’ Day

Number of long weekend: 1

August 21 Philippine holidays are also among the most fun time to spend 2021 holidays Philippines because there are two celebrations: Ninoy Aquino Day and National Heroes’ Day. Ninoy Aquino Day is a regular holiday so as the National Heroes’ Day.

Aside from Intramuros in Manila, Vigan City is also a great place to learn the history in time for the Philippine holidays 2021. As one of the best-preserved Spanish colonial towns in the world, Vigan City has a unique charm that anyone would be attracted to. In fact, you might not see much of its classic architecture and matching cobblestoned streets elsewhere in the Philippines. Because of its rich culture and heritage sites, Vigan City has been inscribed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making it a perfect destination for holy week 2021 Philippines.

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anawangin cove

While there is no holiday 2021 Philippines during this month, you can still enjoy a quick escape near Manila! Just 3-4 hours away from the metro, Zambales will satisfy your sun, sand, sea cravings, and have the best Philippine holidays 2021 experience. Try camping at Liwliwa Beach or go island-hopping to see the Anawangin Cove and Capones Island. Or better yet, why not go surfing since the waves during this month is great! That would be a fun trip for your holiday 2021 getaway, right?

OCTOBER: Bacolod

the ruins in bacolod

Known as the City of Smiles, Bacolod never disappoints its visitors with its beautiful spots to visit and the sweet and friendly locals that make 2021 holidays Philippines more memorable. Most tourists frequent Bacolod every October to experience the famous MassKara Festival

It is one of the biggest and most awaited festivals in the Philippines. Some of the fun activities you should not miss are the MassKara street dance competition, Electric MassKara (Bacolod’s biggest street party), and MassKara Queen Pageant. There are no legal holidays 2021 during October but this month is a good time to travel the country because the fares are low.

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NOVEMBER: Angono, Rizal

higantes festival

November holidays in 2021

  • November 1 (Monday) – All Saints’ Day
  • November 30 (Tuesday) – Bonifacio Day

Number of long weekends: 2

Known as the “Art Capital of the Philippines”, Angono, Rizal makes a name through its artistic locals. Aside from this, the town is also famous for its Higantes Festival that makes PH holidays 2021 more fun.

Based on the Angono folklore, the “Higantes” or paper-mache giants were done by locals as a form of protest during the Spanish colonization. Now, these paper-mache giants now play the part of one of the most unique festivals in the Philippines.

Higantes Festival is celebrated every 4th week of November in Angono, Rizal to honor San Clemente, the town’s patron saint. November 2021 holidays Philippines surely offer nothing but fun!

Take note, there will be changes in the list of November holidays 2021 as President Duterte declares All Souls’ Day, Christmas Eve, and the last day of the year as ‘special working days’. Make sure to mark your calendar 2021 right to avoid confusion. 


travelers chilling in a lagoon in palawan

December Phil holidays 2021

  • December 8 – Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary
  • December 24 – Christmas Eve
  • December 25 – Christmas Day
  • December 30 – Rizal Day
  • December 31 – Last Day of the Year

Number of long weekends: 3

Lastly, December 2021 holidays Philippines. December is one of the months that have lots of holidays. Take it to your advantage and spend your holidays in Palawan. You can choose to tour the Puerto Princesa Underground River, let Kayangan Lake in Coron take your breath away, or kayak your way to Big and Small Lagoons in El Nido. You’ll never get bored when you visit Palawan. And when you do, don’t be too surprised to leave your heart there. So if you’re planning a holiday 2021 trip, this is the best month.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Holiday 2021 in Philippines

Q: When is the holy week 2021 Philippines?
A: If you’re looking for Philippine holiday 2021 related to Lenten season, here are the holy week 2021 in the Philippines are as follow:

  • April 1 – Maundy Thursday
  • April 2 – Good Friday
  • April 3 – Black Saturday

Q: How many holidays 2021 Philippines has?
A: The Philippines holiday 2021 has a total of 19 holidays: 10 regular holidays, seven special non-working days, and two additional special non-working days. Of these, we’ll possibly be having a total of 11 long weekends. 

Q: Are there March holidays 2021?
A: For the current list of holiday 2021, there are no March 2021 holidays Philippines.

Q: What is April 9 2021 holiday?
A: April 9 2021 holiday is Araw ng Kagitingan or Day of Valor.

Q: When is Independence Day 2021?
A: Independence Day 2021 is on June 12.

Q: Is July 20 2021 a holiday?
A: Yes, July 20 2021 is a holiday. This is the answer to your question if July 20 2021 is a holiday.

Q: What is the July 20 2021 holiday?
A: July 20 2021 holiday is declared as a 2021 regular holidays Philippines in observance of Eid al Adha.

Q: Is there an August holiday 2021?
A: Yes, there is an August holiday 2021. It is the Ninoy Aquino Day celebrated every August 21.

Q: Is August 30 a holiday?
A: Yes, August 30 is a holiday in the Philippines. Ones of the holidays in August 2021 is the National Heroes’ Day.

Q: Is Ninoy Aquino day a regular holiday?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: Is Aug 6 a holiday in Cebu?
A: Yes, it is. The province of Cebu is celebrating its foundation anniversary every August 6 yearly. So, it is a special non-working public holiday throughout the province according to Republic Act 8952.

Q: When is Qingming festival 2021?
A: The Qingming festival 2021 is on April 4.

Q: What are the Canadian holidays 2021?
A: Here’s a list of Canadian holidays 2021:

  • New Year – Friday, January 1, 2021
  • Good Friday – Friday, April 2, 2021
  • Easter Monday – Monday, April 5, 2021
  • Victoria Day – Monday, May 24, 2021
  • Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day – Thursday, June 24, 2021 (Quebec only)
  • Canada Day – Thursday, July 1, 2021
  • Civic Holiday – Monday, August 2, 2021
  • Labour Day – Monday, September 6, 2021
  • Thanksgiving Day – Monday, October 11, 2021
  • Remembrance Day – Thursday, November 11, 2021
  • Christmas Day – Saturday, December 25, 2021
  • Boxing Day – Sunday, December 26, 2021

Q: What are the Japanese holidays 2021?
A: Here’s a list of Japanese holidays 2021:

National Holiday 2021 Date
New Year’s Day January 1
Coming of Age Day January 11 (Second Monday in January)
National Foundation Day February 11
Emperor’s Birthday February 23
Vernal Equinox Day March 20
Shōwa Day April 29
Constitution Memorial Day May 3
Greenery Day May 4
Children’s Day May 5
Marine Day July 22 (Date changed for 2021)
Sports Day July 23 (Date changed for 2021)
Mountain Day August 8 (Date changed for 2021)
Mountain Day (observed) August 9
Respect for the Aged Day September 20 (Third Monday in September)
Autumnal Equinox Day September 23
Culture Day November 3
Labor Thanksgiving Day November 23
For the full list of non working holiday 2021, regular holiday 2021, 2021 holiday calendar in Japan, read this.

Q: What are the Australian holidays 2021?
A: Australian holidays 2021 consist of:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Australia Day
  • Canberra Day
  • Holy Week 2022
  • Reconciliation Day
  • Queen’s Birthday
  • Labor Day

Q: Are there October holidays 2021 Philippines?
A: There are no October holidays 2021 in the Philippines. Although there is a National Teacher’s Day in October 5, it is not a holiday.

Q: Is October 5, 2021 a holiday in the Philippines?
A: October 5 is National Teacher’s Day but it is not considered as a holiday 2021 so there are no October holidays 2021 in the Philippines. 

Q: What are the November holidays 2021?
A: The November holidays Philippines are All Saints’ Day and Bonifacio Day. The list of Philippine holidays 2021 has changed after President Duterte declared that All Souls’ Day (previously part of the November holidays Philippines) is a working holiday. So make sure to mark your calendar 2021 right to avoid confusion.

Q: Is November 2 a holiday in the Philippines?
A: Under the new proclamation, All Souls’ Day (November 2), Christmas Eve, (December 24), and the last day of the year (December 31) were declared special working days. This just means that the list of November holidays 2021 has changed.

Q: How many long weekend 2021 is there?
A: We’ll possibly be having a total of 11 long weekends 2021 in the Philippines.

For the full list of regular holiday 2021 and special holidays 202 in Australia, read this.

We hope this blog helps you to make the most of your 2021 holidays Philippines. Stay Safe! Stay ZEN!

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