It’s that time of the year again! With Holy Week 2022 fast approaching and restrictions *finally* easing up, many people are looking forward to getting away for some quality time with friends and family. While it’s exciting to look for places to visit this coming Holy Week 2022, it can get pretty stressful.

But fret not because we’re here to help! This blog will list down the best places to visit this Holy Week 2022.

What’s inside this blog?

Places in the Philippines To Visit This Holy Week 2022

Whether that’s a few hours away from Manila or a plane ride away, we’ve got it all listed down below. 

  • Cintai Corito’s Garden
  • La Playa at the Strand
  • Infinity Resort and Spa
  • Kapusod 
  • Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort 

1. Cintai Corito’s Garden

This Bali-inspired garden resort is the perfect Holy Week destination near Manila

Photo by Cintai Corito’s Garden

Can’t travel to Bali? No problem! This Balinese-inspired garden resort is a good substitute for now. Located in the heart of Balete, Batangas, Cintai Corito’s Garden is the ideal spot to unwind this Holy Week 2022. 

Cintai means “love” in Indonesian, and with its splendid landscape, peaceful surroundings, and al fresco dining areas, you’ll surely love this place. They have 18 spacious and beautifully decorated accommodations surrounded by lush greenery. Everywhere you look, from roofs to walls, you’ll see over-the-top Asian carvings and traditional Balinese design. 

They have a swimming pool, a kiddie pool, a bar, a restaurant that serves Asian and Filipino cuisine, pavilions, an outdoor movie theatre, massage areas, and more. Get ready to take plenty of photos here, as every angle is just picture-perfect!

2. La Playa at the Strand 

Enjoy the pool and the beach during your stylish Holy Week getaway at La Playa at the Strand.

Photo by La Playa at the Strand 

Located at Morong, Bataan, La Playa at the Strand is a stylish and elegant private resort good for big groups. They have six different types of accommodations; 4 of them face the beach, while the other two face the mountain. Five of these accommodations have their private pools, too. 

The place is isolated, making it perfect for those who want to spend some relaxing time in private with friends and family this Holy Week 2022. All their homes are fully-furnished, and all you have to do is bring food to cook! Unfortunately, for those planning to bring their pets along, it’s not allowed. 

3. Infinity Resort and Spa 

The sprawling infinity pool is the centerpiece of this resort in Puerto Galera. Book it for the Holy Week 2022!

Photo by Infinity Resort and Spa 

Located in Puerto Galera, Infinity Resort and Spa is the vacation of your dreams this Holy Week 2022. With a 2-hectare property, this place offers endless opportunities for you to explore. What are those, you may ask? 

They have a variety of accommodations, ranging from deluxe rooms, to suites and to luxurious villas. They also have a restaurant, a pool bar, and, for all the love birds out there, offer an exclusive private dining experience by the beach. 

Hang tight as we’re not yet done! They have a 300 sqm spa area, called Malasimbo Spa, overlooking Mt Malasimbo of Oriental Mindoro. It features (the first and only) fish spa in Puerto Galera, sauna treatment rooms, jacuzzi, bathtubs, shower rooms, foot therapy, and a mani-pedi room. All products used are 100% natural, with each treatment providing a therapeutic benefit.

If you’re keen to go diving, there are numerous dive sites around the resort too. With all the amenities and facilities mentioned above, they also have a game room, an entertainment room (karaoke, anyone?), and a gym. 

4. Kapusod 

Kapusod has a natural pool that uses plants to filter it's crystal clear spring water. If you're a nature lover, this peaceful retreat is perfect for the holy week,

Photo by Kapusod 

If you prefer a destination nearer to the metro, Kapusod is the one for you. It is a unique, homey, and eco-friendly accommodation located in Batangas. 

There’s not much you can do here, though, as the place only offers a natural pool (or water garden as they call it) and a tiny restaurant that serves Filipino food like tawilis, adobong baboy, and kinilaw na ampalaya. They also do not accept huge groups to keep the place clean.  

However, if your primary goal this Holy Week 2022 is to reflect, meditate, or be one with yourself (and nature!), this is your safe space. Kapusod has a treehouse, an earth dome, and three open huts, plus a majestic view of the Taal Lake. 

5. Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort 

Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort lives up to its name. The white sand beach and quiet surroundings provides the perfect Holy Week vacation this 2022.

Photo by Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort 

If you want to get away, like really, really get away from the city this coming Holy Week 2022, why not head to Camotes Island? Camotes Island is a group of islands located in the Camote Sea, just east of Cebu Island. In Camotes Island is a resort called Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort. True to its name, this resort allows you to spend time in paradise and escape from reality for a little while. 

From their standard rooms to suites, their accommodations can surely give you the rest that you need. And of course, like any other resort, there’s an infinity pool and the beach for the guest’s ultimate enjoyment. You can also indulge in their massage services. They even have a common area/entertainment area for guests to enjoy the company of others. 

Social drinkers will love this place too. On top of having a cafe/restaurant, they have an open sunset bar, as well as a pool bar! This place is also a famous venue for weddings due to its undoubtedly romantic atmosphere. 

If the destinations mentioned above do not really tickle your fancy and you prefer to travel to a more affordable place, you can always book a room with us. Click here to see all the exceptional accommodations we have in store for you at locations such as Tagaytay, Baguio, and Batangas. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Holy Week 2022 

Q: When is Holy Week 2022 in the Philippines?

A: Holy Week 2022 is from Sunday, April 10, 2022, to Saturday, April 16, 2022.

Q: When are the holidays during Holy Week 2022 in the Philippines? 

A: You can look forward to your long weekend from Maundy Thursday (April 14, 2022) to Easter Sunday (April 17, 2022). 

Q: Where can I go during Holy Week 2022? 

A: There are many places to go to during Holy Week 2022. It all depends on what you want to do, whether to the beach or a hotel staycation, there are plenty of places for you to choose from. 

Q: What do people do during Holy Week 2022?

A: For most people, they take this opportunity to go on a vacation. For the religious ones, they observe Holy Week 2022 differently. They pray, contemplate, and repent by visiting various churches and religious sites. 

Q: When is Holy Week 2023 in the Philippines?

A: Holy Week 2023 is from April 2-8, 2023

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Holy Week in the Philippines is the best time to travel and spend a fulfilling getaway with your family. This prestigious holiday takes place on Palm Sunday, April 5 and ends on Black Saturday, April 11. While Holy Week Philippines 2020 serves as a break from the fast-paced lifestyle in the city, it also serves as one of the longest and most anticipated holidays in the Philippines.

People all over the country perform rituals and traditions in celebration of his death and resurrection. Deciding where to go this holiday is a cause for much excitement, so we’re giving you a number of churches to visit and traditions you can partake in while enjoying your week-long vacation.

1. Simala Church, Cebu

If you wish to get far away this holy week, Simala Church in Cebu is a great destination. Simala Church is a prestigious castle-like structure in the heart of the province. Home to the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist, people from all over the world flock to this pristine church to witness traditions and religious gatherings.

Not only will you find yourself seeing some of the prettiest churches in the Philippines, but you’ll also be greeted by a number of beaches and activities you can do during the trip! It’s no doubt you can enjoy Holy Week Philippines 2020 and summertime here all at once!  

2. Moriones Festival in Marinduque

Marinduque’s Moriones Festival is one of the most colorful festivals in the country. It is an annual week-long commemoration of the life and death of Jesus Christ every Holy Week.

In this folk religious festival, locals wear costumes and masks replicating biblical Roman soldiers, reenacting scenes from the Passion of Christ. The festival also celebrates the life of Saint Longinus, the half-blind Roman soldier who speared the crucified body of Jesus. Longinus is believed to have regained his vision when Jesus’ blood hit his eye, restoring his vision.

It does not only serve as a tourist attraction but also a good way to remember the suffering of Jesus Christ.

3. Laguna Province

Another popular Holy Week destination in the Philippines is the province of Laguna because it is home to historic and remarkable churches built during the Spanish Colonial era.

Many devotees opt to do their Visita Iglesia in Laguna because it is just a short drive south of Metro Manila.

4. Quiapo Church, Manila

Most people fast during the Lenten season, while others attend mass every day. Quiapo Church is worth the visit this Holy Week if you’re planning to stay in Manila. This grand church is home to the famous shrine of the Black Nazarene. This church is usually packed during Maundy Thursday, where a large group of devotees carry crucifixes and recreate the scenes of the crucifixion.

5. Via Crucis at San Fernando, Pampanga

Every year on Good Friday, tourists flock to San Fernando, Pampanga to witness the world-renowned staging of Via Crucis (Way of the Cross) for Holy Week. Devotees imitate the suffering of Christ and participate in real-life self-flagellation, Passion Play which culminates with the crucifixion penitents.

Re-enacting the crucifixion is a way for devout Catholics to express their faith in the most extreme way.

Witness this reenactment for a one-of-a-kind Holy Week Philippines 2020 experience.

6. Baguio Cathedral, Baguio City

If you’re in Baguio City for Holy Week, there are several churches for you to visit while enjoying the cool climate and the fresh scent of pine trees and highland flowers. These include Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral which is just located at the city’s most popular street, Session Road and the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church in Burnham Park.

7. San Pedro Cathedral, Davao

The oldest church in Davao City, the San Pedro Cathedral is now recognized as a National Cultural Treasure. It’s famous for its architectural structure, a curved roof reminiscent of the traditional vinta— a traditional outrigger boat from the Philippine island of Mindanao. This is one of the many churches that people visit when celebrating Holy Week.

8. Tukon Church, Batanes

If you want to reflect on things and just have a retreat, Batanes is the perfect place. Its scenic views and peaceful surroundings make up a tranquil retreat. The best place you can visit in Batanes is the Racuh A Payaman, Tayid Lighthouse and the Tukon Chapel in Basco.

9. Mt. Apo, Davao

For those who want to have a different type of pilgrimage, climbing Mt. Apo in Davao is something to try. It usually takes two days to reach the summit. While the trek can be challenging, you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous sights like the 150-feet Tudaya Falls and a breathtaking view. It’s perfect for those who want adventure while showing their devotion to tradition.

10. Manila Cathedral, Manila

The Minor Basilica and Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, also known as Manila Cathedral, is the cathedral of Manila and basilica located in the historic walled city of Intramuros. Aptly honored as the Mother Church of the Philippines, one should not hesitate to visit this pristine church during the holidays. You’ll find yourself admiring the beautiful structure, especially its religious mosaic art that can be found inside. It should definitely be one of the churches that you and your family will be visiting this Holy Week!

If you wish to travel to these holiday destinations this Holy Week Philippines 2020, don’t hesitate to book ZEN Rooms in Davao, Bohol, Manila, Cebu and Baguio City!

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