Strange noises, the breeze of the air that seems louder than ever, footsteps that come closer and closer, banging doorknobs, and levitating objects—these are all signs of paranormal activity. And no, they are not just seen in the movies as they exist in real life, and guaranteed to be experienced if you dare enter the haunted places in the Philippines that are popular for a reason.

Still here? Great! If you’re looking for a haunted house in Philippines to bring the chills in a serious way, you’re in the right place (as the kid beside you, kidding!). Here are some of the scariest places in the Philippines to visit if you want a quick thrill fix. 

8 Haunted Places in the Philippines

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8. Manila Film Center

manila film center haunted places in the philippines

Photo credits to Michael via Flickr

Legend has it that the Manila Film Center is haunted by the ghosts of an unknown number of workers believed to be buried underneath, alive, after the upper floor collapsed while the construction was ongoing in 1981. Hence, Manila Film Center has long been regarded as the Philippines’ largest tomb.

The people who are believed to be buried there were construction workers rushing to meet the former First Lady Imelda Marcos’ three-month deadline in time for the 1st Manila International Film Festival in January 1982. 

Since it was the time of Martial Law under the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, media coverage was easily censored so, the exact number of people who died was undocumented. There are also stories that Marcos ordered cement to be poured over the bodies to meet her deadline.

7. Fort Santiago, Intramuros

fort santiago haunted places in the philippines

Intramuros is such a beautiful place to explore during the day as your eyes will not only feast on the ruins and Spanish architecture but you’ll also learn about Philippine history. But come nightfall, the walls of Intramuros turn into something spooky, reminding you of the dark Spanish era.

If you can’t find a haunted house in Manila, get your horror fix at Fort Santiago, one of the scariest places in the Philippines. Thousands of civilians and soldiers were tortured or killed in Fort Santiago during World War II. So, it’s just safe to say that the ghosts of the fallen civilians and soldiers patrol at night, and some even say that you can hear the screams of the tortured and killed.

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6. Ozone Disco

Ozone Disco haunted places in the philippines

File photo by Agence France-Presse via Rappler

In March 1996, around 150 partygoers were burned alive inside the trendy club located in the corner of Timog and Tomas Morato Avenue in Quezon City. The incident is widely known as the Ozone Disco Tragedy. 

The firemen on duty told that when they were able to enter the building, most of the bodies they found were piled near the locked exits, trying to get out and escape the fire. Had there been proper fire exits, people could have lived. The New York Times even said that it was the 7th worst fire incident in the world and the worst in Metro Manila.

Today, the establishment is abandoned but residents nearby say they see glimpses of ghosts dancing in the area late at night, and sometimes, they also hear faint disco music and screams.No need to look for a haunted house in Baguio because Ozone Disco in Quezon City is one of the most haunted places in the Philippines.

5. Teacher’s Camp

Teacher’s Camp baguio haunted places in the philippines

Teacher’s Camp in Baguio City is a popular accommodation choice for teacher training and engagements. However, it is also a popular haunted place in Baguio. Rumor has it that the rooms and cottages of Teacher’s Camp are haunted and many horror stories are going the rounds. Some say that they can hear footsteps at night and see eerie shadows. To this day, it is still operational. As for being haunted, dare to find out for yourself?

4. Clark Air Base Hospital

Clark Air Base Hospital is another horror place in Philippines to visit if you still need that dose of scare. The abandoned building used to be a military hospital during World War II and the Vietnam War. There are claims that the place is really haunted. Even paranormal investigators report hauntings and sightings of soldiers’ ghosts and a woman wearing white. 

People passing the area have shared stories of the woman crossing the street and instantly disappearing. Some even claim that as you drive past the air base’s hospital, the woman has the habit of sitting in the empty backseat of your car. Just writing this gives us goosebumps already! 

3. Balete Drive

Balete Drive haunted places in the philippines

Photo credits to Judgefloro via Wikimedia Commons

If you love taking midnight road trips, don’t do it on Balete Drive in Quezon City, especially when you’re alone. It is one of the most popular and mysterious places in the Philippines

In case you don’t know yet, the most popular White Lady in the Philippines is the White Lady of Balete Drive. Some stories that are circling say that the White Lady of Balete often crosses the street as you drive there, and sometimes ride with you! There are so many horror stories about the death of the lady: some think it died in a car accident, while others think the lady died during the Spanish colonial era and hasn’t found peace yet. That being said, you don’t have to look for a haunted house in Manila anymore because just in Balete Drive, you’ll get the goosebumps and adrenaline you’re looking for.

2. Laperal Mansion, Baguio

Laperal Mansion, Baguio haunted places in the philippines

Popularly known as the “White House,” the Laperal Mansion is said to be a haunted house in Baguio City that is shrouded in mystery. According to its caretakers and security guards, the Laperal House is home to many apparitions. 

This haunted house in Baguio was said to be built in the 1930s and was used by the Japanese for their cruelty during World War II. Filipinas were said to be raped in the Laperal House, Filipino spies were interrogated and tortured inside, and a helper is believed to have committed suicide. It is considered to be one of the most haunted houses in Philippines that’s why many taxi drivers refuse to take passengers there especially at night.

1. Diplomat Hotel, Baguio

diplomat hotel baguio haunted places in the philippines

No list of most haunted places in the Philippines is ever complete with the scary hotel in Baguio called the Diplomat Hotel. The Diplomat Hotel Baguio history tagalog goes way back to 1911 when it was built by Dominicans, initially as a seminary. It was converted into a school, then eventually a hotel. 

According to stories, priests and nuns took in fleeing refugees during World War II. But when the Japanese conquered Baguio, they were all killed, beheaded, and decapitated. This is probably the reason why many people say they see headless ghosts and hear screams. Baguio City Guide says that businessman, psychic surgeon, and spiritual healer Antonio Agapito “Tony” Agpaoa was the one managing this scary hotel in Baguio. However, Tony died of a heart attack in 1987. After his death, the Diplomat Hotel ceased its operation and it became temporarily closed to the public. Do you dare to take a vacation at this haunted house in Baguio?

Frequently Asked Questions About Haunted Places in the Philippines

Q: What are the most haunted places in the Philippines?
A: While the Philippines boasts more than 7,000 beautiful islands, it is also home to several haunted houses in Manila, haunted houses in Baguio, and so on. If you want to discover and visit scary places in the Philippines, add these to your list:

  1. Diplomat Hotel, Baguio
  2. Laperal Mansion, Baguio
  3. Ozone Disco
  4. Balete Drive
  5. Clark Air Base Hospital
  6. Teacher’s Camp
  7. Manila Film Center
  8. Fort Santiago, Intramuros

Q: What are the famous haunted places in Baguio?
A: The most haunted places in Baguio are the Diplomat Hotel and the Laperal Mansion also known as the White House of Baguio.

Q: Where is Balete Drive located?
A: Balete Drive is one of the scariest places in the Philippines as it is shrouded in mystery and believed to be haunted by a White Lady. It is located in Quezon City.

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