Hotels all over the world have been affected by the global crisis. Most have taken setbacks in their operations due to mandated lockdowns and restricted travel. The situation is getting better as more countries are easing their restrictions to restart travel both locally and internationally. During this transition period, hoteliers have the opportunity to improve their hotel especially on the property aesthetics. 

In terms of improvement, hotel owners would prioritize other aspects such as operations, manpower, equipment, expansion and so on. Least priority is given to hotel aesthetics but in fact, it plays a big role in increasing guest expectations and satisfaction for the property.  

Aesthetics and decor is important for the hotel space as it gives guests a pleasant and memorable experience. It influences perception of hotel service quality and credibility through good design and improvements. Here are some hotel expert tips on how improved aesthetics can impact your hotel’s performance.

4 Ways on How to Improve Hotel Aesthetics

1. Improve Hotel Lighting
If the hotel has been in operation for quite some time or several years, investing in new lighting will not be a priority. But in fact, having good lighting and well-lit spaces impacts the overall comfort for both guests and hotel staff. Having older lighting technology also leads to higher electricity consumption and expensive maintenance versus upgrading to more cost-efficient light bulbs that saves on energy. 

When reviewing the existing lights in the property, it’s best to understand the different lighting needs per area. For example, in public areas, lights with sensors can be installed so it can automatically be dimmed during low traffic times. While improving the lighting for outdoors through LEDs will not only brighten the area but increase the safety and well-being for guests.

2. Leverage on Sensory Experiences
Whether it’s for leisure or business, all hotel guests look forward to unwind and having a good rest. Marketing to the guest’s taste – smell, touch, sound and sight will contribute to lasting memories and also eventually developing customer loyalty. Hoteliers should use distinct scents that will associate it back to the hotel such as floral, fruity, or light-smelling scents. 

At the same time, hotels can have a distinct color scheme on the overall aesthetics to make an impact on the psychology of each guest. For example, using blue hues will show calmness, relaxation and serenity. Having a distinct sound and music will help guests connect better with the property. This can be placed in each TV, hotel lobby, hallways, and other public areas.

3. Invest on Comfort
Guests ultimately look for comfort when they stay in a hotel. There are subtle ways on how to improve guest satisfaction without the need to overhaul the hotel’s amenities. Having more space in the reception and even inside the hotel room can increase the comfort level for each traveler. This can be done through properly spacing and rearranging furniture to maximize the available space. 

At the same time, hotels should invest in placing fresh flowers in key areas such as lobby and hallways. It helps in alleviating stress and brightens the mood for every guest and hotel staff when there are flowers in the area. This shows the hotel’s professionalism and concern for the well-being of the traveler.

4. Capture Best Assets through Good Imagery
According to Dr Kirillova of SHTM, potential guests’ expectations of service quality are influenced by the aesthetics and quality photos from booking sites. There is an opportunity for hoteliers to use visually attractive photos to create and enhance positive perceptions of hotel quality in order to increase bookings. This shows the hotel’s professionalism and thoroughness on improving guest satisfaction which is a critical decision-making criterion for guests.

Hoteliers should then invest on hiring professional photographers to take curated photos with appealing compositions. Images should reflect both creativity and functionality aspects such as showing the amenities available through well-lit and vibrant shots. For any improvements done on the hotel, this should be reflected as well in the hotel’s images such as having wide spaces in the lobby, available flowers, etc. 


Improving in the overall hotel aesthetics will help in increasing guest satisfaction and customer loyalty. This is due to the hotel’s attention to detail and professionalism as shown through the improvements done. When it comes to professional photography, ZEN eManager Pro has this included as part of its all-in-one solution for the hotel property. 

ZEN eManager Pro: The Complete All-in-One Solution in Improving Hotel Branding and Photos 

Trusted by more than 5,000 independent hotels in Southeast Asia that allows easy management of hotel listings across all online travel agencies (OTAs, monitoring of hotel operations real-time,) and automated guest reminders that are sent out through its Property Management System and Channel Manager. ZEN eManager also includes a dedicated revenue manager for your hotel to ensure hotel rates are optimal with costs and to get maximum profits. 


ZEN eManager includes: 
  1. A cloud-based hotel management system: Get both eZee Absolute, a Property Management System, and eZee Centrix, a Channel Manager. eZee allows easy management of hotel listings across all OTAs, real-time monitoring of hotel operations, generation of accurate financial reports online in one dashboard, acquisition of real-time guest insights, and sending of automated guest emails and reminders. 
  2. A dedicated revenue manager: Have a dedicated revenue manager straight from ZEN Headquarters who applies the most advanced pricing algorithm, the ZEN Pricing Model, to ensure that hotel owners get maximum revenue no matter the season.
  3. Exclusive listing on ZEN Rooms is a trusted brand, with its own Online Travel Agency (OTA) obtaining up to 1 million monthly website visits. ZEN also gives a marketing edge to exclusive partners by publicizing their hotels across digital marketing channels with more than 1 million followers. 
With Pro, hotels get these additional features for free:
  • 24/7 Customer Care – Hotel partners have dedicated customer support to assist in booking processes and maintain guest relationships. 
  • Booking Engine – eZee Reservation, the Booking Engine included in ZEN eManager Pro, allows hotels to accept online bookings on both the hotel website and its social media pages. It also serves as a back office for reservations made on those platforms.
  • Free Hotel Photoshoot – Hotel partners get a full photoshoot of their hotel (each type of hotel room, amenities, exterior, and other important facilities). ZEN staff also assists in editing these photos and uploading them on the hotel’s OTAs.

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