In the last 3 years, the hospitality industry has undergone a major transformation in the revenue management field. Now, outsourcing the hotel’s pricing strategy to 3rd parties has become a new long-term trend and more hotels are opting for it regardless of their size.

Earlier, this personalized revenue management technology was only limited to large sized hotels — global and national franchises that could afford an in-house pricing analyst. Now, independent hotels in Southeast Asia are looking to catch up with affordable revenue management solutions to boost their revenues and remain competitive against larger hotels. From a big picture point of view, this now means that independent hotels have an equal opportunity to attract guests and adopt future-centric solutions just like the large size hotels.   

As we talk about the hotel revenue management solutions, let’s explore the existing offerings in the market and later on also understand the 12 factors you should consider when selecting the right revenue management partner for your hotel.


Top Revenue Management Solutions in the Market


1. Duetto, the expert in pricing for large-sized hotels

Since 2012, the American company Duetto, has been developing an advanced pricing technology for hotels. Today, Duetto Solutions offers an autopilot pricing solution generating recommendations that can be applied or rejected by their hotel partners. Duetto expanded in Europe and EMEA targeting hotels with large budgets to allocate into their pricing management.


  • Autopilot pricing solutions offering recommendations
  • Ideal for large size hotels with big budgets
  • Manual Integration of 3rd party Revenue Management, Property Management Solutions (PMS), and Channel Management Solutions.


  • No Specialized Revenue Management, Property Management Solution (PMS) and Channel Management Solution (CMS) included in the package
  • Targeted towards serving large size hotels, hotels with higher budgets, and global chains rather than Independent Hotels looking for affordable solutions


2. ZUZU, a newcomer in the hospitality business

ZUZU appeared in the hospitality landscape in 2018, providing solutions which include software and revenue management. Today, ZUZU is present in several countries in Southeast Asia. While other packages offer flexible solutions, ZUZU’s single offer includes a PMS and a CMS, bundled with a revenue manager for follow-ups. 


  • Offers solution which includes a PMS, and a CMS bundled with a revenue manager for follow-ups. 
  • Present in several countries in Southeast Asia


  • New comer in the industry, started in 2018 only
  • Has only one solution offering for hotels with varied needs
  • Misses several integral future-centric features like 24/7 Customer Support, Mobile App (especially for areas with limited internet connection) or Booking Engine to generate bookings without the OTA’s commission.


3. Cloudbeds, a pricing assistant software

If you have previously searched for software solutions to use for your hotel, then you have definitely encountered Cloudbeds’ products. This San Diego based firm offers a PMS, a CMS, plus a Pricing Intelligence Engine (PIE). 


  • Solution includes PMS, CMS, and Pricing Intelligence Engine (PIE)
  • Automatic Pricing Support showing competitors prices and OTA’s pricing trends
  • Supports 3rd party integrations


  • Holistic software but pricing changes to be done manually by hotel management
  • Misses out on weekly personal connect and follow-ups
  • Limited choice of 3rd party integrations
  • No special OTA promotion advantage


4. ZEN eManager, the all-in-one solution at an affordable price

Offered by ZEN Hospitality Solutions, ZEN eManager is the revenue management package made by hoteliers for hoteliers. It is based on pricing and hotel management experience that is solidly based out of managing thousands of hotels across Southeast Asia by ZEN Rooms (est. 2016). Last year, ZEN decided to combine this expertise from the past 4+ years and offer the market an all-in-one solution. It includes a PMS, Channel Manager, a dedicated revenue manager personnel and smart features such as Mobile App, 24/7 Customer Support, and 500+ integrations in an affordable future-ready bundle.   


  • Includes PMS and CMS offered by leading hospitality tech company worldwide: eZee
  • Includes a dedicated revenue manager with personal pricing strategy discussed over call or email every week
  • Offers higher visibility due to special partnership between and ZEN
  • Future centric features like Mobile App, 24/7 Customer Support, and 500+ third party integrations
  • Its in-house AI Pricing Technology has been tested for over 5+ years on thousands of hotels by ZEN


  • For large hotel chain owners, alternative ZEN solutions are available. ZEN eManager is well suited for independent hotel owners
  • ZEN eManager is not available for hotels out of Southeast Asia. This digital all-in-one solution is exclusively tailored to the region 


A Comparison: 12 Key Factors to consider when choosing a Revenue Management Partner


To help a hotelier’s selection process for an optimized Revenue Management partner, we built this comparison table analyzing 12 key factors to consider:


Future of revenue management through post-COVID time


The transition of the hotel industry where revenue management activity is outsourced to specialized tech companies is definitely on-going, and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this move. With the willingness to recover faster from the pandemic and survive better than the upcoming competition, many independent hoteliers have subscribed to Revenue Management platforms, and will continue to do so in the future.

It is time for hotels to recover from the brunt of the global pandemic and as economies open up, use smart hotel management and pricing technology keeping the current situation in mind. 


The ZEN eManager Advantage amid the COVID-19 Pandemic


ZEN eManager offers an all-in-in one revenue management solution that not only offers an AI-based pricing tech which is based on current market trends but also includes a world class PMS, CMS, and personal Revenue Management for your hotel. During this time, it is essential for hotels to adapt an affordable online solution that would help them save costs, increase efficiency, and provide automation so that they can better serve the guests and their “New Normal” expectations.

Book a Free ZEN eManager Demo now and increase your revenue by up to 30% in just 90 days. Contact us for free trial and demo here.