Torn between booking short term long term stays? Here we’ll tell you all the perks of living in a hotel that will make you consider doing it.

Living out of a suitcase used to be an uninteresting way to travel but after over a year of staying at home, extended stays at hotels are becoming a welcome option for many people. “Revenge travel” can take credit for that. 

Many of us are so eager to escape our tedious daily routine to see a different sight already (who isn’t, really?), and take every chance there is to make up for lost time. So, travelers are turning to hotels and resorts in or around their hometowns for a change of scenery not just for the weekend but for a month. Or more. 

With the current work-from-home and distanced learning for children scenarios, weekend getaways are off the table; extended stays in hotels are the new trend.

The thing is, while hotel life can be lavish and super convenient, it comes with a whopping dear price, too. But does it really? You’ll find out in this article as we tell you all the perks of living in a hotel and if it’s worth a shot.

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1. No bills, no hassle

couple on staycation perks of living in a hotel extended stays

Among the most tedious and time-consuming things in living in an apartment or condominium is paying the monthly bills—water, electricity, cable, and internet. But these bills are already covered on your weekly rate or monthly rate hotels. No need to worry about missing the due date or waiting for hours in line when you choose long term stays in hotels

2. Housekeeping is available (plus awesome amenities!)

hotel staff cleaning room perks of living in a hotel extended stays

There are plenty of advantages of hotel living that you just don’t get with other housing situations, like housekeeping for example. Most monthly hotel rentals offer weekly, sometimes daily, housekeeping as part of their services to make the guest’s stay more convenient. This is a plus for you if you’re someone whose day is mostly dedicated to work, you wouldn’t have to worry about dividing your time to keep your space clean. 

Adding to the  perks of living in a hotel are the cool amenities you wouldn’t get on other long-term rentals. These include room service, state-of-the-art workout facilities, and an aesthetic pool that will take your stress away.You can even book a hotel with living room to get the comforts of a home and the amenities of a hotel.

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3. Flexible | No strings attached

woman in a hotel rooms perks of living in a hotel extended stays

Scared of commitments? No problem! 

One of the main issues of budget travelers or people looking for affordable housing options is the commitment and lots of paperwork required for traditional home rentals. 

With extended stays hotels, there are no strings attached. Leave whenever you’re ready, stay for as long as you want. Whether you stay in a hotel for a short or long period of time, you wouldn’t have to think about the strict contracts that have longer requirements (6 months to 1 year).

4. Great location

traveler at night perks of living in a hotel extended stays

One of the most important perks of living in a hotel is being able to choose to live in some of your favorite local destinations. Since hotels host all kinds of travelers (budget, leisure, family, and business), these properties are often situated in great locations like near tourist destinations, major transportation hubs, shopping malls, business districts, and more.

5. Can be more affordable than apartments

a woman by the swimming pool perks of living in a hotel extended stays

Of course, our list of perks of living in a hotel is not complete without this! While hotel living may sound too expensive, believe it or not, 1 month hotel stay is more affordable and cost-efficient than renting apartments or condominiums. 

When compared to booking daily hotel room rates, the long term stays hotel rates are quite cheaper. Hotel companies such as ZEN Rooms offer great deals for long term stays to give you convenient, comfortable and budget-friendly accommodation. The money, which you will spend for booking a hotel room for a couple of days, can be used instead as monthly rate hotels to stay for longer periods in an extended stay hotel. Monthly hotel rentals offer all-inclusive rent with no extra fees for utilities.

So, if you’re looking for the best extended stay hotels perfect for a month-long stay, we got you covered! 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Extended Stay Hotels

Q: What are extended stay hotels?
A: An extended stay hotel offers long term accommodation where guests will usually be living in a hotel for a month or longer. It’s similar to an apartment for rent, but without the need to sign a long-term lease. 

Q: How do monthly extended stay hotels work?
A: Monthly stay hotels are booked the same way regular hotels are. You can do it by phone, online, or walk-in. The monthly hotel rates near me or motel monthly rates are based on the time of your booking and your stay duration. Most monthly hotel rentals are meant for a maximum of four occupants, but still, it depends on the policy of your chosen hotel. 

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