If you happen to be a fan of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano for years, this face (and ooh la la well-defined body) would definitely be familiar to you! Jay Gonzaga is a commercial model, TV, film, and theater actor. Given his demanding job and a busy schedule, some might think that he has no time for other things but he’s good at time management! And believe it or not, even if he’s working for a daily primetime TV show, he can still balance his time for family, workout, and travel!

In fact, he can squeeze a lot of time to explore the world and manage to save while traveling. Goals, right? So to help you out, Jay shared what he mostly does when traveling to save money.

Photo taken from Jay Gonzaga’s Instagram

Tips on how to save while traveling according to Jay:

1. Maximize the free breakfast buffet of the hotel if it’s provided.

Believe it or not, even actors are mostly paid well, a part of them is still thrifty and that’s the secret of saving. And when traveling, one of the most expensive parts of it is the food. So Jay advised, maximize the food that’s included in your hotel package. If you can, get some easy to bring foods like bread, pastries, or biscuits and pack them. You can eat these while on the road. In this way, you won’t spend money on snacks, thus, helping you lessen your food expenses.

You can also eat 30 minutes before the cut-off time of your hotel’s breakfast so you’ll still be full until afternoon. 

2. Just walk

Photo taken from Jay Gonzaga’s Instagram

Commuting by taxi, Grab or Uber is expensive. While using public transportations like trains and buses is cheaper, it’s also better if you can just walk while touring especially if your destination is not that far. Besides, walking will let you appreciate the scenery more and is good for your health.

3. Bring your own bottled water and pack some small snacks  

Photo courtesy: Jay Gonzaga

Like in point one, it’s best if you just bring small snacks from your hotel or from a stall to avoid spending too much on restaurants. Also, bring your own water bottle and just refill them at your hotel or the restaurant you’re eating so you won’t keep on buying water every time you get thirsty. Water is expensive in most tourist sites. Plus, you’ll be able to save the environment as well by avoiding plastic!

4. Go for street food

Eating street food is still the cheapest way to spend less on food. Sometimes, street food is much better than the high-end ones! But remember, safety first! Make sure to check the street food before you buy it. Of course, you can still treat yourself in a nice restaurant like twice on a 5-day trip.

5. Take home the toiletries in your hotel room

Photo courtesy: Jay Gonzaga

You have the right to take them home if you weren’t able to use them during your stay because it’s part of your hotel bill. Make use of the hotel shampoos, soaps, slippers, and toothbrushes. Take them home because these will come in handy for your next trip in case your next hotel doesn’t provide the same. Unused hotel toothbrushes can be used for your future guests at home so you don’t need to buy them.

BONUS: Knowing your itinerary is key for saving a lot from travel. Plan your trip ahead like a week or two. Search the places that you want to visit and check the prices online so you’ll have an idea of how much to allocate per day. 

Jay Gonzaga is indeed practicing how to be wise in traveling like how ZEN Rooms wants to impart because travel doesn’t have to be expensive.

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