The global crisis continues to challenge the hotel industry and even changed the way of living. As more countries are easing down their restrictions and lifting their lockdown, people now have to adapt to the “new normal” which includes travel. 

Hoteliers now have the opportunity to plan and prepare their properties on adapting to the new normal and the road to recovery for the industry will start by targeting Millennials. They make up the largest living generation to date and are more likely to spend more on travel. As long as safety measures and protocols are in place in their intended destination, they are more than willing to go on their well-deserved vacation. Hence, hoteliers need to create a proper strategy to target this group effectively by understanding their needs and passion. 


Hotelier’s Guide on the Behavior of Millennials

  1. Ready to spend more on experiences

Millennials are known for their ability to take on multiple jobs while maintaining work-life balance. This group gave rise to the term “freelancers,” in which they are able to have a full-time job while freelancing for some organizations. According to Investopedia, they are known for their characteristic to spend their money on experiences, travel being one of their priorities. After spending a lot of time indoors, with a significant amount of money just left in the bank, they are more likely to devote their funds to travel experiences post lockdown.


  1. More adventurous 

In an interview by Forbes, a young traveler capitalized on the huge drop on plane tickets and accommodation because she wants to capitalize on this to explore new destinations or enjoy a vacation. Millennials have always been known to focus on adventure than be affected by the negativity around them. Drop in travel rates will then be seen as an opportunity for them to encourage their travel needs. It will be certain that they will take advantage of the current situation and travel as much as they can.


  1. Ready to fulfill “travel goals” 

Studies show that 86% of Millennials prefer immersing in a different or new culture with a majority of them planning to visit domestic and international travel destinations. With that, no pandemic or global crisis can curb Millennials’ “wanderlust.” If anything, the quarantine only strengthened their desire to travel. According to NBC, while a lot of travelers were canceling or rescheduling trips, some Millennials are taking advantage of cheap flights. 


  1. More critical on looking for information online

Millennials may be adventurous, but due to the current pandemic, they will have trust issues. Known as the tech-savvy generation, they will be more critical in checking information about the hotel online. According to Hotel Online, 52% of Millennials check online reviews, travel websites, and blogs researching their potential destinations. They are well-informed travelers who will be more expectant of hotels to keep in touch with them to increase assurance. They will expect tech-driven personalization in communication like automated booking reminders.


Millennials will greatly influence the travel market as they are the ultimate consumers during the new normal. With your hotel planning to be future-ready, now is the perfect time to re-examine your hotels’ unique selling proposition, make on-site improvements, upgrade technology, and streamline processes to prepare your business for re-opening to this target market. 


ZEN eManager: Hotelier’s Tool to Manage and Target Millennials for Hotel Bookings


As hotels prepare for millennial travel, it needs an organized and reliable back office to ensure smooth operations and combat the critical nature of this travel segment. 

ZEN eManager is an all-in-one solution that allows easy management of hotel listings across all online travel agencies (OTAs), monitoring of hotel operations real-time, and sending of automated guest reminders through its cutting-edge cloud-based hotel software, eZee Absolute (Property Management System) and eZee Centrix (Channel Manager). To ensure that your hotel rates are optimal with your costs and the demand of the millennial target market, it also includes a dedicated revenue manager for your hotel. 

eZee Absolute PMS gives a 360° view of hotel operations, in which current occupancy rate, on-site staff, and revenue per available room (RevPAR) can be accessed through the mobile app, or any internet-enabled gadget. It also sends automated guest reminders which keeps guests engaged and increases assurance that your hotel is safe and secure. eZee Centrix Channel Manager allows hoteliers to monitor cancellations, re-bookings, and no-shows real-time, in which they can easily adjust room availability in any OTA anytime and anywhere, in one dashboard. 

A dedicated revenue manager straight from ZEN headquarters is also assigned to the property to ensure that rates are optimal. 


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