Planning for travels can take so much time. From the places to eat or the best destinations to visit, a thorough research is needed (unless you’re a spontaneous traveler.) And sometimes, even if you did your best to research and plan things to go well, some things just don’t go as planned and it’s normal. 

Everyone makes mistakes whether in life generally or just in traveling. But since we’re all about travel, we’ll talk about the latter part. Now that you’ve got more time to plan since there’s no work or school due to the coronavirus outbreak, it’s high time to start researching again and correct the mistakes you made before.

We’ve listed the things that you can do now at home that you may have overlooked before that led you to a hassle trip. Here are the things you should take note to avoid the travel mistakes you made before.

1. Organize a travel pouch

woman arranging her packing cubes in travel luggage

Packing and unpacking is easier when your things are organized. We suggest you use packing cubes or pouches to store your clothes, undies, and other travel essentials such as toiletries and accessories. This way, you won’t take too much time looking for a piece or arrange them from time to time.

2. Ask your network provider for possible international charge

woman looking at her phone at the airport

Call your network provider to tell your restrictions before traveling. You don’t want to see an international charge for your next billing whether you switch your cellular data off on your phone. Some charge it automatically. It’s still cheaper to use the local sim of your destination.

3. Exchange money in the Philippines

passport money

While it’s true that sometimes, it’s better to have your money exchanged at the country of your destination, doing it in the Philippines won’t hurt, too! There are money exchange kiosks that provide very good exchange rates than having it exchanged outside the country or at the airport. Makati Cinema Square has good exchange rates! 

4. Maximize your luggage capacity

luggage at the airport

Maximize your free 7kg carry-on luggage and check if you don’t really need to pay for a checked-in luggage especially for domestic flights. Many travelers overlook this privilege. Also, make sure your liquid items are stored in 100ml or less per bottle. 

5. Bring your own tumbler

woman drinking at her own tumbler

Include a small tumbler when packing so there’s no need to buy overpriced bottled water at the airport or at your destination. You can just refill them at the airport or at the hotel you’re staying at. Not only you saved cash but you also saved the environment.

5. Bring an extra small wallet

a belt bag for travel

A sling bag or belt bag is better than any other bag to put your passport in. It’s the easiest way to pull these things out at the airport and when you’re finally traveling around. Have an additional small wallet or designate a travel wallet that can fit inside your sling bag or belt bag, something that is convenient to store coins, cash and a compartment for your primary card. There’s no need to carry your main wallet when traveling to be safe from losing all the important ID and cards.

7. Bring a backpack

man wearing a backpack for travel

If you’re a photographer or just a person who can’t leave without all the gadgets, backpacks are highly-recommended when traveling. It’s a good balance for your shoulders when using this kind of bag than a shoulder bag. Make sure to just pack light so it’s easy to walk for a long period of time. 

8. Bring a scarf

woman with a travel scarf at taj mahal

Whether it’s for men or women, this will be helpful every time you feel cold or if ever you’re going to temples to cover up your body. A scarf is really a must-have because it’s so versatile. You can use it as a skirt, mat, and even a bag. Just tie a knot on both diagonal ends to make either a shoulder bag or a bigger sling bag. This saves space too in your luggage than packing another one.

9. Roll clothes

a woman rolling clothes

When packing, rolling your clothes saves space in your luggage. There’s no need to pack many pieces of clothing for long trips. Some can be washed to be mixed and matched. Just make sure you pack neutral-colored clothes so it’s easy to pair and the clothing material is light. One pair of jeans is enough.

10. Invest in a good portable scale 

portable scale weighing the luggage

Lessen your worry if your luggage is overweight by bringing a portable scale. This is an important tool too while packing to check from time to time which ones are not really important to bring. A good practice too on how to pack light.

11. Bring a universal adapter

phones charging

Sockets from other countries differ so it’s smart to bring a universal adapter.

12. Save space on your luggage

empty luggage

It is wise to pack less than your limited luggage weight because you’ll never know the things that you’ll bring home.

13. Eat before you leave

asian man cooking food at home

Want to save up your cash? Eat at home before you leave or bring small snacks to munch on rather than having the hassle of looking for food to buy when hunger strikes in.

14. Choose the most trusted budget hotel

stunning pool area at zen rooms

If you don’t want to spend too much on your accommodation, it’s best if you book a budget hotel. But make sure to choose only the best budget hotel like ZEN Rooms that offers quality accommodation at a very affordable price.



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