Batangas’ stunning land and seascapes have long been enticing travelers to experience its beauty firsthand. Like Tagaytay and Zambales, it is a default destination for short and spontaneous getaways because it’s just two hours away from Manila. With many Batangas tourist spots to check out—from beaches, coves, and mountains—travelers will never get bored in this province.

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10 Batangas Tourist Spots For An Exciting Vacation

Still searching about where to go in Batangas? To help you plan your itinerary, we’ve listed our top 10 galaan sa Batangas that are worth the visit!

  1. Fortune Island – Popular for its Greek-inspired look.
  2. Laiya Beach – The place where most white beaches in Batangas are located.
  3. Anilao – A famous diving spot because of its great marine life.
  4. Masasa Beach – A favorite weekend destination of city dwellers looking for off-the-beaten tracks.
  5. Matabungkay Beach – A small fishing village-turned-ultimate beach destination.
  6. Sepoc Beach – Boasting its white sand beach and deep blue waters, you would definitely feel relaxed and will get about your work, at least for a little while.
  7. Caleruega Chapel – This pasyalan sa Batangas is a popular retreat and wedding destination, and shooting location.
  8. Mt. Batulao – A beginner-friendly mountain perfect for all types of hikers.
  9. Malabrigo Lighthouse – Has been declared a National Historical Landmark in 2006 by the National Historical Commission.
  10. Cape Santiago Lighthouse – Built in 1887, this Batangas pasyalan is the oldest working lighthouse in Batangas and one of the oldest working lighthouses in the country.

Let’s explore these destinations in Batangas and discover what makes them so special. From Lipa tourist spot to Nasugbu and more, here are the best pasyalan sa Batangas.

1. Fortune Island

batangas tourist spot fortune island

Located in Nasugbu, Batangas, Fortune Island is surrounded by crystal waters and an unobstructed view of the sea. Fortune Island is a popular Batangas tourist spot because of its iconic Grecian pillar ruins, giving the Santorini Batangas vibe. While the area does not have electricity, you can still enjoy tons of activities like swimming, cliff diving, and camping. If you don’t want to camp here, there are many beach resorts near Fortune Island that you can stay at like the Canyon Cove Batangas, Monte Maria Batangas, and ZEN Rooms.

2. Laiya Beach

Laiya batangas batangas tourist spot

Another Batangas tourist spot that is very popular for city dwellers is Laiya Beach in San Juan Batangas. It is most frequented by tourists because of its white sand beach and fun water sports activities. Laiya Beach’s coast is lined up with a mix of bars and restaurants, budget, and luxury hotels. The only downside is that Laiya Beach can get pretty crowded especially on weekends. But overall, this Batangas tourist spot is a perfect vacation destination for family and friends.

3. Anilao

anilao batangas

If you fancy all things underwater, you’ll be jumping at joy when you see Anilao. It is one of the most famous diving spots in the Philippines because of its amazing colorful coral reefs and fishes you thought only to exist in fantasy books. Anilao’s underwater world is definitely a must-see. Some Anilao Batangas tourist spots perfect for diving are Eagle Point, Bahura, Secret Garden, Twin Rocks, and Ligpo Cave. 

4. Masasa Beach

masasa beach batangas tourist spot

Located in the southern part of Tingloy, Batangas, Masasa Beach has become a favorite weekend destination of city dwellers looking for off-the-beaten tracks. This Batangas tourist spot offers a quiet and calming ambiance with its long stretch of stunning beach and clear waters perfect for swimming.

5. Matabungkay Beach

Matabungkay beach batangas

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Matagbungkay Beach has been a favorite quick getaway destination since its glory days in the ‘50s. Since then, what was once a small fishing village turned into a popular tourism destination for weekend travelers. The place is adorned with a long stretch of stunning beach enough to take your mind away from the busy city. You can also find Matabungkay beach resorts nearby that won’t let you break the bank.

6. Sepoc Beach

Sepoc beach batangas

While there are many cool Lipa tourist spots and San Juan Batangas attractions, the town of Tingloy is full of gems that every beach lover would definitely go for! One of the best beaches in Batangas is Sepoc Beach. Boasting its white sand beach and deep blue waters, you would definitely feel relaxed and will get about your work, at least for a little while. Add this tourist spot in Batangas to your itinerary for a fun beach trip.

7. Caleruega Chapel

caleruega chapel batangas

Caleruega Chapel will bring you closer not only to God but also to nature as it is surrounded by delicate flowers and trees. This place is a popular wedding destination and shooting location. This tourist spot in Batangas is also ideal for retreats, recreation, or any other outdoor activities. 

8. Mt. Batulao

mt. batulao batangas

This mountain is beginner-friendly as it’s easier to hike than other mountains. But it’s not all boring though. Mt. Batulao in Batangas Philippines gives hikers a decent challenge and extremely scenic trails of rolling slopes and green grasslands. Before reaching the summit, you will have to pass through several mini-peaks which takes roughly four hours to arrive. For hikers in it for the stunning views and wanting to take their time, there are campsites along the trail to relax and spend the night. You see, Batangas tourism is not just about beaches.

9. Malabrigo Lighthouse

batangas malibrago lighthouse

Located in Lobo Batangas, Malabrigo Lighthouse is one of the two lighthouses in the province constructed in 1891 to guide seafaring vessels voyaging through the eastern side of the Verde Island Passage and Tayabas Bay.

Also known as Faro de Punta Malabrigo or simply parola to the locals, this historic lighthouse has stood the test of time and is still in use with updated solar-powered lamps. This Lobo Batangas tourist spot has also been declared a National Historical Landmark in 2006 by the National Historical Commission.

10. Cape Santiago Lighthouse

Cape Santiago batangas

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

One of the 24 lighthouses that were built during the Spanish era along with the Malabrigo Lighthouse, Cape Santiago Lighthouse held an important role in the maritime history of the Philippines, making it among the most historical places in Batangas. Built in 1887, it is the oldest working lighthouse in Batangas and one of the oldest working lighthouses in the country.


11. Pulo Island, Nasugbu

Also known as Loren Island and Pulo-Pulo to locals, this piece of paradise is a perfect spot for those in need of respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. While the sand here is beige and not fine, it is equally stunning as other beaches.

This Batangas tourist spot is said to be owned by former senator Loren Legarda, hence the name. 

12. Milea Bee Farm

If you’re looking for a Lipa tourist spot, consider visiting Milea Bee Farm. Here you can experience BEE-ing close to nature and bees. They offer a BEEsita tour that lets you explore the farm where you will taste real, fresh honey direct from the beehive, wild edible fruits and herbs, pick and pay organic vegetables. Then the tour is capped with light snacks and bottomless honey drinks. This tourist spot in Lipa Batangas will surely fascinate everyone, especially the kids.

Where to stay in Batangas

There are many good places to stay in the province and finding the best resort in Batangas is easy. Here we’ve listed our top four picks of the best accommodations in Batangas that will give you a cozy stay after a full day of exploring the tourist spot in Batangas. Best of all, these hotels won’t hurt your pocket!

1. ZEN Rooms Yellowbell Batangas
Price range:
P2,500 – P7,600 per night

2. ZEN Rooms Park B&B Batangas
Price range:
P2,000 – P2,500 per night

3. ZEN Rooms Hacienda Darasa
Price range: P2,500 – P9,700 per night

4. ZEN Rooms Rosario Resort Batangas
Price range: P3,200 – P8,700

Batangas Tourism Guidelines 2021 | COVID-19 Updates

As of writing, Batangas Philippines is open to residents and domestic tourists aged 15-65 years old. Travelers under GCQ and MGCQ areas who want to dive in Anilao, Calatagan Batangas, and other areas in the province must present a negative RT-PCR test result taken not earlier than 48 hours prior to traveling. For more updates about Batangas tourism, check out their Facebook page.

Frequently Asked Questions about Batangas Tourist Spot

Q: What is famous in Batangas? 
A: Whether you’re looking for Lipa Batangas tourist spots, Lobo Batangas tourist spots, or historical places in Batangas, the province has everything you need. The most famous places to visit in Batangas are:

  1. Fortune Island
  2. Laiya Beach
  3. Anilao Diving Spots: Eagle Point, Bahura, Secret Garden, Twin Rocks, and Ligpo Cave
  4. Masasa Beach
  5. Matabungkay Beach
  6. Sepoc Beach
  7. Caleruega Chapel
  8. Mt. Batulao
  9. Malabrigo Lighthouse
  10. Cape Santiago Lighthouse

Q: Is Batangas safe for tourists?
A: Batangas Philippines is a popular destination in the Philippines especially for a weekend getaway. It is relatively safer than other destinations in the Philippines however just like all places, it is recommended travelers practice basic safety measures like not going out at secluded places and keeping their safety in mind first. 

Q: Where can I swim in Batangas?
A: There are many beach Batangas tourist spots perfect for swimming and these include:

  1. Laiya, San Juan
  2. Verde Island, Batangas City
  3. Manuel Uy Beach
  4. Sombrero Island
  5. Sepoc Beach
  6. Fortune Island
  7. Malabrigo Point
  8. Matabungkay Beach
  9. Burot Beach
  10. Calayo Beach
  11. Pulo Island

Q: How to travel from Manila to Batangas and vice versa?
A: There are 4 main ways to travel to Batangas from Manila and back

  1. Self Drive
  2. Bus
  3. Taxi

All of the above are easily available and total time taken doesn’t exceed 3-4 hours maximum. 

Q: What are the best Lipa Batangas tourist spots?
A: Discover the best Lipa Batangas tourist spot. Read this list to know where you should go in Lipa and create a Batangas tourist spots itinerary:

  1. Milea Bee Farm
  2. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church
  3. San Sebastian Cathedral
  4. Casa De Segunda
  5. BluRoze Farms

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