The Philippines truly is home to thousands of amazing islands that never disappoints. Believe it or not, there’s one place in the country that is famous for having more than one hundred paradise for beach lovers—Pangasinan Hundred Islands.

The Hundred Islands National Park Alaminos Pangasinan, also known as “Kapulo-puloan or Taytay-Bakes”, boasts 124 islands at low tide and 123 islands at high tide that are scattered along the Lingayen Gulf.

How to Get to Pangasinan Hundred Islands

Traveling to Pangasinan from Manila is not as complicated as you think it is. From Cubao or Pasay, you can ride a bus going to Alaminos, Pangasinan where Hundred Islands is located. 

Major bus companies like Victory Liner, 5-Star Bus Company, Dagupan Bus Co., Cisco Bus and First North Luzon Transit provide daily trips to various stops in Pangasinan like Bolinao, Dagupan, Alaminos, Lingayen and Urdaneta.

Travel time from Metro Manila to Pangasinan is around 4 to 6 hours depending on which town you are visiting. 

From Alaminos City proper, ride a tricycle going to Lucap Wharf Alaminos City Pangasinan where the Tourism Information Center is located. At the Tourism Information Center, register and pay the necessary fees for an island-hopping tour at Hundred Islands Alaminos Pangasinan.

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Read this Pangasinan island travel guide to know everything you need before your trip.

About Pangasinan Hundred Islands

hundred islands in pangasinan

As the name suggests, Hundred Islands National Park Alaminos Pangasinan has more than 100 islands for you to enjoy, 124 to be exact during low tide and 123 during high tide. You can dip at the beautiful beaches and see amazing nature spots. It’s home to places that are perfect for recreational activities—from swimming and trekking to sightseeing.

It’s known across the world for good reason—scattered beautifully upon the blue-green waters of the Lingayen Gulf, with abundant inland and underwater flora and fauna, cream-colored fine sand that yields to every step, and friendly local islanders.

Best Time to Visit Hundred Islands in Pangasinan 

Pangasinan province has generally pleasant weather so it’s an ideal vacation spot all year round. However, Pangasinan Island also experiences typhoons and monsoon rains so avoid visiting 100 Islands Pangasinan during the wet season from June to October. 

Rates And Other Information In Visiting

Here are the rates you need to prepare when visiting 100 Islands Pangasinan.

Day Tour 

Entrance Fee: PHP30 per person 

Environmental Fee: PHP40 per person 

Insurance: PPHP10 per person

Small Boat (1 to 5 persons): PHP1,400

Medium Boat (6 to 10 persons): PHP1,800

Big Boat (11 to 15 persons): PHP2,000


Entrance Fee: PHP30 per person 

Environmental Fee: PHP80 per person 

Insurance: PHP10 per person

Small Boat (1 to 5 persons): PHP3,000

Medium Boat (6 to 10 persons): PHP3,800

Big Boat (11 to 15 persons): PHP4,500

Camping Fee: PHP250 per person

Tent Rental: From PHP500

Things to See and Do in Hundred Islands National Park Alaminos Pangasinan

Here’s a list of the things to do in Alaminos for a fun and memorable adventure!

Hundred Islands Alaminos is not just about swimming. If you’d explore it even more, you’ll discover that there’s more to it than just sun, sand, and sea. 

1. See a panoramic view of the islands at Governor’s Island

governor's island pangasinan hundred islands

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Island Hundred Islands is a popular tourist spot in Alaminos Pangasinan because of the stunning views it offers. There’s a viewing deck Governors Island Hundred Islands perfect for taking selfies and panoramic shots. To get there, you’ll have to climb a 123-step staircase. It’s tiring but so worth it. 

2. Kayak in Children’s Island

pangasinan hundred islands

If you’re looking for an Alaminos Pangasinan beach where you can just lounge around with the kids, Children’s Island is the place to be. It features long stretches of shallow waters perfect for young ones. Children’s Island is also great to experience water activities like swimming and kayaking. 

3. Have a picnic at Quezon Island

Quezon Island pangasinan hundred islands

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Among the islands in Hundred Islands Alaminos Pangasinan, this is the most developed. There are many huts, cottages, and picnic areas where you can enjoy a meal with a view together with your family. You can also snorkel in Quezon Island Pangasinan for an added fun.

4. Visit Pilgrimage Island

Pilgrimage Island pangasinan hundred islands

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

One of the newest attractions in Hundred Islands is the 56-foot Christ the Savior statue atop Pilgrimage Island (formerly Martha Island). You can climb 263 steps from the beach to not only give respect to Christ the Savior but also enjoy the panoramic view of some of the nearby islets. This Alaminos tourist spot is a must visit!

5. Cliff Jump in Marcos Island

marcos island hundred islands pangasinan

Photo from Edwin Juen Jr

Want to try an extreme activity while in 100 Islands Pangasinan? Then head to Marcos Island Pangasinan and scream your heart out as you cliff jump to its stunning waters!

6. Snorkel in Coral Garden

coral garden hundred islands pangasinanAfter cliff diving at Marcos Island, go to Coral Garden and see how beautiful Pangasinan Island’s underwater world is. Here you’ll see lots of colorful fishes and corals. The water is so clear enough for you to see everything underwater even without diving deep. 

Where to Stay in Hundred Islands, Pangasinan

Whether you’re a backpacker looking for a budget Alaminos beach resort or someone traveling with family who wants to stay at luxurious Alaminos Pangasinan resorts, the town has a lot in store for you.

Here we’ve rounded up all the best resorts inside Hundred Islands that you can book or hotels near Hundred Islands Pangasinan.

  1. Island Tropic Hotel and Restaurant (Alaminos)
  2. Islandia Hotel (Alaminos)
  3. Puerto Del Sol (Bolinao)
  4. El Puerto Marina Beach Resort & Spa (Lingayen)
  5. Monarch Hotel (Calasiao)
  6. Asia Novo Boutique Hotel (Alaminos)
  7. Treasure Isle Guesthouse (Alaminos)
  8. VEUE Beach Cabins (Bolinao)
  9. D’ Little Egg Hostel & Cafe (Urdaneta)
  10. Birdland Beach Club (Bolinao)

zenrooms pangasinan propertyFrequently Asked Questions About Pangasinan Hundred Islands

Q: How many islands are there in the Hundred Islands?

A: There’s a total of 124 islands in Hundred Islands during low tide, and 123 islands during high tide.

Q: What is Pangasinan famous for?

A: Pangasinan is known for its delicious mangoes, bangus (milk fish), ceramic oven-baked puto Calasiao (“native rice cake”) and of course, the stunning tourist spots in Alaminos Pangasinan and other nearby towns.

Q: Why is it called Hundred Islands?

A: It’s called Hundred Islands because there are more than 100 islands that are accessible from one another. 

Q: What is the famous food in Pangasinan?

A: Here are the must-try food in Pangasinan:

  1. Puto Calasiao
  2. Pigar-pigar
  3. Lechon bagoong
  4. Mangaldan Tapa
  5. San Jacinto Corn
  6. Alaminos Longganisa
  7. Bangus 

Q: Is Pangasinan open for tourists? 

A: As of writing, Pangasinan has reopened only for tourists coming from Ilocos region.

Source: Philippine Star

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While seat sales are everywhere tempting us to hop on a plane, not all people have the luxury of having a limitless number of vacation leaves because most often than not, all that’s left on our calendar are a couple of long weekends to get out of town. Hence, we end up searching for a weekend getaway near Manila.

You don’t actually need to book a plane ticket to satisfy your wanderlust. In fact, you don’t even need to drive too far from the city at all! We know how important a quick recharge is, so we listed all the good places you can escape to if ever you need a quick weekend getaway.

Quarantine Hotels in manila

10 Best Weekend Getaways near Manila

Here are the most relaxing and fun weekend getaways near Manila:

  1. Batangas
  2. Tagaytay
  3. Laguna
  4. Rizal
  5. Zambales
  6. Pangasinan
  7. Quezon
  8. La Union
  9. Bataan
  10. Pampanga

What’s inside this blog?

Itching for a quick getaway near Manila? Let’s explore each of the fun weekend destinations near Manila that are perfect for your much-needed break.

1. Batangas

When looking for a weekend getaway near Manila, Batangas comes first to mind. From beaches and hiking to food trips, Batangas has everything that other destinations have, too. You can already enjoy white sand beaches without traveling by plane!

Travel time from Manila: 2 hours

Recommended spots:

  • Fortune Island
  • Masasa Beach
  • Malabrigo Beach
  • Matabungkay Beach
  • Taal Heritage Town

More Batangas tourist spots for a quick escape: 12 Pristine Beaches in Batangas Every Traveler Shouldn’t Miss for a Fun Getaway

Budget Accommodations in Batangas

  1. ZEN Rooms Yellowbell Batangas
    Price range: P2,500 – P7,600 per night
  2. ZEN Rooms Park B&B Batangas
    Price range: P2,000 – P2,500 per night
  3. ZEN Rooms Hacienda Darasa
    Price range: P2,500 – P9,700 per night
  4. ZEN Rooms Rosario Resort Batangas
    Price range: P3,200 – P8,700

2. Tagaytay

One of the most famous destinations for overnight getaways near Manila, whether it’s summer or not, is Tagaytay. It’s basically among the coldest places in the Philippines that give its visitors fresh clean air and a pleasant atmosphere.

Some of the most famous activities in Tagaytay are trekking to Taal Volcano’s crater, dine at a restaurant with a breathtaking view of Taal Volcano, and search for the best bulalo in town. So if you want your getaway to be fun and not too far from the metro, Tagaytay is the place to be.

Travel time from Manila: 2 hours

Recommended spots:

  • Sky Ranch Tagaytay
  • Balay Dako
  • Sonya’s Garden
  • People’s Park in the Sky
  • Picnic Grove

More Tagaytay tourist spots for your much-deserved getaway: 12 Tagaytay Tourist Spots Perfect for Refreshing Staycation

Budget Accommodations in Tagaytay

  1. ZEN Rooms Cool Breeze Tagaytay
    Price range: P2,500 – P4,000 per night
  2. ZEN Premium Junction Tagaytay
    Price range: P2,700 per night
  3. Casamara Garden Tagaytay
    Price range: P1,200 – P6,900 per night
  4. ZEN Rooms Titus Poison Garden
    Price range: P1,600 – P2,000 per night

3. Laguna

Not all paradise is made of pristine white beaches. Sometimes, it’s dressed as forests, hot springs, and falls. And Laguna is the obvious proof of that. Despite getting partly overlooked because it isn’t the typical summer destination, much of Laguna’s beauty is about the province’s unspoiled rainforests and waterfalls. 

Other than these, its towns radiate its glorious past as it retains its historic facade including that of Rizal Shrine, which is a replica of the original two-story house where Jose Rizal was born. 

Many people, especially those living in the neighboring provinces, often visit Laguna as it is one of the best cheap getaways near Manila. Laguna is also usually listed as a popular “staycation near me” destination if you’re from Manila.

Travel time from Manila: 2 hours

Recommended spots:

  • Majayjay Falls and Cold Springs
  • Pandin Lake
  • Hulugan Falls
  • Nuvali
  • Rizal Shrine

More awesome destinations for a quick getaway near Manila: Top 17 Laguna Tourist Spots to Visit if You Want An Ultimate Relaxation

4. Rizal

For quick weekend out-of-town trips, destinations like Tagaytay or Batangas usually come to mind. Rizal, while also close to Manila, is often overlooked. But this underrated travel destination has gems worth exploring that might even surprise you.

Rizal is rich in natural wonders such as mountains, stunning waterfalls and rivers, and art museums. And the good thing here is, Rizal is easily accessible by public transportation from Manila. There are many buses and vans that go in and out of the province

Travel time from Manila: 1-2 hours

Recommended spots:

  • Daranak Falls
  • Tinipak River
  • Pililla Windmills
  • Masungi Georeserve
  • Pinto Art Museum

More awesome destinations for a fun weekend getaway: 10 Incredible Tanay Rizal Tourist Spots Worth Putting on Your Bucket List

5. Zambales

Another destination most frequented by travelers, especially solo backpackers, is Zambales. With its proximity to Manila, Zambales is one of the perfect destinations for overnight getaways near Manila. 

Although the province is just three to four hours road trip from the metro, it still gives you the feeling that you fell off the grid for the weekend. The best activities to do in Zambales are partying, camping at the beach, and island hopping.

You can enjoy the scenic views of Anawangin Cove or have the beach all to yourself at the uncrowded Capones Island. And don’t worry about the budget because Zambales is one of the most affordable getaways near Manila.

Travel time from Manila: 3-4 hours away

Recommended spots:

  • Anawangin Cove
  • Capones Island
  • Liwliwa Beach
  • Nagsasa Cove
  • Potipot Island

More Zambales tourist spots for your quick escape: 10 Best Beaches in Zambales Perfect for a Quick Beach Fix

6. Pangasinan

Pangasinan is mostly known for bangus (milkfish) and the Hundred Islands. However, there’s much more to see in this coastal province. 

If you’re hesitant to travel all the way to the North because of budget restrictions, don’t worry because, in Pangasinan, it’s possible to have a weekend getaway near Manila with the whole family without breaking the bank.

The province is blessed with hundred islands, beautiful beaches, and nature spots. It’s home to several spots that are perfect for recreational activities—from swimming and trekking to sightseeing.

Travel time from Manila: Around 5-6 hours

Recommended spots:

  • Hundred Islands National Park
  • Abagatanen and Pabrika Beach
  • Enchanted Cave
  • Panacalan Island
  • Patar Beach

For more tourist spots near me in Pangasinan for your quick getaway, read this: 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Pangasinan Fit for a Beach-Lover’s Taste

7. Quezon

Whether you’re looking for a fun or tranquil vacation near Manila, you won’t miss out when you travel to Quezon province as it has everything you’re looking for—from stunning white beaches and delectable cuisine to lively and colorful festival. And don’t miss their delicious Pancit Habhab!

Travel time from Manila: 4 hours

Recommended spots:

  • Borawan Beach
  • Hagdan-Hagdan Falls
  • Villa Escudero
  • Jomalig Island
  • Kamay ni Hesus

8. La Union

The main reason for any tourist visiting La Union is to surf. If you’re new to this and want to learn how to surf, the beachfront is lined with surfing schools and instructors that will help you. 

But La Union is more than just a surf town. It offers a wide variety of food places, activities, and scenic spots. When in La Union, you’ll definitely experience its vibrant colors, youthful energy, and laid-back vibe to the fullest.

Travel time from Manila: 4 hours

Recommended spots:

  • Tangadan Falls
  • Luna Beach
  • Baluarte Watchtower
  • Kamay na Bato Art Gallery
  • Grape Farm

Can’t find a relaxing place in Metro Manila? Check this out instead: 12 Must-Visit Beaches in La Union for a Fun Weekend Escape

Budget Accommodations in La Union

  1. ZEN Rooms G Hotel La Union
    Price range: P1,000 – P1,700 per night
  2. Monaliza Surf Resort
    Price range: P1,600 – P6,000 per night
  3. ZEN Rooms Basic North Coast Resort
    Price range: P2,600 – P7,500 per night
  4. ZEN Rooms Le Marc Beach Resort La Union
    Price range: P3,500 – P10,600 per night

9. Bataan

When someone says Bataan, the first thing that will come to mind is how it has played a big role during World War II because of the Bataan Death March and The Battle of Bataan.

While the province is rich in history, it’s also the perfect destination for anyone who wants to escape the chaos of Manila. If you feel like traveling back in time and see what Old Manila looks like, you can visit Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar; or if you just want to have a chill vacation, go on an island-hopping or beach trip at Five Fingers Cove.

Bataan is surely a great weekend getaway destination.

Travel time from Manila: 

  • 1 hour by ferry
  • Less than 3 hours by land

Recommended spots:

  • Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar
  • Five Fingers Coves
  • Pawikan Conservation Center
  • Mount Samat National Shrine
  • Sisiman Bay and Lighthouse

Done with your vacations in Manila? Extend your getaway in Bataan: 16 Best Bataan Tourist Spots Every Traveler Will Love

Budget Accommodation in Bataan

Eva’s Paradise Beach Resort
Price range: P2,500 – P7,000 per night

10. Pampanga

While Pampanga boasts its cuisines and delicacies that have become national sensations, making them the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, it has much more to offer other than food. 

Pampanga caters to every kind of traveler—from the adventurous to laid-back tourists. When in Pampanga, you can go to Sandbox in Alviera to fix your adventure cravings with its fun rides and activities. You can also go on a laid-back trip by visiting Puning Hot Springs.

Travel time from Manila: 2 hours

Recommended spots:

  • Mt. Pinatubo crater
  • Sandbox
  • Zoocobia Fun Zoo
  • Puning Hot Springs
  • Aqua Planet

For more tourist spots in Pampanga, read this: 10 Best Pampanga Tourist Spots Not to Miss for a Fun-Filled Trip

If you’re planning to have a weekend getaway near Manila, book your budget hotels at ZEN Rooms to enjoy great rooms at an affordable price!

Frequently Asked Questions about weekend getaways near Manila

Q: Where can I go near Manila this weekend?
A: Here are the best places to go near Manila for a weekend getaway

  1. Batangas: 2 hours away
  2. Tagaytay: 2 hours
  3. Laguna: 2 hours
  4. Rizal: 1-2 hours
  5. Zambales: 3-4 hours
  6. Pangasinan: 5-6 hours
  7. Quezon: 4 hours
  8. La Union: 4 hours
  9. Bataan: 1 hour by ferry. Under 3 hours by land. 
  10. 10. Pampanga: 2 hours

Q: Where can I unwind near Manila?
A: These are the best places to unwind near Manila:

  1. Batangas: Fortune Island, Masasa Beach, Malabrigo Beach
  2. Tagaytay: Sky Ranch Tagaytay, Sonya’s Garden, People’s Park in the Sky
  3. Laguna: Majayjay Falls and Cold Springs, Pandin Lake, Hulugan Falls
  4. Rizal: Masungi Georeserve, Tinipak River, Pililla Windmills
  5. Zambales: Capones Island, Anawangin Cove
  6. Pangasinan: Hundred Islands National Park, Abagatanen and Pabrika Beach, Enchanted Cave
  7. Quezon: Hagdan-Hagdan Falls, Villa Escudero, Borawan Beach
  8. La Union: Luna Beach, Baluarte Watchtower, Tangadan Falls
  9. Bataan: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Sisiman Bay and Lighthouse, Five Fingers Coves
  10. Pampanga: Mt. Pinatubo crater, Puning Hot Springs, Aqua Planet, Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Q: Where should I go for a 2 day trip near Manila?
A: Here are 5 best options for a 2-day trip or a weekend getaway include:

  1. Pampanga
  2. Bataan
  3. Zambales
  4. Pangasinan
  5. La Union

Q: What are the best beaches near Manila?
A: The best beaches near Manila for a weekend getaway are:

  1. Masasa Beach
  2. Liwliwa Beach
  3. Abagatanen and Pabrika Beach
  4. Pundaquit Beach
  5. Burot Beach
  6. Halfmoon Beach
  7. Masasa Beach
  8. Burot Beach
  9. Nagsasa Cove
  10. Talisayin Cove Beach

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Please Note: Some destinations might be closed or there might be travel restrictions placed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please keep the government mandate in mind.