The popularity of budget travel in the last 10 years led to an increase in the number of small and midsize independent hotels in the industry. As competitors have increased, hoteliers need to stay competitive by updating their processes and adapt tools that will result in better customer service.  

To be at an advantage and scale the business, hotels need a digital solution to streamline their administrative process and improve the overall hotel management system. More hotels are now switching to a cloud-based Property Management System (PMS) that enables them to standardize booking procedures, simplify adjustments in reservations, view financial reports in one place, and gather guest insights. 

In a survey by Software Advice in 2014, 54% of hotel management software purchasers in the industry are small to midsize independent hotels. Here are the reasons why more and more hoteliers opt for a PMS in improving their efficiency.


3 Key Reasons Why Hotels Should Switch to a Cloud-Based PMS

  1. Long term savings

In the same survey by Software Advice, 96% of hotel software buyers are now looking for a cloud-based system to lower investment costs and have more flexibility for bookings. Automation functions of a reliable cloud-based PMS can do the job of one person, which means fewer costs on wages for hotel owners. Moreover, a PMS costs less than $50 per month, almost 40% less than the amount of one front desk officer. 

  1. Improves staff efficiency

The main function of a PMS is to seamlessly edit room reservations (cancellations, re-bookings, and booking extensions) which makes it easy for front desk officers to manage room allotments. A PMS includes other hotel functions such as financial report generation and check-in processes which can save up to 2 hours daily in manually doing these tasks. Hotel staff members can then focus on assisting guests and improving customer service. Additionally, through the mobile app, each hotel staff member can coordinate on the tasks that need to be done through remote access.

  1. Used as a marketing tool

A good cloud-based PMS will include a guest management feature to maintain guest information. Helping hoteliers understand them better and provide better service. Moreover, a PMS has a basic email marketing tool that allows hotels to send automated booking confirmation emails to ensure smooth check-in and post-checkout emails. Hoteliers can even profile their usual guest types and retarget their services to this majority. 


ZEN eManager: A Digital All-in-one Solution for Small and Midsize Independent Hotels

ZEN eManager is a digital all-in-one solution trusted by more than 5,000 independent hotels in Southeast Asia. Hotels with an average room count of 20 are the majority of ZEN eManager clients, in which they are able to have the following: 

A cloud-based property management system: eZee Absolute is a Property Management System (PMS) that allows hoteliers and other staff to manage the property remotely while ensuring that hotel operations are smooth and guest satisfaction is excellent. Through the mobile app, the hotel staff will be able to coordinate on tasks without staying close to each other. 

Advantages of eZee Absolute: 

  • Automation of hotel operations – The PMS allows auto-assignment of rooms to the hotel guests so the staff does not have to manually check which rooms are available. It also provides the staff with an easier way to input in guest details and checks them in the hotel.
  • Tracking of hotel performance – The PMS provides increased visibility on hotel data like guest insights, room occupancy, and financial status. This allows hoteliers to quickly re-plan their strategies for the next few days or weeks. 
  • Integration with Channel Manager – eZee Absolute can seamlessly be connected to the hotel’s Channel Manager. Since more bookings are coming from Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), it is important to synchronize external bookings with in-house reservations and current bookings. 


ZEN eManager also includes: 

  1. A cloud-based channel manager: ZEN eManager also has eZee Centrix, a Channel Manager. It allows easy management of hotel listings across 100+ OTAs in one dashboard. 
  2. A dedicated revenue manager: ZEN eManager also includes a dedicated revenue manager straight from ZEN Headquarters. The assigned revenue manager applies the most advanced pricing algorithm, the ZEN Pricing Model, to ensure that hotel owners get maximum revenue no matter the season.
  3. Exclusive listing on ZEN Rooms is a trusted brand, with its own Online Travel Agency (OTA) obtaining up to 1 million monthly website visits. ZEN also gives a marketing edge to exclusive partners by publicizing their hotels across digital marketing channels with more than 1 million followers. 


Book a free demo of ZEN eManager at to find out more. 

Technology has made daily life easier and more convenient especially with online transactions. Making travellers even more reliant on their mobile devices to pay for their goods and services remotely and in real-time. With this trend, hoteliers should know the behavior of their guests when it comes to paying for their rooms to maximize bookings at the property. 

Having online payment methods is advantageous in this day and age for the hotel since guests now prefer smooth and seamless transactions. Most guests will be encouraged to book if they find it easy to secure a room in the hotel.


5 Reasons Why Online Payments Are Preferred in 2020

 1. Guests can use their preferred payment methods 

Welcome guests from all over the world by offering localized payment methods that are preferred. This will create a personalized and consistent experience for them as they are provided with the right payment options. This also includes having a dynamic currency conversion, to allow guests to choose which currency they want to pay in.

2. It makes transactions more transparent and seamless.

Paying online requires the hotelier to present a comprehensive breakdown of costs, even the miscellaneous fees such as security deposit, cleaning fee, or reservation fee. Giving guests access to this information will make the experience easier and transactions to be transparent. This will eliminate the need for them to spend time in sorting out their transactions upon checkout, and resulting in a better overall guest experience.

3. Guests are now more willing to give out credit card details online.

With the advance of technology and explosive growth of global smartphone penetration, consumers are more comfortable in doing online transactions. As more merchants are now accepting online payments through different payment methods, consumers understand the convenience that it provides. Ultimately, giving them more confidence in providing their credit card details online including booking transactions. 

4. Increases Sense of Security

Paying online eliminates the uncertainty that there will be no room available for the guests to stay in. Once they book and pay their room online, the room will be automatically blocked on the day of their visit. If there are no online payment methods available, guests are more likely to book a different hotel to secure a guaranteed booking. 

5. Cashless Transactions Are Preferred During a Pandemic

To avoid the possibility of contracting the virus upon contact, guests now prefer contactless payments to lessen physical interaction during this global crisis. Moreover, online payment methods are secure and easier to access in the digital age. 


Online payment methods are not only advantageous for guests, but for hotels as well. Here are some advantages:

2 Advantages of Online Payments for Hotels

1. Payment Security

Online payment is done before check-in so it is ensured that all charges are fully paid. For hotels with fees on cancellation, it is easy to collect payment from third parties if the transaction has been done online.

2. Anti-theft

Online payment systems are more secure than ever. Accessing bank accounts usually requires a two-step verification process (entering account password and one-time password or OTP) so it is difficult for someone to steal from the hotel’s account. This is better compared to having cash at the hotel front desk, in which anyone can access the money if left unmonitored or there are no CCTVs around. 


ZEN eManager: The All-in-one Solution to Manage Various Types of Guest Bookings

Most hoteliers do not prefer online payments because they do not have the right tools to accept them or manage them. With ZEN eManager’s advanced cloud-based softwares, most online payment methods are acceptable in order to make hoteliers’ jobs easier and guests’ transactions smoother. 


ZEN eManager comes with:

Two cloud-based hotel softwares: It has a Property Management System called eZee Absolute which allows hoteliers to manage reservations and bookings, organize payments, and generate financial reports in just a few clicks. eZee Absolute PMS accepts most kinds of payment methods and clearly indicates which payment method was used in every booking. ZEN eManager also has eZee Centrix Channel Manager to allow the staff to monitor cancellations, re-bookings, and no-shows real-time, in which they can easily adjust room availability in any OTA anytime and anywhere, in one dashboard.

A dedicated revenue manager: A revenue manager straight from ZEN headquarters is assigned to the property to assist with competitive pricing. ZEN revenue managers apply the ZEN Pricing model, the most advanced pricing algorithm, to ensure that the hotel has the most profitable rates.  This partnership includes bi-weekly calls between the revenue manager and the hotelier to ensure that rate adjustments are agreed upon by both parties. 

Book a free demo of ZEN eManager at:

During the lockdown, hotels temporarily halted their operations. Since most hotels are experiencing the same downtime, this evens the playing field between you and your competitor. How do you make sure you bounce back faster than others? You have to re-strategize and make sure that your hotel operations are smooth. A reliable property management system can help you do that.

What is a PMS?

A property management system (PMS) is a software that allows hotels to efficiently manage their daily operations. With a reliable PMS, you can improve task coordination between front desk and housekeeping, take note of available inventory quickly, and observe financial changes in your hotel real-time. In simple words, a PMS automates operations which helps you save time and improve guest satisfaction.

Advantages of a Property Management System (PMS)

1. Easy Inventory Management

Most PMS automate the booking process across all of your hotel’s distribution channels. This helps you avoid mismatched inventory. After the community quarantine, if your hotel still doesn’t have a standardized way to properly manage room inventory, you might lose income due to overbookings or unsold rooms. During this fragile time, it is critical to make sure that everything runs smoothly so as not to incur more losses.

2. Smoother Guest Communication

A reliable PMS gives you prompt access to all the guest information you need, and automates email confirmation. All you have to do is create these confirmation emails and reminders beforehand so you can automate the process. After the community quarantine, guests will have trust issues on safety and cleanliness of your hotel. Make sure your communication with them is smooth, clear, and swift, so as not to give them a reason to be hesitant in booking again.

3. Immediate Access To Performance Data For Re-strategy 

A PMS gives you a complete overview of your daily running status and compares it with your previous performance. Since you have access to historical data, you will be able to plan your strategy accordingly. Some of the data you can immediately access are total revenue, average daily rate, revenue per available room (RevPAR), average daily rate (ADR) and even booking lead time. After the quarantine period, hotels can’t open without a proper strategy. Having immediate access to data can help hoteliers adjust room availability to minimize costs. Since data is available everyday, it will be easier to make changes when needed.

4. Focus on Guest Experience

Since the playing field has been leveled for you and your competitors, you need to make sure that you become guests’ popular choice by giving them the best experience. With a reliable PMS, your hotel staff can finish administrative tasks like check-in and check-out faster than usual, which enables them to focus on giving an extra helping hand to guests. Moreover, real-time data and guest insights provided by a PMS allows the hotel staff to create new strategies in providing better guest experience.

The ZEN eManager Advantage: Why It Is Essential for Independent Hotels

ZEN eManager is an all-in-one solution that has a cloud-based property management system (eZee Absolute), channel manager (eZee Centrix), and the ZEN pricing model.

With ZEN eManager’s property management system called eZee Absolute, you can manage your online reservations and offline bookings in one place, automatically send confirmation emails and reminders to guests, adjust room allocations, and generate financial reports real-time.

Additionally, ZEN eManager also comes with a Channel Manager called eZee Centrix which allows hotels to update room allotment and rates on major OTAs, avoiding overbooking and rate parity issues. To help hotels in optimizing costs with revenue, the ZEN pricing model is also included in eManager. An assigned Revenue Manager from ZEN Headquarters adjusts room rates up to 7x daily based on demand, seasonality and other factors that might affect your hotel.

Having a PMS which is included in an all-in-one bundle like eManager saves your hotel costs, time, and effort. Book your free demo now at to see how ZEN eManager can help you bounce back quicker than competition.



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