In a welcome step towards opening and easing travel in the Philippines, the Department of Health has allowed destinations to accept Red Cross offered Saliva RT-PCR Test under their mandatory travel requirements. This is not only a great step towards stimulating domestic tourism in the Philippines but also an effective way to ensure travelers save money while traveling safely under the COVID pandemic guidelines.

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RT-PCR Saliva testing not only generates faster results (within three to four hours, after samples have been collected), but it is also cheaper at P1,500-P2,000 compared to the RT-PCR swab test which ranges from P3,500-5,000. To book a COVID-19 RT-PCR Saliva Test, or want to find the saliva test for COVID near me, please visit this website:  

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Philippines destinations that are accepting RT PCR Saliva Test

If you’re scared to do the regular swab test, good news because there are now Philippine destinations that accept Red Cross saliva tests. However, do note that most establishments and local governments only allow those that are done by the Philippine Red Cross so make sure to take a red cross saliva test booking or check with the LGU first if they accept saliva tests taken from other clinics. See below for the list.

1. Boracay

(Effective and accepting from March 18, 2021)

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2. Aklan

(Effective and accepting from March 10, 2021)

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3. Siargao

(Effective and accepting from March 9, 2021)

Things to do in Siargao | Book ZEN Rooms in Siargao

4. Bohol

(Effective and accepting from Feb 2, 2021)

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Travel Destinations in PH that don’t need RT-PCR test proof upon arrival

Itching to travel again? Great news for you because there are some provinces in the country that don’t require Red Cross swab test.

1. Baguio City

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2. Cebu

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3. Puerto Galera

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4. Tagaytay

Things to do in Tagaytay | Book ZEN Rooms in Tagaytay

Other Re-opened Destinations in the Philippines (require RT-PCR Swab Test)

Here are some Philippine destinations that have reopened that are requiring Red Cross swab test:

1. El Nido, Palawan

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2. Coron

Things to do in Coron | Book ZEN Rooms in Coron

3. Ilocos 

Things to do in Illocos | Book ZEN Rooms in Illocos

4. Batangas

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Uniform Travel Guidelines for all domestic destinations in PH

In a statement, the Department of Tourism (DoT) said the simplification of the travel requirements is “vital in encouraging domestic travel and helping in the speedy recovery of Philippine tourism”.

Under the new rules, Covid-19 testing is no longer mandatory for travelers unless required by the LGU prior to travel, with testing to be limited to RT-PCR, Philippine Red Cross Swab Test result, or Saliva RT-PCR test. As well, quarantine is not required unless the traveler exhibits symptoms upon arrival at the destination, as are health certificates and travel authorities issued by the Joint Task Force Covid Shield.

Red Cross saliva test booking and swab test bookings may be added cost due to the expensive red cross swab test price and a hassle in some way but just think of it as your extra layer of protection not just for you but also for other poeple. Make sure to always check with your LGU or the Department of Tourism’s updates in case they offer a more affordable swab test price Philippines 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions About Red Cross Saliva Test Philippines

Q: How much is the cheapest RT-PCR test Philippines?
A: The cheapest RT-PCR test Philippines is PHP 750. Philippine Children’s Medical Center has provided the DOT / TPB with a special rate of PHP 1,500.00 for RT-PCR Testing under the PH Travel RT-PCR. If you are approved for the 50% subsidy, you would only need to pay Php 750.00 (cash payment only) to PCMC.

Subsidized RT-PCR Swab Test application here.

Q: What is the RT-PCR test price Philippines 2021?
A: According to the Department of Health, the maximum RT-PCR test price Philippines 2021 cap of PHP 5,000 for private laboratories and PHP 3,800 for public laboratories

Q: How many days does the Red Cross swab test result take?
A: Red Cross swab test results may take 24 to 48 hours.

Q: How many days does the Red Cross saliva test result take?
A: According to Senator Richard Gordon, who also chairs PRC, the result of a saliva Covid-19 test just takes a few hours.

Q: Does Boracay accept a Red Cross saliva test?
A: Yes, Boracay is now accepting the Red Cross saliva test.

Q: What is the swab test result validity period Philippines?
A: The swab test result validity period Philippines.

Q: How much is the Red Cross saliva test price?
A: The red cross saliva test price is PHP2,000 while the RT-PCR test costs around PHP3,800 to PHP5,000.

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