Welcome to our Siargao Travel Guide! In this post, you’ll find essential travel information and tips about Siargao from the best places to go, fun activities to do, sample Siargao itinerary 4 days, and more!

When talking about Siargao, the first thing that comes to mind is a surfer’s paradise. But more than that, Siargao also offers breathtaking scenes and thrilling activities for those who can’t (or quite scared to) catch waves.

You’ll likely fall for this teardrop-shaped island’s pristine white beaches, coconut woodlands, the clearest waters you’ve ever seen, and the sensational towering waves, as soon as you set your foot there. But these Siargao tourist spots are only half of the spectacular picture. What lies on the other half is Siargao’s welcoming vibe and easy island lifestyle that has been enchanting visitors for years.

What makes Siargao a perfect island destination and a respite from the city’s hustle and bustle is that it has remained unspoiled, remote, sparsely developed, and still relatively under the radar, making it even more appealing to travelers who are craving for natural beauty and slower pace.

8 Most-Loved Siargao Tourist Spots You Must See

Whether you’re an adventurous traveler looking for some adrenaline fix or just someone who loves to enjoy the beach, Siargao Island won’t disappoint you. Check out the list of places you can add in your Siargao itinerary:

  1. Cloud 9 Siargao – This Siargao tourist spot is perfect for surfing and watching the sunset.
  2. Magpupungko Rock Pools – A natural pool full of wonders of nature.
  3. Naked Island – One of the most popular Siargao tourist spots for its bare beach and fine white sand.
  4. Guyam Island – A secluded and calming beach in Siargao, Philippines.
  5. Daku Island – The famous lunch place during the island-hopping.
  6. Sugba Lagoon – Perfect for diving.
  7. Maasin River – Where you can get closer to nature.
  8. Coconut Mountain View – A perfect backdrop in Siargao, Philippines for the ‘gram.

What’s inside this blog?

Read this Siargao travel guide to learn more about this small but glorious island in Surigao del Norte.

Siargao Tourism Guidelines 2021 | COVID-19 Updates

As of writing, Siargao is open for domestic tourists. They have set their guidelines for those coming to the province. See the full details below.

All persons coming from NCR Plus (Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal) are not allowed to travel to Siargao Island until further orders, except:

  • Surigao del Norte Residents
  • Government APOR on a special mission
  • Private APOR with certification from the Mayor of the City/Municipality of destination within this Province that his/her business transaction in this Province is extremely necessary and cannot be postponed.

All airlines are also enjoined not to accept passengers, except Surigao del Norte Residents, Government APOR and Private APOR, with connecting flights from Manila-Cebu-Siargao/Surigao.

All tourists and private APORs who came to this Province shall, in addition to the requirements that they must comply upon entry to the Province, be subjected to COVID-19 Antigen Test at their own cost after five (5) days from the date of their arrival. Those who will be tested positive shall be subjected further to Swab or Saliva RT-PCR Test at their own cost.

For Walk-in Tourists
Note that you need to email these documents to [email protected] for approval, a day before your trip.

  1. Negative RT-PCR Test result or COVID-19 Saliva Test Result, released within 48 hours before the arrival to the province.
  2. Valid ID or a government-issued ID
  3. Confirmed Accommodation Booking of at least 2 nights from DOT-authorized accommodations.
  4. A Surigao del Norte e-HEALTH Pass. You don’t need to email this but you’ll be using it when touring Siargao Island. You can get your e-HEALTH Pass by signing up here: Siargao e-Health Pass!

For Tourists Invited by a Surigao del Norte Local
Note that you need to email these documents to [email protected] for approval, a day before your trip.

  1. Negative RT-PCR Test result or COVID-19 Saliva Test Result, released within 48 hours before the arrival to the province.
  2. Valid ID or a government-issued ID
  3. Travel Certification issued by the Mayor of the destination to be visited

For more updates on Siargao Tourism Guidelines, check out Surigao Del Norte Tourism and Culture Office

Siargao Tourist Spots

Here are some of the most beautiful places to visit in Siargao Island. From relaxing places to thrilling ones, we’ve listed everything to help you create your Siargao itinerary.

1. Cloud 9 Siargao

tourists at cloud 9 siargao

One of the most popular Siargao tourist spots is Cloud 9. This boardwalk is the perfect place to watch pro surfers and to see the sunset. Its three-story wooden pier lets you pick the best spot to get a view of the huge waves while feeling the cool breeze of the air as you wait for the sun to set.

2. Magpupungko Rock Pools

clear turquoise waters of magpupungko rock pools siargao

Magpupungko Rock Pools is a great spot for cliff jumping, swimming, and exploring. From General Luna, where most of the tourist accommodations are, it’s just a 45-minute motorbike ride. Its formation is unbelievably beautiful but there is a catch though. Some days Magpupunko is closed to tourists so be sure to check before you make the trip there. And before going there, make sure what you prefer more because the area gives unique experiences during the low tide and high tide. If you’ve only got few days to spare on the island, be sure not to miss Magpupungko Rock Pools in your Siargao itinerary 3 days.

3. Naked Island

aerial view of naked island siargao

Naked island, as the name suggests, is completely bare and has nothing but white sand and azure waters surrounding it, no distractions for the 360° view of the island. 

4. Guyam Island

aerial view of guyam island siargao

If Naked Island is completely bare, Guyam island offers a lush clump of vegetation for tourists. It is secluded and uninhabited, except by the island’s caretakers, with a sandy beach on one side and a rocky beach on the other. This island covered in palm trees is small enough to walk around in just a few minutes. There are few huts available on the beach so you can just chill out and enjoy your solitude. 

5. Daku Island

nipa huts in daku island siargao

Daku Island is mostly the place where tourists eat lunch during the island-hopping tour. You can indulge yourself in a sumptuous meal that includes the freshest seafood and refreshing buko (coconut) juice. Your local Siargao guide will help you find the best cook on the island. You can ask locals to cook fresh seafood and enjoy it on a boodle fight! And unlike the other two beaches mentioned, there are a lot more things to do in Daku Island from kayaking to fishing.

6. Sugba Lagoon

a man preparing to jump in sugaba lagoon siargao

Sugba Lagoon is a famous Siargao diving spot because of its great view and turquoise waters. While it’s one of the famous diving spots in the Philippines, tourists can also enjoy snorkeling, paddle boarding, or just picture-taking for those with fear of heights. Whatever the case is, Sugba Lagoon is a great place to be!

7. Maasin River

a guy chilling at maasin river siargao

A Siargao travel blog isn’t complete without the Maasin River in it. This place is most famous for its picturesque river, especially the spot with the bent coconut tree extending over the river that you’ll usually see on a Siargao travel brochure. There’s a rope attached to the tree where you can swing and plunge into the 6-ft. deep river.

8. Coconut Mountain View

aerial view of coconut street in siargao

Most travel bloggers who have been to Siargao has a picture or two of themselves in this famous Siargao tourist destination. Coconut Mountain View lets you see thousands of coconut trees from above. It’s definitely one of the most Instagrammable Siargao tourist spots so it’s no wonder that this is the usual backdrop of every blogger who visited Siargao. You can also head to the famous coconut street where you’ll see hundreds of coconut trees lined up on both sides of the road that make a perfect  IG spot!

Things to do in Siargao

1. Surfing

girl surfing in siargao

What’s a Siargao travel guide without surfing? Surfing is what most travelers come for in Siargao. Known as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, offering sensational waves from the most beautiful beaches, it’s no wonder tourists across the world would flock here. In fact, some of the most prominent international surfing competitions in the world are held here. 

2. Island-hopping

a boat arriving for island hopping for siargao travel guide

An island getaway won’t be complete without the island-hopping, obviously! And in Siargao, you’ll definitely have the time of your life! The best beaches you’ll find in Siargao are the Daku, Guyam, and Naked Island— three of the most famous beaches in the Philippines.

3. Food trip

siargao grilled food

Unlike other destinations, Siargao doesn’t really have a distinct local cuisine or delicacy except for Sayongsong. It is a color violet puto (Filipino rice cake) wrapped in banana leaves. This yummy snack is made from glutinous rice, brown sugar, roasted peanuts, calamansi juice, and coconut milk. You can buy sayongsong at the local public markets around Siargao.

But just because Siargao doesn’t have its own delicacy, that doesn’t also mean that you wouldn’t enjoy food tripping on the island! In fact, there are so many restaurants where you can eat the most filling and delicious food you didn’t know that exist in an island like the pugon-baked pizza of Kermit, affordable grilled foods at Mama’s grill,  yummy desserts at Halika Artisan Gelato Coffee & Juices, and the best island smoothie bowls of Shaka Cafe.

4. Partying

When in Siargao, there is never a boring night! Siargao gives the best island nightlife experience ever! You can party all night at these amazing places: Harana Surf Resort and White Banana Beach Club, RumBar, Bravo and Lamari, and Loose Keys!

5. Beach Cleanup

When visiting any place, it’s best to always be conscious about other things more than just consuming experiences and resources, but also giving back to the local community. One of the best ways to do that is by joining a beach cleanup activity. Many islands in the Philippines, including Siargao, hold beach cleanups where tourists help pick up the plastic or any garbage on the beach to keep the island clean. You can ask your local Siargao guide or the resort you’re staying at about this activity. 

What to Eat

Since Siargao has now become a popular destination, you can already find many restaurants and cafes that mostly are very Instagrammable. As for the local cuisine, Siargao doesn’t really have a distinct dish but one thing you should try there is the Sayongsong.

Sayongsong is a type of Filipino rice cake (puto) wrapped in banana leaves, made from glutinous rice, brown sugar, roasted peanuts, calamansi juice, and coconut milk. 

Best Time to Visit Siargao

The best time to visit Siargao Philippines depends on your purpose. If surfing is your main purpose for traveling to Siargao, then plan your trip between July to November.

Surfing Season | July to November
These months are the best time to visit in Siargao Philippines because the swell and wind conditions give you the best waves to ride. If you want to watch the annual Siargao International Surfing Cup, go there in September. 

Summer | March to May
Siargao is not all surfing though! Even if you’re not a surfer, you will definitely enjoy Siargao as much as you enjoy eating your favorite junk food. Trust us. Siargao Island is home to so many pristine beaches and islets that beach-lovers can’t resist. To enjoy the island fully, visit Siargao in summer during the months of March to May.

Siargao Location

Siargao is located in Surigao del Norte, a province in Mindanao. Check this map to be guided.

How to Get to Siargao

Getting from Manila to Siargao is not too complicated. The easiest way to travel there is by plane. However, airfare doesn’t come cheap so it’s best to keep an eye on seat sales!

By plane
From Manila or Clark, Pampanga, book a flight bound for Sayak Airport, located in the municipality of Del Carmen. 

By ferry
You can also reach Siargao Island by ferry. If you’re coming from Cebu, this is a cheaper option than booking a flight. From Cebu, fly to Surigao City and take the ferry to Siargao Island from Surigao Port. 

Getting Around Siargao

Depending on your budget, Siargao has every transportation option available.

  • Habal-Habal (Motorcycle) – This is the most popular and cheapest (and most fun) mode of transportation in Siargao.
  • Tricycle – Another cheap option to tour around the island. It can accommodate 2-4 persons per tricycle.
  • Van – This is the best option if you want more convenience. However, this is more expensive compared to the two options above but if you’re traveling as a group, this will do.

Siargao Itinerary 4 days 3 nights

a girl going to cloud 9 for siargao travel guide

Here’s a detailed Siargao travel guide featuring Siargao itinerary and expenses to help you plan your trip.


1 pm – Arrival, travel to hotel in Siargao Island Philippines
2 pm – Check-in, rest
5 pm – Sunset viewing at Cloud 9; walk around the area
7 pm – Dinner
9 pm – Party at a Siargao bar
11 pm – Return to the hotel


7 am – Siargao hotel pick-up
8 am – Coconut Mountain View
9 am – Maasin River
11 am – Sugba Lagoon
12 pm – Lunch
2 pm – Magpupungko Rock Pools
5:30 pm – Back to hotel, freshen up
7:30 pm – Dinner


6:30 am – Travel to Boardwalk at the Boulevard
7 am – Three Islands Tour (Naked, Guyam, and Daku)
4:30 pm – Back to Boulevard
5 pm – Back to hotel, freshen up
7:30 pm – Dinner


5 am – Leave for Cloud 9 surf camp
5:30 am – Sunrise at the Cloud 9 Tower
7 am – Swimming
9 am – Souvenir shopping
10 am – Freshen up, pack up, check out
11 am – Lunch
12 pm – Leave for airport
3:30 pm – Flight out of Siargao

Siargao trip budget

Even if the airfare from Manila to Siargao is expensive, you’ll be surprised at how affordable the Siargao island holiday packages are! It’s even cheaper when you do your Siargao trip DIY. Here’s a complete Siargao budget travel guide so you’ll have an idea of how much you would it cost to travel here.

Siargao airfare (MNL-IAO-MNL)P3,000
Motorbike RentalP1,000 (P500/day)
Gas P150 (P50/liter)
Food P1,000
Island Tour in Siargao PhilippinesP1,500
Van to/from the airport of Siargao Island PhilippinesP600 (300/way)
HotelP3,600 (P1,200/night)

Travel Tips When Visiting Siargao

Siargao is a great place to meet new people and have fun. Here are some tips to make your trip memorable.

  1. Bond with the Siargao Philippines locals because they are friendly and very hospitable. They would be more than willing to help you.
  2. Live like a local because that’s how traveling should be, right? To experience a new place through the eyes of a local.
  3. Don’t be afraid to try new things because Siargao has lots of fun activities to offer!
  4. Bring extra cash as there are only a few ATMs available in Siargao Philippines.

Where to stay in Siargao

Surprisingly, Siargao is so affordable to travel to! The Siargao hotels here are very cheap but offer the best amenities and most of them are definitely Instagrammable! If you have a Siargao itinerary 5 days, we suggest you stay at a budget hotel so your Siargao trip budget won’t explode! Don’t worry, we’ve listed the lowest rates but quality Siargao hotels!

ZEN Rooms LH Bri Lodge Siargao (P1,200/night)

interior of ZEN Rooms LH Bri Lodge Siargao travel guide

ZEN Rooms Basti Siargao (P4,000/night)

facade of ZEN Rooms Basti Siargao travel guide

ZEN Rooms Garden Beach Siargao (P3,100/night

restaurant at ZEN Rooms Garden Beach Siargao travel guide

We hope this Siargao travel guide will help you have an amazing trip! Let us know your Siargao stories or questions below! 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions About Siargao Travel Guide

Q: What are the best tourist spots in Siargao Island?
A: Whether you’re an adventurous traveler looking for some adrenaline fix or just someone who loves to enjoy the beach, Siargao Island won’t disappoint you. Check out the list of places you can add in your Siargao itinerary:

  • Cloud 9 Siargao
  • Magpupungko Rock Pools
  • Naked Island
  • Guyam Island
  • Daku Island
  • Sugba Lagoon
  • Maasin River
  • Coconut Mountain View

Q: What are the things to do in Siargao Island?
A: Siargao is a small island but definitely full of fun and exciting things to do. Here are some of the best activities to try in the island:

  • Surfing
  • Island-hopping
  • Food trip
  • Partying
  • Beach Cleanup

Q: Where is Siargao located?
A: Siargao is located in the province of Surigao del Norte in Mindanao. It can be reached by plane or ferry. We hope this answers your question where Siargao island is located.

Q: When is the best time to visit Siargao?
A: The peak season in Siargao is March to May as this is the dry season. But if you plan to go surfing, the best months would be August to November.

Q: How to go to Siargao?
A: There are two ways to reach Siargao: by plane and by ferry.

By plane
From Manila, book a direct flight to Siargao airport. The travel time is usually 1 hour.

By ferry
Flights to Siargao is usually expensive so if you’re on a budget, the Roll-on, Roll-off (RoRo) ferries are a great option for you.

Q: Who are allowed to travel to Siargao?
A: Siargao Island is open to residents and domestic tourists in the Philippines except for those coming from NCR Plus bubble except if you’re:

  • Surigao del Norte Residents
  • Government APOR on a special mission
  • Private APOR with certification from the Mayor of the City/Municipality of destination within this Province that his/her business transaction in this Province is extremely necessary and cannot be postponed.

Q: Can foreigners travel to Siargao?
A: No. Foreign nationals, including those coming from the US, are still not allowed to travel to Siargao Island, and other destinations in the Philippines, especially for leisure purposes. To know if you’re eligible to travel, read this blog.

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