Take remote working to the next level with the new trend: work from beach!

Working from home was the dream before the pandemic hit but it’s been more than two years already, and working from home makes us feel restless and stressed just as how working from the office felt before. 

Now, we’re at a point where we are aching for a change of scenery. We all have responsibilities to fulfill both at work and in our personal lives, but a really nice “workation” could help us stay sane in the midst of it all. Feel us? So we thought, why not go on a workation Philippines and live the dream of working from beach for a week or a month while still getting our nine-to-five jobs done? 

If you’re like us and are craving the sun, sand, and sea already, we’ve rounded up our top picks of best destinations in the Philippines perfect for beach working.

8 Most Beautiful Work from Beach Destinations in the Philippines

These places will definitely help you achieve the dream of working from home at the beach.

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8. Pagudpud

pagudpud ilocos norte work from beach

If you’re tired of working on the same corner and looking at the same view 24/7, you might find some respite in a change of scenery somewhere in Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte. Pagudpud is famous for its white-sand beaches and other beautiful natural wonders. That’s why even if it takes more than 10 hours to drive or commute by bus, people are still willing to travel there.

For sure, there will be something that will fit your budget as traveling in Ilocos Norte is fairly cheap.

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7. Batangas 

masasa beach batangas work from beach

The work from beach trend makes us all excited but for some people, it’s difficult to travel long distances. So if you want to stay relatively close to the city, the beaches in Batangas have you covered (as always). There are a number of hotels and resorts in Batangas that allow you to work with a view thanks to their beachfront amenities or rooms facing the sea. There you can plan your month-long remote work beach all while being close to your hometown.

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6. Zambales

capones island zambales beaches near manila work from beach

Photo credits to The Girl Behind the Pen

Another awesome destination perfect for workation Philippines is Zambales. The province offers interesting coastal towns named after saints and enticing islands near the West Philippine Sea. trust us, when you see Capones Island, Anawangin Cove, or Liwliwa Beach, you’d go crazy about thinking of extending your stay there. All the beaches in Zambales have their own unique identifiers but one thing they have in common is that they’re all serene. There are so many accommodations that offer hard-to-resist work from the beach promos. 

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5. Palawan

an island girl in el nido palawan work from beach in the philippines

When you’re given the chance to work remotely, your “office” can literally be anywhere—at home, at a coffee shop, or even at an island with crystal clear waters surrounded by towering rock formations. Does that ring a bell? Palawan, oh Palawan! 

There are so many reasons to visit this stunning destination and one of those should be working from home at the beach. Whether you want to be in El Nido or Coron, the province won’t disappoint you with magnificent views while you work anywhere. The question is which Zoom call background would you rather prefer: the beach or the limestones while kayaking? ‘Cause Palawan is literally the Zoom call beach background that came to life.

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4. Bohol

alona beach panglao island bohol work from beach

If you’re looking for a palace that’s not always on the travelers’ radar, give Bohol a chance and you’ll find yourself the respite you need. One of the places remote workers would enjoy is Panglao. It makes a good location for work and play balance, having the fine white sand and oh-so-blue waters as your everyday view. Not bad, huh?

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3. Cebu

Langub Beach Malapascua Island cebu beaches

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing by the shore, air is whooshing as the leaves of the trees touch each other—these are just some of the many things that await you on Cebu beaches. Whether you’re a beach-lover who wants to enjoy a beach all to yourself or someone who loves to mingle through a beach party, Cebu beaches will not disappoint you.

Of all the beaches in the province, one that stands out is Bantayan Island. This place guarantees the ultimate island life, minus the crowd you often see in Boracay or Palawan. Plus, it’s very affordable to travel to Bantayan so if you’re living on a shoestring budget, this place is ideal for you. It is a paradise that will captivate you down to your bones! So just a warning, when the time comes that you’d have to leave, it’ll be too hard to say goodbye to this place as it will already hold a special place in your heart.

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2. Boracay 

a guy walking in boracay work from beach in the philippines

Does this place even need an introduction? After being hailed as one of the world’s best islands several times already, Boracay has proved its worth. But in case you don’t know yet (we doubt it), Boracay prides itself on its cerulean waters and shore with sand as fine as powder and white as pearls. 

There are so many hotels, resorts, and guesthouses that are facing the beach allowing you to work with a view! There you can just prop your laptop by the window (or the lounge area) with views of either the seaside or lush greens. 

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1. Siargao

sugba lagoon work from beach in the philippines

If we’re to work from the beach, our number one obvious choice is Siargao. Since the pandemic came, Siargao has been one of the most sought-after destinations for remote work beach and it’s easy to see why. This teardrop-shaped island may be small but it has everything you need to keep yourself sane in the midst of it all—calm roads, no traffic, a fun community, exciting activities, good food, affordable housing options, and of course, divine beaches. Oh, and a stable WiFi!

On weekdays, hustle for your daily job anywhere you want whether it’s on the beach or some quaint island coffee shops. Then on weekends, go on an island-hopping with your newfound friends, try surfing in Siargao for the first time, or stretch your legs by signing up for a yoga session by the beach.

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These days, working from beach is not only possible, but it’s also meaningful as they support local businesses that are suffering because of the COVID-19 pandemic. All we ask from you is to travel responsibly by following the health and safety protocols, and leave nothing but footprints.

Frequently Asked Questions About Work From Beach 

Q: What are the best places to work from the beach in the Philippines?
A: These places will definitely help you achieve the dream of working from home at the beach.


  1. Siargao
  2. Boracay 
  3. Cebu
  4. Bohol
  5. Palawan 
  6. Zambales
  7. Batangas
  8. Pagudpud

Q: Where can I work from home in Siargao?
A: Siargao has a lot of places perfect for work from beach setup. These include: 

  1. Baybayin Hub Siargao
  2. G Villas Siargao
  3. Kalipay Resort Siargao
  4. Dahun Villas
  5. Lubihan Siargao Villas

Q: Can I travel to Siargao now?
A: Yes, Siargao is now open for domestic tourists! Just prepare the necessary Siargao Travel Requirements including a Negative Result on RT-PCR Test or negative result on COVID 19 Saliva Test taken within 48 hours prior to arrival to the province. Or a negative result on RT-PCR Test or COVID 19 Saliva Test taken within 48 hours or 2 days from the date of release of the result are still required for those who have been partially or fully vaccinated of COVID 19 vaccines.

For more information about the latest Siargao travel guidelines, read this.

Q: Is Boracay open for tourists?
A: Yes, Boracay is open for tourists. The island is accepting domestic travelers. There are several Boracay travel requirements that tourists are required to submit.

For more information about the latest Boracay travel guidelines, read this.

Q: How much budget should I prepare if I want to work from the beach?
A: There are so many accommodations in the Philippines allowing working beach that are budget-friendly. On average, some hotels and resorts with beach working promos offer packages from a range of P15,000 to P30,000 per month. But if you want to DIY your remote work beach trip, you might find more budget-friendly rooms or dormitels that offer rooms for as low as P300 to P400 per day! Research on the best workation Philippines promos and a number of packages will pop out. 

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