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Batam guarantees a restful weekend getaway offering fresh sea food, golf facilities, a lot of hassle free shopping, or a break to a remote island perfect for trekking, jumping, snorkelling or fishing. ZEN Rooms provides a wide selection of quality budget hotels in Batam. Essentials like parking, free WiFi, air-conditioning, cable tv, quality beds, clean and modern rooms can all be found in ZEN Rooms. We get you the best prices as well as audit the hotel to ensure that you are provided with all the amenities promised.

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When one watches out from Singapore's high towers over the Straits onto the Indonesian islands, there the islands of Batam and Bintan seem exceptionally welcoming, relaxing in the sun. Lying short of what one hour by quick ship from Singapore, the islands guarantee a totally differentiating environment from that of occupied metropolitan Singapore.
The island of Batam today is the third busiest section port to Indonesia by Bali and Jakarta. Arranged so close to Singapore, it is a most loved resort for inhabitants and universal tourists in Singapore who wish to get nearer to nature, unwind for a short get-away of golf or cruising, appreciate mouth watering crisp fish, thrive in a conventional regal spa, go shopping or only for family fun.

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