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Cheap hotels in Kandy

If Sri Lanka were a meal, then Kandy would be the Cultural Wanderer’s dessert. Widely regarded by many as the cultural capital of Sri-Lanka, there is much to see and do once you arrive. With a cooler climate and being smaller in size than Colombo, you’re also more likely to have a personal experience when you come to Kandy.

Main attractions in Kandy

Regarded as the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, there is no lack of attractions to see in and around the city. One of the most well-known of these is The Temple of the Tooth. Considered one of Sri Lanka’s most holy shrines, the temple holds a tooth relic of the Lord Buddha. The best time to see the casket is around 6.30PM. Also, make sure to see Kandy Lake, or the Sea of Milk. Located in the heart of Kandy, the artificial lake provides beautiful views and nice lakeside strolls. You can also head to the Royal Botanical Gardens. If you chose to do this, make sure to cut through the University of Peradeniya. If you’re interested in seeing a bit more of the city’s educational cultural history, make sure to stop in on the Trinity College Kandy, a private school founded by Anglican missionaries.

Neighbourhoods in Kandy

One of the first neighbourhoods to check out for Kandy’s Sri Lankan culture is Bahirawakanda, where you’ll find the Bahirawakanda temple and a buddha statue which can be seen from everywhere in Kandy city. Next, head over to Peradeniya, which is home to the already mentioned Royal Botanical Garden, one of the best Botanical Gardens in Southeast Asia. If you’re looking for something a little more personal, Madawala is a really a small village, home to over 2500 Sunni Muslim families who speak their own variation of the Tamil language. An interesting experience for any Cultural Wanderer’s travels. Similar to Madawala, Katugastota also offers a look at Sri Lanka’s unique cultural history, with the nearby 18 Riyan statue of Lord Buddha having previously marked a division between the old kingdoms. You can also head to Polgolla to visit the Ceylon Tea Museum, where you’ll see a history of tea and tea pioneers, including James Taylor and Thomas Lipton.

How to get around in Kandy

  • Kandy’s main airport is the Bandaranaike international airport.
  • To get to the city, you can take a 3 hour bus for LKR 136 (1 USD).
  • You can also head to the main road and take bus number 245 for LKR 140 (1USD).
  • A taxi will cost you LKR 6,000 (40 USD) and also take you 3 hours.
  • Inside the city, walking is probably your best bet. It’s not a large city and there’s too much you’ll miss by taking a taxi.
  • If you’re looking at going a bit further, local buses are frequent and operate both in and on the outskirts of the city.

Book kamar budget hotel di Kandy