Zen Rooms and Indosat

Zen Rooms and Indosat Ooredoo put an end to poor Internet in the hotels across Indonesia

Jakarta 19/09/2016 - ZEN Rooms, number one network of quality hotels startup backed by Rocket Internet, and Indosat are joining forces to solve the ubiquitous problem of bad internet in the hotels’ rooms. Free fast Wi-Fi is one of the brand guarantees of ZEN Rooms, along with AC, hot shower, spotless bed, 24/7 customer care and a free travel kit.

In order to deliver on the brand promises, ZEN Rooms selects the best budget hotels available in the area, regularly audits them and helps to become even better by improving facilities if needed and implementing monthly quality control.

“Guaranteeing free and reliable Wi-Fi in the hotels is a milestone on our way to enhancing customer experience in the budget hotels across Asia. When we just started ZEN Rooms, most bad reviews were due to the low Internet speed and unreliable connection. Together with our partner Indosat Ooredoo we are going to turn around this situation around in every ZEN Rooms location in Indonesia. Quality Wi-Fi is indispensable to attract “smart travellers”, our target audience”, mentioned Nikita Semenov, ZEN Rooms Regional Managing Director and Co-Founder.  

To provide high quality infrastructure ZEN Rooms relies on the reputable partners. The latest deal with Indosat is meant to significantly boost internet speed and reliability in the hotels. Fast free Wi-Fi is a must for the travellers and hence a high priority for the hotels across Asia. Thanks to this agreement, ZEN Room will be equipped with powerful Indosat Wi-FI routers and modems already loaded with data. This partnership became possible thanks to special friendly rates provided by Indosat.

By signing this agreement, ZEN Rooms and Indosat make a disruptive step towards improving hotel guests’ experience and Internet reliability.

About ZEN Rooms

ZEN Rooms is rapidly building the leading quality budget hotel business in emerging markets. Since its launch in Indonesia in 2015, ZEN has been reinventing budget travel by making it comfortable and affordable. It has already served hundreds of thousands of business and leisure travelers looking for the best value-for-money accommodation. ZEN is now available across Asia and Brazil.

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