FAQs for Selected Quarantine Hotels from ZEN Rooms

Thank you for showing interest in choosing to stay at Accredited Quarantine Hotels from ZEN Rooms. These selected hotels have been approved by the Department of Tourism and Bureau of Quarantine to host Quarantine guests thanks to our strict safety standards for all guests. 

To keep you updated and answer your most common questions, here's a list of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding Quarantine Hotel stays.

*Latest 2021 Update for travelers returning/coming to the Philippines from countries with New COVID-19 Variant*

The Philippine government is imposing a travel ban on countries that have registered cases of the new COVID-19 variant which experts fear to be more contagious. It will take effect until January 31, 2021. Please refer to the list below for the mentioned countries. The ban is for incoming foreigners. 

Filipino citizens are exempted from the order but they are required to undergo a 14-day stringent quarantine regardless of a negative COVID-19 swab test result. They can book our DOT and BOQ accredited stringent quarantine hotel in Manila, ZEN Rooms Aloha Manila Bay for their stringent quarantine stay. 

Foreign nationals coming from the countries listed below will not be allowed to enter the Philippines:

1. United Kingdom

2. United States of America

3. Denmark

4. Ireland

5. Japan

6. Australia

7. Israel

8. The Netherlands

9. China (including Hong Kong SAR)

10. Switzerland

11. France

12. Germany

13. Iceland

14. Italy

15. Lebanon

16. Singapore

17. Sweden

18. South Korea

19. South Africa

20. Canada

21. Spain

22. India

23. Portugal

24. Finland

25. Norway

26. Jordan

27. Brazil

28. Austria

29. Pakistan

30. Jamaica

31. Luxembourg

32. Oman

33. UAE

34. Hungary

Outbound travel to countries with reported new COVID-19 variants shall be subject to the existing exit protocols of the Philippines as well as the entry protocols of the respective countries.

For more updates about the travel restrictions for foreigners in the Philippines, you can check out the pages below:

Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines

Department of Foreign Affairs

Department of Health

Since Filipinos returning from the above countries are exempted from the temporary ban, they can book our budget  DOT and BOQ accredited Quarantine hotel in Manila, ZEN Rooms Aloha Manila Bay. ZEN Rooms has served thousands of travelers amid the Coronavirus pandemic for mandatory quarantine. Book with trust and stay safe with ZEN.

1. Who is allowed to stay at Quarantine Hotels from ZEN Rooms?

Given the quarantine stay intent, selected Accredited Quarantine Hotels from ZEN Rooms are accepting guests that fall under the following categories

- Overseas Filipino Workers/Seafarers (OFWs)

- Overseas Filipinos (OFs)

- Overseas Workers (OWs)

- Stranded Passengers

- Neighboring Workers of Essential Services as defined by Philippines Government

2. What documents are needed to be shown at check-in?

ZEN Rooms is accepting only those guests that meet all the requirements below during check in. Booking are subject to cancellation if the guest is not able to meet the requirements:

Mandatory Basic Documents For All Guests 


Booking confirmation email/voucher


Valid Government ID (company and student IDs are not accepted)

* Latest Medical certificate for all incoming guests, stating none of the occupants were identified as a suspected, probable or positive COVID-19 case. If identified, kindly submit the result of a negative RT-PCR test as per Department of Health standard (depending on property)

Additional Documents Required based on individual categories for Quarantine Stays:

Type of guests

Documents required


Certificate of Repatriation from OWWA, Gov't issued ID (PRC ID, Senior Citizen card, and Passport, Postal and COMELEC only together with a second valid ID), Medical Certificate


Certificate of Repatriation from OWWA, Medical Certificate, Gov't Issued ID

Returning Foreigners

Medical Certificate, Passport with Visa, Swab Test Result/Receipt

Apart from the above, Corporate Stays, Essential Workers, and Stranded Passengers are also accepted at ZEN Rooms. Here are the additional docs for them to show at check-in:

Essential Workers

Work ID/Permit, Valid Gov't ID, Certificate of Employment, Medical Certificate, PRC ID

Stranded travelers

Transportation Cancellation Confirmation, Medical Certificate, Valid Government ID

*For Stranded Passengers: Transportation Cancellation Confirmation
- Those whose domestic or foreign flights or rides have been cancelled and are prevented from leaving a city or place where they do not permanently reside, or have difficulty availing of transportation to their home city or province, due to the implementation of a community quarantine.

3. Is Pay at hotel available?

Yes, guests may select Pay at a hotel on the booking check-out page. However to ensure safety and social distancing measures, guests are recommended to pay online. 

4. Can guests book without a meal plan?

Yes, guests can book a room excluding the meal plan however keeping the social distancing and quarantine protocols in mind, it is recommended for everyone to choose a meal plan in their booking to ensure minimal outside contact. Full board meals (all 3 meals) can be availed by guests at P 300 per day, per person. (subject to change).

5. What kind of food is included in the meal plan? 

The meal plan includes everyday Filipino Cuisine. Daily Menu could vary. For further details, guests are requested to contact the reception. 

6. Can guests extend their stay?

Yes, extension of stay is allowed but is subject to availability. 

7. Can guests opt for short duration stays?

Yes, short duration stays are allowed. However, guests staying for quarantine purposes are recommended to book for at least 7 days since that is the maximum time it may take for their COVID-19 test results to come. Additionally, stay extension later on  of stays after opting for a short duration stay would be subject to availability. 

8. If a guest receives his test results earlier than his stay duration, would there be a refund? 

ZEN Rooms would not refund any booking amount once paid.  

9. What are the recommended number of days to stay for guests during quarantine? 

The recommended stay duration for guests is at least 7 days days but they can extend their stay to up to 14 days or more,  subject to room availability.  

10. Are the hotels for Quarantine accommodation approved by the Department of Tourism and Bureau of Quarantine? 

Yes, the hotels are approved by the Department of Tourism and Bureau of Quarantine. ZEN Rooms is ensuring strict safety measures for all guests. For more information, please refer to our dedicated page.

11. What are the check-in and check-out timings?

Check-in is at 2:00 PM while check-out is at 12:00 NOON. Early check-in or late check-out, may be allowed depending on availability and are subject to additional charge.

12. What all COVID-19 safety measures are being implemented at the accredited Quarantine Hotels from ZEN Rooms?

 In efforts to keep Hotel Guests safe and prevent the spread of COVID 19, the Hotel shall implement strict preventive measures and protocols including:

- Personal protection and hygiene reminders;

- Social Distancing

- Environmental Sanitation

- Room and Linen Decontamination Protocols

- Room Occupancy Conditions

- Personal Protection Measures for Hotel Personnel

For more information, guests can visit this link

Guests are expected to observe proper health and safety measures and comply with all appropriate protocols and reportorial requirements issued by government authorities including:

 - Informing ZEN Rooms management if Guest is subject to any movement or quarantine restrictions;

- Informing ZEN Rooms and/or proper government health authorities if Guest exhibits COVID 19 symptoms;

- Coordinate with appropriate government authorities when necessary; and

- Strictly follow other hotel and government directives as may be issued.

13. Can ZEN Rooms Quarantine Hotels provide taxi/transportation assistance from the airport?

ZEN Rooms does not arrange transportation facilities from the airport. Guests can however avail free transportation via bus provided by the Philippine Coast Guard at the airport. Alternatively, guests can also book Govt. Approved taxis for a ride to the hotel. 

14. Will guests be allowed to go out as they wait for their test results during the quarantine stay?

Guests are not allowed to leave their room and are mandated to follow all hotel policies to ensure safety measures.   

Note: An exception here would be for food deliveries that need to be picked up from the hotel lobby however it is not recommended keeping the safety measures in mind. Guests can instead choose to opt for full-board meal plan (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) that can be availed at PHP 300 per day, per person. If however food delivery is still required, it would be delivered by hotel staff directly to your room to ensure guests don't leave their room. 

15. Can guests cancel their booking before stay and get refunded?

Guests can cancel their bookings before their stay and get refunded if they select “Free Cancellation”  as an Add-On on the checkout page. Alongside the above, refund would be initiated based on the following conditions below: 

1. If cancelled before 48 hours: Full refund

2. If cancelled after 48 hours: Less 1 rooms night for each room booked

16. Are all stays on a single occupancy basis at Quarantine Hotels from ZEN Rooms? 

Only 1 guest is allowed per room in the Philippines. However there are some exceptions which are as followed: 

- Returning Filipinos from same household (family members)

- One of the 2 pax is a minor

- One of the 2 pax is elderly, disabled or not self sufficient in any way

17. If a guest staying at the hotel is tested positive? What is the safety procedure followed by the hotel? 

In case of a positive result, guests are required to inform hotel staff immediately. Quarantine stay guests are then required to contact their Manning Agency, Shipping Principal or Agent to coordinate with Local barangay health emergency response team (BHERT) and DOH to arrange the  transfer of the COVID positive guest to appropriate medical facilities for quarantine or treatment as the case may be. In no case shall the COVID positive guest be allowed to continue their stay at the hotel.

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