ZEN Rooms Partners with Red Cross

We are grateful that you have thought of helping!
We, at Zen Rooms, reach out to everyone to assist us to provide aid for our Red Cross volunteers and frontliners who, despite the dangers of the on-going COVID-19, have gone out of their way to help those in need.
Please see below for instructions on how to donate.

Payment via QR Code
1. Open GCash App (download at Google Play or App Store).
2. Click Pay QR.
3. Scan QR Code of Red Cross.

Once Red Cross QR Code is scanned it will take you to the Red Cross wallet in GCash. Add amount and confirm.
*Note: only GCash Scanner is compatible with the QR Code

Here's how your contribution will help the Red Cross frontliners save lives.
1. Conduct hygiene promotion sessions.
2. Provide water and handwashing facilities in slums, hospitals, and markets.
3. Help the most vulnerable in cash, kind, and voucher donations.
4. Provide hot meals via food trucks in worst-hit areas.
5. Provide psychological aid to those afraid about their situation.

Make a difference now. Every bit matters! #ZENCares
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