Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is ZEN Rooms?
    ZEN Rooms operates a network of branded budget accommodation. We offer the best value-for-money rooms across 8 countries, with our double rooms starting at only $10! Despite low prices, you will always find a strict quality standard across all ZEN Rooms. No bad surprises guaranteed.
  • What is the ZEN Rooms quality standard?
    Finding a hotel that meets your requirements can be a long and painful process.
    We simplify your booking experience and give you peace of mind. Indeed, we guarantee that even at low prices, you will always find what matters most across all ZEN Rooms: clean rooms, Fast Free WiFi, A/C and in-room shower.
  • Who travels with ZEN Rooms?
    Travelers who are clear about 2 things: they don’t like to waste money and they don’t like to sacrifice on the essentials.
  • How do I get to my ZEN Room?
    All location details are clearly indicated in the booking confirmation emailed to you after booking. On the day of check-in, you will also receive an SMS on your mobile with directions. If you need any help, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team by email, phone or whatsapp.
  • Why should I book ZEN Rooms and not other rooms on other websites?
    ZEN Rooms always offers the reliability of a chain (with strict quality standards) despite its low prices. ZEN Rooms also offers one of the most attractive loyalty programs in the industry: ZEN Rewards.
  • Why should I book with ZEN Rooms and not with other hotel chains?
    Alongside peace of mind, ZEN offers the most competitive rates in the industry. ZEN is also present at hundreds of locations across Asia and Brazil, so the loyalty scheme does make sense!
  • Are there any hidden fees, or is the displayed rate the final price to be paid?
    No hidden fees! Never! All our rates already include all taxes, charges and other credit card processing fees.
  • I got a special promotion voucher but it is not working, why? 
    All promotion vouchers issued by ZEN Rooms are limited to 1 time use per customer. Any attempt to use a voucher multiple times can be considered fraud and will lead to the cancellation of your booking. Vouchers can also be conditioned by minimum booking value, duration of the stay, first-time booking, destination or time validity. All terms and conditions are listed in the promotional supports. If you are still not sure about your voucher validity, simply ask our customer care team. 
  • Can I pay in cash?
    We currently accept credit card payments at booking only. This guarantees you get access to our special rate and that your desired ZEN Room is reserved for you.
  • I am not comfortable with sharing my credit card details. How secure is it? 
    We never store customers’ credit card details and only need information to process specific payments. Backed by the largest internet group globally, we are committed to the highest level of online security.
  • Can I bring my pets to the hotel?
    The pet policy varies between ZEN locations, so please reach out to our customer service team in order to help you with any specific requests ([email protected])
  • Can you accommodate 3 people in a room?
    Some of our locations may accommodate more than 2 people in a room. Please reach out directly to our customer service team by email, phone or whatsapp, so that we can help you find the best option for you.
  • Can I check-in early or check-out late when booking with ZEN Rooms?
    You may indicate early check-in preferences in special requests, however this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Can I make changes to my booking?
    Of course! Simply reach out to us by email, phone or whatsapp and our team will assist you in making the necessary changes.
  • What do I need when checking in at a ZEN Room?
    Our priority is to ensure that you have an easy and fast check-in.  
    You only need a valid photo ID when you book through ZEN Rooms.
  • Can I cancel my booking?
    Normally, with a refundable rate, any booking can be modified or canceled for free up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled check-in date. For any cancellation within 48 hours of scheduled booking, you will be charged one night only. Just contact us and we will quickly take care of this for you.
    However, if you’re confident about your travel plans and no changes are expected, for a selection of hotels you can choose to get a lower non-refundable rate. In this case, no changes or cancellation will be allowed.
  • Can I make changes to my booking?
    Of course! Simply reach out to us by email, phone or whatsapp and our team will assist you in making the necessary changes, with the exception of bookings made at non-refundable rates.
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