The most generous hotel loyalty ever!
Zen Rewards
Get your FREE Night in 3 easy steps!
Collect 6 Nights at ZEN
Book at or via our Mobile Apps using your email address. Note, the nights shouldn’t necessarily be consecutive, do as many trips as you want!
Get your Discount
After 6 nights, you’ll receive an email with a unique discount code valid for a free night at your favourite ZEN Rooms hotel!
Redeem your Nights
Choose a hotel and contact our care team to process the booking for you. Your free night(s) will be discounted from the total amount. You’ll just pay for extra nights as well as add-ons.
Terms & Conditions:
ZEN Rewards is ZENROOMS’ loyalty scheme. When you book and check-in 6 nights with us we give you 1 free night to redeem. This free night does not include add-ons such as meals or airport transportation (the “Free Nights”). All bookings must be made on our mobile apps or ZENROOMS website. Only bookings where no special discounts, vouchers or codes have been applied count for ZEN Rewards. Free bookings do not count too. Anyone booking online through the aforementioned channels using no special discounts will join ZEN Rewards. Anyone can unsubscribe from ZEN Rewards by sending an email to [email protected] Anyone joining other types of loyalty programs with us (e.g. ZEN For Business) may not join ZEN Rewards.
Accumulating your nights
You will accumulate 1 night for every night you stay at a ZENROOMS hotel. Accumulate 6 nights and we give you 1 Free Night. You must book using the same email address so we can add the nights you accumulate to your account after your stay. Only ZEN Rewards members accumulate nights. Bookings made before accessing ZEN Rewards do not accumulate nights. We will add the nights you accumulate to your balance up to 48 hours after you checked in. If you cancel the booking after checking in and you get a refund or a waiver from paying the rest of your booking’s nights, we reserve the right not to accumulate the nights of the entire booking. You can check your balance in the ZEN Rewards emails we send you or just by sending an email to [email protected] You are responsible for making sure your account is correct. If you believe that you have not accumulated the correct amount of nights, ZENROOMS’ customer service team will look it up for you.
Redeeming your Free Nights
When you accumulate 6 nights, we will give you 1 Free Night to redeem at any ZENROOMS hotel. You can redeem your Free Night by reaching our customer care team through any of the channels mentioned in as well as through our live chat function at Free Night stays are subject to terms and conditions mentioned in On bookings whose total number of nights is higher than the number of Free Nights earned, you will have to pay for those extra nights as well as add-ons. You cannot combine your Free Night with any other offer, discount coupon, voucher or code. Free Nights cannot be combined with another user’s Free Nights. You cannot sell your free nights. Free Night stays are subject to all applicable cancellation policies stated in
Expiration and account disabling
ZENROOMS reserves the right to remove you from ZEN Rewards if you use it in a fraudulent way or violate our terms and conditions. Your Accummulated Nights as well as your Free Nights nights will not expire as long as you book through or our mobile apps once every 12 months. You accumulated and Free Nights cannot be reissued in case of expiration. ZENROOMS reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify these Terms (ZEN Rewards’ Terms) at any time and without prior notice. By continuing to acquire nights and redeem Free Nights with ZENROOMS, you accept any changes to these terms and conditions.